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Mate, this is a self controlled community and with a few staff members/moderators and alot of users, therefore they cant watch all over the place all the time. In every website u have good users, trolls and spicy characters, mods here (i think) tend to let arguments fly most of the time, except when things get too heated or too disrespectfull. Sometimes they delete a few more posts that are not insulting but were part of a hole argument that it was... maybe because all alone there woudnt make sense at all when u delete all the other stuff? maybe because in other posts the user insulted the shit out of someone? or maybe because they are human and can make mistakes?, dunno.

This discussion is old mate, when the mods let things develope too much, people complain... when they start to be more hardcore, people complain too, try to be a bit understanding, in the other side of the screen there are people too. Remember that they job here is to moderate, not to be cops chaising offenders. The main thing is that those rules pointed out by UncleVT up here applies to all of us, but applying those rules is not that easy. And to answer ur specific question, no, u got general rules that applies to everthing u say in the website mate, other are specific for some cases or instances, it would be wise to read them.

On the other hand, u have the right to report people that u think is insulting u (point number 6 of the rules), so if u believe u are and no mod stand up with a warning/deleting his post, then report it. The one time i did this with a troll, they deleted the post and i think they warned the user too, so i think it works. Cheers!
nice pics there RamJ ,even i agree with saroya a Nice set of wider tyres will make this jeep stand out. otherwise the jeep is looking awesome.
how is the ruts and conditions down there? did any tractors grade down the area? the only way you can hit that is in dry season
Welcome to the new off-topic board. Only members of the off-topic group can read and post on this board.

Please obey the forum rules when posting on this board. Any posts flaming other members will be removed.

What has pissed you off today? Get it off your chest.

Today Im pissed off that the coffee at work tastes like it was roasted in a sweaty workboot. Cant they just spend a couple more bucks and buy some good stuff?
thats awesome , im always happy for people when they find some direction in life, it can be the best feeling in the world. Which is why i have so much against the current education system.
Dear Folks,

My friends are asking for a adventurous off road ride in my Willys Jeep. Planning for that in one of the weekend.
Happy Jeeping,
Rene why you hadz to go and dig that up. Lol

We will see how it goes. But yes, this time around there is significantly more digging powaahh
Apple day.

Tomorrow, people on this forum can only speak in Apple language.


iGood iMorning iDave...

for 1 day, we must write like this dont have to, just be fun

We will then see how much of a headache Apple truly is and why the evil must be stopped.



Good lord, I think Im the only one posting in the off-topic chit chat. HAHA I just wanted to just say, DAMN I love days like today. I have good hours flagged at work, the afternoon has been slow, so Im just relaxing with a cup of coffee, washing up Oceanic and am going to build myself a good battery box. No more of this walmart boat box bs.