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Tech Devil

Developer: Crazy Forge Studio Patreon - Discord
Release Date: 2021-01-21
Last Updated: 2021-01-23
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
3DCG, Anal sex, Animated, Big tits, Futa/Trans, Group sex, Harem, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Sci-fi, Spanking

You play as Jack, a young nerd and a virgin, who wakes up on a military base inside a mountain, in a NRF (nuclear refugees facility) place for VIPs and government people,a great war that has wrecked the whole world, now you are the leader of the group, you and 5 other beautiful women,you need to keep that place in order, go out in the world in search of resources, keep the base with a good supply of water, food and electricity, improve your base to make your roommates happy, repair / build robots to collect resources, study and discover new improvements and technologies and survive in this apocalyptic world!

- Natural Selection progress.
- Male Gnome pills.

Minor Changes:

-The game was not saving changes in the shelter like fuses and copper cables on the doors.

v 0.38.1
Minor Changes:

-Settings added.
-Fix, the game was saving the screen zoomed out.
-Other minor adjustments.

v 0.38
New content:

- Kassandra Content. [42 Jpg + 1 Mp4]
- Floor C available. [6 Jpg]

Minor Changes:
-Fixed, Talk with Ai about anal sex was disabling the scene with Tony visit the Dallas girls.
-The zip box in the protagonist's chamber and one of the drawers in the kitchen, will be deactivated when jumped to day 3 when starting a new game, the content inside is already in the player's inventory.
-I updated unity 2017 to Unity 2019 and there were some changes in the code that can cause bugs. As the game is not saving the current screen at the right scale. Reports bugs on Discord.

New content:
- Progress on the quest: Natural Selection.
-13 new Big Tits Serum photos in the Gallery.
-30 new Gnome Serum photos in the Gallery.
-2 Bonus photos in the Gallery.

Minor Changes:
- Some icons replaced.
- Gallery, Jennifer, futa on male, second image Fixed

New content

- Progress on the quest: The Dead World.
- Progress with Ashley. Talk with her in your bedroom.
- 6 new hot photos with Mary in the bathroom available in the gallery.

Minor Changes:
-Mary's gym scene fixed.
-Jennifer's gym fixed.
-Fix, Talk with Ashley in the room was not available in the saves started before 0.30.

New content:

- Progress with Angelica/Alexis.
-16 new hot photos with Ai in the bathroom available in the gallery.
-16 new hot photos with Futa Solo and Futa on Male in the bathroom available in the gallery.

Minor Changes:
- Animations for Linux version fixed.
- The scenes with Alexis / Angelica start later on the 39th and not on the 19th.

-Mary's gym scene has a bug, avoid visiting Mary at the gym until version 0.36
-Jennifer's gym scene also has a bug, avoid visiting Jennifer at the gym until version 0.36

New content:

- 02 new Actions with Ai in the bedroom.
- 02 new Actions with Ai futa in the bedroom.
- Small progress with Angelica/Alexis.
- Unlock HD photos with moral points in the gallery by accessing the wardrobe in the bedroom.
- 31 new photos on the Gallery.
Minor changes:
-Fixed. The Bio Center was being accessible on day 0, causing the quest to skip, and making the game soft lock after advancing the initial quest, If you try to enter the Bio Center before the quest asks, you will receive a message: "Not now".
-Fixed. Entering the command center on the morning of Day 1, an old scene was starting that should have been removed from the game.

-Progress on the quest: Michelle depression.
-Small progress in the bathroom with Michelle.
-01 new action with Jennifer in bedroom.
-01 new action with Ai futa.

Minor Changes:
- Research and build Carbon Garden up to tier 8, to produce 16 daily carbons per tier, for 4 of clean water and 8 energy per tier.
- Research and build the Water Pump up to tier - 10.
- Research and build the Replicator up to tier 8.
-Fixed, Replicator was wrongly using 8 carbon per tier and not 16 carbon.
-Having in stock the exact amount of clean water, carbon, and energy for the operation of the greenhouse and the replicator was causing the machine not to produce in the day.

