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Developer: Faerie Dust Patreon
Version: 0.1.2
Release Date: 2020-03-22
Last Updated: 2020-03-25
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Male Protagonist, Animated, Fantasy, Big Ass, Big Tits, Exhibitionism, Groping, Harem, Teasing, Adventure, Dating Sim, Humor, Romance, Rpg, Sandbox, Strategy, Turn Based Combat

Wonderland Witches is an adult dating sim in a dark fantasy setting. Explore an open world with beautiful sceneries and attractive companions. Live your own adventure and face the consequences of your choices.

- New dream scenes for 4 characters
- 2 character introductions
- New world zone
- New difficulty mode
- Balance patch
- Minor fixes & additions
- Potion recipes are now available (1 brewable)
- New animated scene with Elena
- Improved Witchpedia
- New optional fonts
- Balance patch
- Minor fixes & additions
Version 0.1.0 - First release

Developer Notes:
Current Features:
- 4 Female Characters (Human, Elf)
- Strategic Open World with VN Elements
- Inventory & Monetary System
- 4 World Zones
- Weather & Time System
- Unique Gameplay Mechanics
- Advanced Dating System
- Free (No Paywall)
- Hall of Fame for Contributors
- Music & Sound Effects

Planned Features:
- 8 Female Characters (Human, Elf, Centaur, Mermaid, Fairy)
- 20+ World Zones
- Voiced Greetings
- Animations for Each Character


Win/Lin - MEGA
Android - MEGA
Mac - MEGA

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