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Tech Devil

Developer: Serialaries - Discord
Version: 6.0.0
Release Date: 2020-02-09
Last Updated: 2020-04-25
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Real porn, Male protagonist, Animated, Sandbox, Gay, Anal sex, Bestiality, Corruption, Exhibitionism , Group sex, Incest, Male domination, Interracial, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Sex toys

This is a full-on remake of Mariamod's "Young Maria". Maria is now Marcus and everything's gay! Marcus just moved into a new town with his family. Will his innocent mind be corrupted by this lustful city? Will he corrupt the people around him? That's up to you! Young Marcus is a Sandbox game with no real story line. You are free to wander around the town and fuck (or get fucked by) pretty much anyone. There is already a lot of content and it will only increase in the future.



-Various bugfixing: the beach, shower, social network and skincare routines now work as intended.
-Added the option to wait for 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes in your bedroom.

- The family schedule has been completed, one schedule for the weekdays, one for Saturday, one for Sunday (additional events will be added in next version)
- Redone the wardrobe system.
- Now you can join Christian when you follow him.
-Added more stores and products in the mall (with even more to come)
-In the bathroom you can apply a skincare routine and fix your hair to increase how attractive you are.
- You have to shower regularly in order to stay clean! (I believe the actual system for showers is unbalanced right now, I'll try to fix it asap)
- Changed the description of the rooms, now it is shorter and hidden in a separate passage

- Night walking now requires only one parent's relationship to be over 30
- You can now sell your pictures without breaking the money counter
- Age and allure finally work.
- Removed the female sibling. Also the brother is a mandatory addition to your family.
- Removed real bestiality since its legality is at most vague.
- Various typoes

All underage content originally present in Young Maria has been removed.


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