New content:

-When you call Jennifer for help with Samantha's research, you can choose to show her the effects of the big breast serum.
-Progress in the mission: Mystery Of The Cookie Eater mission.
-Progress in the mission: Natural selection.
-Progress in the mission: Small as dwarves and gnomes.
-You can hug Suzy, Ashley, Kassandra, and Carol in your room.
- Progress in the mission: Michelle Depression.

Minor Changes:
-Fix: Inviting Suzy, Ashley, Carol, and Kassandra to see a movie with them living in the shelter, was wrongly inviting to chat.


New content:

-New option in the pool with Mary.
-1 cutscene.
-1 New action in the bedroom with Ai futa.

Minor changes:
-If the RMB menu is open, you can't click on-screen buttons that are not of the RMB menu.
-Create a new save from the main menu using the name of an existing file correctly removes the data from the old save.

New content:
-New option in the pool with Mary.
-1 cutscene.
-1 New action in the bedroom with Samantha futa.

Minor changes:
-Ai won't let you out of the shelter after 8:59 pm.
-If you are inside the shelter you will not be able to advance the time after the working hours (8:59 pm).
-The camera now does not move in the map view when "Esc Menu" is active.
- Pressing 1 to 5 doesn't work when the "Esc menu" and the Save/Load menu are active.
- Now the shelter will get dirtier for 10 + 2 * (total of people living in the shelter.) The beginning of the game will be a little easier to keep the shelter clean, and more interesting in the late game.
-The maximum cleaning increased from 100 to 200.
New content:
-New option in the bathroom with Mary.
-New option in Livingroom with Mary.
-1 New action Samantha futa.
-1 New action Jennifer futa.

Minor changes:
- Some warnings will appear every morning, in case something is wrong like: too much food, water, energy, and carbon, not enough water and food, you can click on the button on the left to find out more details.
- A new help button in the bathroom and pool, with information on how to find girls in these places.
New content:
-The final part of the quest The Survivors.
-A small progress in the quest Natural selection.
-A new quest Anal lube. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-2 new actions with Ai in the bedroom.
Minor changes:
- Research/Build Carbon Tank available.
-Small fixes and changes.
-Android version is now compatible with ultra-wide screen.
-A small progress in the quest The Survivors.
-A small progress in the Gnome serum quest.
-A small progress with Michelle.
-1 more action in the bedroom with Ai Futa.
-1 more action in the bedroom with Samantha Futa.
-2 new action options with Ai in the bedroom.
-Some Minor Fixes.
-A small progress in the quest The Survivors.
-1 more action in the bedroom with Samantha Futa.
-1 more action in the bedroom with Ai Futa.
-2 new action options with Ai in the bedroom.
-A small progress in the Gnome serum quest.

