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Developer: MariaMod Patreon -Website - SubscribeStar - Discord - BuyMeACoffee - Boosty - Gumroad - Gmail
Version: 9.3.0
Release Date: 2021-01-26
Last Updated: 2021-01-26
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Real porn, Female protagonist, Text based, Anal sex, Corruption, Creampie, Group sex, Humiliation, Incest, Lesbian, Male domination, Oral sex, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Simulator, Animated, Interracial

Your family moved into a big city. New life, new money, new friends. Be as bad as you want!
Well, what did I find?​

- Mom and Dad got their own "message bubbles." Also, changed the color of the brother's ones
- Fixed a few bugs in the teacher scene and added more content. Now you must have 70+ points of Corruption to see some pervy content, and the second (or more) visit to detention will have another scene. Rachael made the whole scene
- Some fixes and minor additions in the Barn
- Added a new big mode - "Family bitch". To activate this mode, the main character must be seen by his grandfather as she has sex with Ralph. After that, keep playing and wait :) Warning! This mod needs some final touches and may contain bugs!
- Also, the scenes for that mode were written by Plaze
- Updated SugarCube (from 2.33.2 to 2.34.1). The authors have fixed one serious system bug, according to the changelog
- Perk values were lowered a bit

- I added a lot of text by Rachael for shower scenes. There's a scene for a sister now. I added a couple of gifs and changed the code a bit
- Rachael changed some sentences
- She also has written a lot of text for cop scene (for every interaction and time of day)
- Another Rachael+Middlewared new scene. Now you can get banged by a teacher. You need 60 points of Corruption and a bit of luck
- Also, now you can have sex with Diego (the massager in the Beauty salon). There's a 20% chance, and you need more than 60 points of Corruption
- Grandpa can catch you when you are mating with Ralph (a 20% chance and more than 80 Corruption points). This scene has been written by our new writer - Plaze!
- Now mom or dad can peek at you, taking a shower (from 20:00 to 21:00). Also, you may run into brother from 22:00 to 23:00
- Something else. Pretty much stuff no one remembers about

- Fixed cop scene gifs
- Fixed cleaning functions
- Middlewared fixed the error you receive when loading old saves!
- He also added a non-consent scene with the brother. You must have this option turned on in settings + 80 or more points of brother's corruption + there's a 20% chance. All you need is to run into an aggressive brother when searching through his wardrobe, drawler, or something else...
- Now you see "notification" when the main character loses virginity

- Middlewared helped me with this update, and the first six lines belong to him. Including this one. He fixed kitchen errors (red lines)
- Cum now washes off when select "have a shower" after sleep
- Bugs in the parents' room were fixed
- Minor links bugs were fixed, too
- Tampons were removed from "dime time", remained only on pharmacy store
- Now, shower spy can join you, but only if you tease him(/her). 33% chance, no corruption or relationship check!
- Added a scene with a dog in the Park. When you are jogging, he may follow you (20% chance). And you can play with him:3
- Then, if bestiality is on, you can do NSFW stuff with him
- You can now clean semen off your face when washing it in the bathroom or brushing your teeth. I'm deadly sorry, but this might crash the old saves
- Also, you can clean it off from your legs by using the toilet in the same bathroom
- Talking about the bathroom, now you don't get covered in cum after you have sex there
- Finally. Finally! You finally can go outside naked! You people asked me a million times, and here you go, perverts~ Happy New Year:3 There's just one scene yet (with a police officer, night and day gifs. 33% chance), but I already have some ideas. Oh, you need 90 points of corruption to go out like that. Yes, deal with it

ymoney = +300 money
ycorrupt = +30 corruption
beautifulm = +30 beauty
populargirl = +30 reputation
yparentsliberty = +30

soulmate = +10 sibling relationship
scorruptg = +10 sibling corruption
tbmitw = +10 mother relationship
smilvm = +10 mother corruption
tbditw = +10 father relationship
iwmdip = +10 father corruption

bestmansfriend = +30 Ralf relationship
drinksomecoffee = restores energy to max energy
datechanger = to change date

some are outdated




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