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Tech Devil

Developer: Tobe
Version: v6
Release Date: 2020-07-12
Last Updated: 2020-07-13
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Real porn, Animated, Anal sex, Creampie, Footjob, Group sex, Handjob, Masturbation, Multiple penetration, Oral sex, Sex toys, Stripping, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Management

You recently bought a special club in town. Recruit girls, improve your club and make money!​

Prototype v6: End of silence!
Videos will now play with sound if they have some.
Added sound to most of the in-game videos (not all).
Default videos don't have sound.
Added an option when zooming on a video to reduce and increase volume of the video.
Added an option to choose the aspect ratio of the videos when zoomed in.

Added music to the game.
Added an option in the settings menu to choose the volume of the music.
Added the possibility to add your own music in the game, through two subfolders in the "Musics" folder in the main game folder. See the "How to create a Girlpack (and add your music to the game)" PDF for more info.
Note that the game will only use music in the OGGVORBIS format.

Added the "modular booths" improvemnt for the club. It allows to select a special performance for a booth during the work phase, forcing this booth to only have client wanting this specific performance.

Added the possibility to "reset" a girl (from the staff menu) get her stats, lessons, openness... back to their basic values.

Added the possibility to choose the positionning of the portrait during lessons for the packmakers. See the "How to create a Girlpack (and add your music to the game)" PDF for more info.

As always, don't forget to move all of your girlpacks into the new game folder!
Prototype v5: Giving lessons!
Fixed a few bugs.
Added an autosave feature (new save every day, two autosaves slots).

You can now skip dialog by pressing Ctrl.
You can now hide the UI during dialog by pressing Shift or H.

Introducing a new mechanic: giving lessons to the girls. You can now buy (and improve) the lounge in the improvements to unlock the ability to give lessons to the girls. This will increase their openness, as well as give you some special scenes!.
For the moment, all the base girls have at least one lesson. After that, it will always be the default, basic lesson.

Pack makers can also add lessons to their packs. This is not mandatory, and old packs will still work perfectly fine, but this is a new tool for those wanting to go further.
See the How To Make A Girlpack PDF for more information on that, and the Example Girl pack with lessons for examples of lessons.
This is a work in progress, and the lesson system will evolve and get richer and richer over time. It is currently in a usable state, but I'm sure it is lacking some functionalities. So I intend to work with packmakers who are interested in creating lessons to see what they would like me to add.
The process of making a lesson can be simple or complex, depending on what you want to make. I'll try to answer questions and give help on that regard, as well as improve the documentation and create clearer ways for the game to display problems with a lesson.

As always, don't forget to move all of your girlpacks into the new game folder!
Prototype v4 Hotfix 1
Fixed slight video transparency.
Fixed crash/bug when hiring the last girl available before ending the fourth mission.
Fixed various UI bugs.
Fixed the last club upgrade not unlocking anything.

Slight increase in mafia guys spawning probabilty.
Influence gain now depends on client's happiness.

Added the possibility to fire girls. To do that, go to the staff screen.
Added an options menu because the default options menu at launch was deleted (Unity removed it so I had to make a basic options menu...).
Upgraded the daily report. Thanks @SiJa !
Added icons for days passed, connection, reputation and money. Thanks @SiJa !
Small UI changes.

Added a couple of videos for performances Rachel Starr didn't have (don't forget to "Repair" her!). Thanks @4ffe !

Don't forget to move your Girlpacks in the new game folder!
Prototype v4
Added a new mechanic: the mafia's services. You subscribe to those and pay a fixed amount every day in exchange for some help during the work phase. Services must first be unlocked by spending influence points.

Added the possibility for clients to be members of the mafia. When they are, they will give the player influence if they get out happy from the booth they came to. This and the new change above will only be unlocked afer finishing the fourth mission.
Added a bit of story, related to the mafia, with a new character.

Reworked the UI and the integrated girlpacks (thanks to @SiJa for his tremendous work on that!).
You can now double click on the girls' portraits to switch them between Rest and Work in the Planning screen, as well as during work after clicking on the empty "girl's space" of a booth to assign a girl to the booth.

Added the possiblity to specify what performance a girl can't do. Will mostly be used when girlpack makers don't find a video for one type. When a girl can't do a performance, she will always refuse to do it, no matter how open she is. If nothing is specified, the game will consider that the girl will accept everything.
Linked to that, added buttons in the staff display screen to update the performances the recruited girls won't do. You'll have to do that for every girl that was recruited before this update, and after each time you modify a girlpack. This is only useful for recruited girls, meaning that you don't have to do it for girls not yet recruited in the savefile you are using.

Added an option in girlpack making to specify if a girl costs influence to buy.

Added an option to specify if a girl can be unlocked from the "Lottery" service. See the specific services in game for more details (basically, this allows to use influence points to unlock a random girl from the pool of girls marked with the "inLottery" option).

For more details on all of that, see the updated "How to create a GirlPack".

The "Example Girl" pack has also been updated to incorporate those changes
Note: old packs will still work perfectly fine with the new version. This only adds new personalization options.

Added default scenes for every performances.

Reduced overall money and reputation gain. This should hopefully make the game last longer without aking it grindy.

Tested a Linux build. Unfortunately, it didn't work, for unknown reasons. Sorry Linux users, this version is still not availale for your system.

Don't forget to move all of your girlpacks into the new game folder!
Prototype v3
Hotfix 1
Fixed a save bug regarding improvements.

Added the possibilty to use extenal Girlpacks. To do so, the girlpack must be created accordingly to a specific method (described in the pdf "How to create a GirlPack").
To show the way girlpacks work, created one: Monique Alexander.
Added a new mission mechanic, as well as the first few basic missions.
Added a new dialog mechanic, as well as the first few basic dialogs and the very beginning of the story.
Added an improvement that unlocks the possibility to buy other improvements.
Added ab improvement to have access to and upgrade costumes.
Added an "Office" screen, related to story and missions.
Added the assistant: Nicole Aniston. She doesn't have much content for now (2 pictures and a few dialogs).
Many other small adjustments.
Prototype v2
Added a new girl: Kira Noir.
Added a new mechanic: costumes. They act closely like improvements but they are more powerful and only one can be activated at a time.
Reworked the planning screen, and added different sorting options of the girls.
Fixed a lot of bugs. Many of them were linked to my terrible saving system which was therefore updated. This means that old saves, while still usable, will be very buggy and weird. I strongly advise to start a new game.
Added very basic events. There are currentl five of them in the game. They can trigger when coming back from the work screen and having specific girls with enough openness. Therefore, most of them will appear kinda "late" in the game.
Replaced food by cigarettes during work phase, and changed the purpose of cooks. Also added automated dispenser for drinks, cigarettes, drugs and condoms. They can be bought as the highest level upgrades of the corresponding gifts.
A few UI improvements.
Reuploaded some of the videos, to try and get a better quality without taking too much space.
Demo hotfix
Fixes a few bugs but, most importantly, hopefully fixes the video not showing bug. I tested it on Windows 8.1 and it worked, I'm not sure for Windows 7 but it should work too.
Apologies for the delay.

Developer Notes:
The game is just a prototype, to hear what you think about the core gameplay loop. There are many improvements and elements that will be added in (starting with a story and some long term objectives) in the future.

If you have a problem seeing the videos, you need to download new codecs to see the videos in the game.

For Windows 10 users, see this link:

HEVC Video Extensions

For Windows 7 users, see this link:
Windows 7 codecs

Win x64 - MEGA
Win x32 - MEGA

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