Minor changes:
-Fixed, Mc's role to Sarah was showing Sarah's role to Mc.
-Fixed, Giving roles during the scenes and in the wood shelf UI, are correctly saving, and overwriting correctly when saving in a different save file.
-Small changes in the UI.
New content:
-A small progress with Sakura, Meilin, and Hela.
-A small progress with Sarah and Megan.
- A small progress with Michelle.
-2 more actions in the bedroom with Ai Futa.
-1 more action in the bedroom with Jennifer Futa.
-Ai Bathroom Scene rework.
-Boring movie option with Suzy, Ashley, Carol, and Kassandra.
Minor Changes:
-Fix, girls in the squad were not activating scenes at the shelter locations.
-Special boxes for doors on the B floor, "Zip boxes", are clickable.
-An unused container for all doors has been disabled.
-The chambers have an ID and show the correct name of the MC.
- 200 is the maximum of relationship points.
- New Hero UI and Ai Icon.
- Photos of the scene after the horror movie with Ai were replaced.
-Fixed some grammatical errors from the first day.
-Fixed, air filter button at the Gym, showing without the quest has been started.
-Fixed, A scene that begins: a new mission "Natural selection", was being triggered before the right time.
-Fixed, Members in the squad that is assigned to clean, are not following the last work routine(rest) when the shelter it's fully clean.
-Fixed, the completed tasks were appearing behind the 2 new "enter the shelter" buttons.
Minor Changes:
-Scenes that end the day were advancing the day twice.
-Some fixes when you run out of gas.
-Fewer clicks to collect resources outside. The "Fast Search" button starts the collection of the local at the fastest speed and shows up right at the moment you get in the local. And it is close to the "Leave" button, making it easier to play on android.
-Reduced crash/freeze that can occur during animations on android.
- If the Mc is in a shelter, 2 buttons with the option to enter directly to the room or to floor A, appear in the lower right corner of the screen.
-When depositing canned food, water bottles, and pages in the shelter, a Ui will appear in the upper right corner of the screen showing what has been added to the shelter.
-Different types of Canned food can be found.
-Walking squad speed reduced to 0.5 > 0.4.
-New craftable vehicle: Bike. With Speed of 0.8. 30% faster than the walking speed of the old versions.
New content:
- 2 new actions in the bedroom with Jennifer Futa.
- 1 new action in the bedroom with Ai Futa.
- Day 1 and 2 rework.

Minor Changes:
- Fixed, intro scenes with the girls in the room are no longer repeating.
- Fixed, some scenes with the girls with the wrong render.
- Fixed, The button that goes directly to the bedroom in the world map view is now no available until the end of the intro quest.
New content:
- Day 0 Rework.

Minor Changes:

-Fix, Watching a movie with the girls correctly gives 3 points of relationship.
-Opening the Hero UI was resetting the hero's name to Jack, causing some bugs.
-Exceeding the maximum storage of clean water, dirty water, energy, and food, is now correctly placing resources at the resource limit and not lowering to 50/250.
-Containers with resources in the MC chamber are now going correctly to the shelter deposit and not to the player's inventory.
-More content on The Survivors Quest.
New content:
-More 3 actions with Jennifer in the room.
Minor Changes:
-You can see each girl once for each shelter location.
- A message will appear if the girl is resting alone and you already saw her today in this place of the shelter.
-Trigger a shelter location scene ignores now if the Main character is resting on the work schedules.
-The option of placing the team inside the shelter and depositing all things no longer deposits gasoline.
-More roles added to the game, check the room bookshelf.
-The mine gives fewer resources and is now giving titanium ore.
-More building upgrades/researches available.
-A new girl can get spanked.
-Bathe together with Samantha and Mary.
-More 3 actions with Ai in the room.
-A new Short Quest.

Minor Changes:
-Fixed, Close / Load the game right after activating the cookie mission scene, it would cause the mission to restart.
-Fixed, Close / Load the game right after inviting to the room to movie/talk, correctly save.
-Fixed an option that would skip the entire research quest when you talk with Samantha in the bio lab.
-Fixed, morning scenes now automatically save correctly.
-A small UI appears every time the game saves.
- The Cookies Quest is now more easily activated on the B Floor and not in the kitchen.
New content:
-Visit Ai while she is relaxing in the Living room.
-New Action in Room: Kiss.
-New Action in Room with Ai: ass rubbing.
-Mc overhears someone gossiping in the bathroom.
-The 2 buttons to enter the shelter are now red if the MC is not in the shelter, and show a message.
-If you save in the map view and enter the shelter, it now loads the correct image.
-Save system fix, if you leave/load right after the end of a scene, the autosave works correctly.
-Save system fix, if you leave/load right after "11 pm scene", the autosave works correctly.
New content:
-More content on The Survivors Quest.
-1 Big breast serum scene in the Bio lab with Samantha.

Minor Changes:
-Added 5 themes for the game.
-Some polish on the UI.
-Fixed 2 buttons in the Samanta bio lab Scene.
-Fixed a button for The Survivors mission appearing at the wrong time.
-Save System Fix, The game wasn't storing the UI correctly after the end of some scenes and when you invite a girl to your room.
New content:
-New Diary note.
-The first part of a new Quest.

Minor Changes:
-The living room, pool, Bar, and the factory are accessible with the card.
-The Hangar is accessible.
-Screwdriver and Spanner can be crafted after built Factory, one-time use, but it's cheap to craft.
-Small and large steel boxes on the doors of floor A and floor B of the outside, can be unlocked with screwdriver and Spanner.
-Enter inside the facilities of the shelter directly clicking on the location button.

-The maximum light capacity was showing the wrong value after putting something in the craft queue.
New content:
-New Diary note.
Minor Changes:
-Some fix on the save system.
-Fixed, Opening the Dial Menu and Esc menu switches correctly.
-The shelter gets dirty slower, of 50% to 20% per day.**
-Shelter cleaning is slower, 10 to 25 minutes for each 1%.***
-Diary notes and photos can be checked early.
-Fixed, Roles/Main character name was not appearing properly.
-Fix, Now the game correctly save scenes changes, when you leave the place.
Put a type of movie that the girl doesn't like very much, she will get bored and fall into sleep and then some options will appear.
Minor Changes:
-Now you can save/load the game during dialogue. (Not recommended yet)
-The save and load menu shows the time and date of saved games and is sorted by the last saved time.
-Now you can Drag your camera holding the LMB/left click in the map view/command center.
-Added shortcut to Command Center on Floor B.
-Fixed 3 "Exit" button of the kitchen.
-Fixed, Nebraska province was written wrong.

-Christmas event scene available after Day 42 in the bedroom while checking the backpack.
-Fix: While you select the Save / Load, it correctly shows the day and time of the saved games.

-Added Jennifer Quest.
-Added Jennifer room new actions: Blowjob and Missionary sex.
-Added a new button that automatically deposits resources and puts the squad into the shelter.

-New diary note.
- Back button to menus.
- Added Cleaning and Resting to the work schedule, Now work schedule prioritizes in this order if there is no work assigned: craft, research, build, clean, and rest.
- Ui shows if there are idle survivors inside the shelter.
- Added 2 new transport helicopter tier 2 and tier 3: Black Hawk HE and Chinook HE.
- Added a warning that you can't leave the shelter with vehicles and aircrafts without gas.
- Added language selection in game start.

-New Dial UI.
-Command Center and Backpack now show correcly on day 3.
-Fixed dirty water exceeding the max storage capacity;
-The last diary note is unlocked before the day shown.
-Skip to day 3 start with 50 morale not 20.
-Shelter start to get dirty only after day 2.

New Content:
-Continuation of research quest.
-A new Diary note.
-New action in Room with Ai: Blowjob angry pirate position . Need +10 heart with her.
Minor Changes:
-New Aircraft: Vulture HE.
-Added build Basic Electronics Workbench.
-Added build Basic Engine Workbench.
-Added craft Electric Engine Unit.
-Added craft Advanced Circuit.
-Added Upgrades and research of Water Pump tier: 8 and 9.
-Added Upgrades and research of Greenhouse tier: 5,6 and 7.
-Added Upgrades and research of Solar Panel: 5 and 6.
-Added Upgrades and research of Water purifier tier: 6 and 7.
-Mines give more resources.
-Hospital give more resources.
-50% of the water used in bath become dirty water and are added to Dirty Water tank.
-Maintain the shelter clean is more important now.
New locals:
-Power Plant.

-Fixed a visual bug, while looking close to the girls: Jennifer, Michelle and Samantha, while them are inside her chamber.
-Fixed a electricity help text with a wrong value.
-Fixed a bug when crafting items, was giving much more items than it should, this only fix new items assigned in the queue.
Minor changes:
-Added a estimated travel time

New Content:
Continuation of the cookie eater quest.
Bathroom Scene with Jennifer.
Quest With Ai.

Minor changes:
-New Local: Clinic
-Added a shortcut button on to upper side Ui in World Map to squad/shelter management.
New content:
-2 Diary notes in the notebook.
-Fixed game crashing when groping Jennifer.
Minor Changes:
-Open Craft menu, Research menu, Build Menu, Work schedule Ui and Summary Ui with you keyboard, Pressing "1" to "5"
-Added more Information about: Work Schedules and Hot Scenes.
-Added a mark in the location that you want to go with the squad.
-Doors visually shows if it have fuses and cable and are working properly.
-The production of energy now calculate before food and water.
-Smelt iron and copper ore now cost 10 > 5 energy.

-Gym Door working properly,
-Fixed sleep button of the end of the first day.

-Replicator and Greenhouse fixed.

New content:
-The Gym Quest.

Minor Changes:
-Information in World Map in the Help menu about: Food,Water and energy production, Vehicles, shelter management, Max stock.
-Added a short-cut button between the mc bedroom and World map.
-Summary check if you have enough resources to make food in replicator.
-Some texts font changed

-The Market on the left side not empty anymore.
-Cancel button of crafts,builds and research working.
-Peak Mary in bathroom fix.
-Happyness of survivors can't descrease bellow 0 now.
-Watch a movie with samantha show properly images.
-Resources of RMB now show the max amount of stock properly.

-Zooming out on the map now shows the names of states.
-Start a new game give you a option to skip to day 3.

Folder with Help, Hints and Walkthrough.

- 2 scenes of past.
- 1 quest with samantha with some hot scenes.
- 1 quest with Ai.
- Invite a girl to watch movie before sleep.
- Invite a girl to your room to talk, actions( only hug for now), give gifts.
- 2 hot scenes with Ai after watch a specific type movie.
- Progress in bathroom with Ai and Jennifer.

BugFix and changes:
- Houses have now a small change to give you scrap iron and iron plate and have +5 resources points.
- Markets have +10 resources points.
- Gas Station have +10 resources points.
- Hospital have more change to get itens.
- Food cans give double carbons.
- Water bottles give double dirty water.
- Step van consume half fuel now.
- Step van is a little more slow now 2.2 > 2.0. (but is 4x more fast then walking)
- Bathing morale show correct value.
- Can Upgrade water pump till tier 7, getting 175 water units per day.
- information about hapiness and cleanliness in the word map help menu.
- Have lunch with the group now give double morale.
12h00 to 12h29 before +2 / +4 Now
12h30 to 12h59 before +1 / +2 Now
- Removed a Exit Game Button.
- Fixed a bug that when you leave the game and go to menu it's duplicate the database.
- Happiness of each survivor in Relationship menu update every second.
- Fixed Fridge, water tanks and Battery center.
- Fixed Talk about cookies button.
New Feature:
- NEW! Quest update UI.(pops up a Ui showing next objetive)
- Super vision, Hold Z Button (show hidden stuff)
- Change Main Character Name anytime and everywhere(Don't use same name of persons that you have on your shelter)
No new content.

New features:
- Added World Map
- Added Craft System
- Added Research System
- Added Build System
- Added Resources production.
- Added Sleep to end Day, calculate resources spent.
- Added Summary showing food, water, energy and morale, gains and spends.
- Added Squad Management. deposit and withdraw squad resources.
- Added Rules, set how much each member will use of water and food per day.
- Added Work Schedule, assign what each member will do in each hour of the day.
New content:
- Added Animation of Mary, Jennifer, Samantha and Michelle inside chambers.
- 1 Short Quest.
- Scene of each girl when them waken of they chambers.
- Scene of each girl after waken.
- Scene of each girl in bathroom.


Win MEGA - AnonFiles
Linux AnonFiles
Android MEGA - AnonFiles
Mac (0.37) MEGA - AnonFiles

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