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Developer: David Goujard Patreon - Deviantart
Release Date: 2019-12-27
Last Updated: 2020-01-28
Censored: No
OS: Any
Language: English
2DCG, Alien Sex, Anal Sex, Animated, Creampie, Male Protagonist, Milf, Mobile Game, Big Tits, Bukkake, Group sex, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Sci-fi
You will play as an alien bounty hunter who's interested in pretty bandits. This time you will not be stuck on one planet, but travel the whole galaxy.

2 Illustrations for Zulrana's introduction (You can scroll them when the animation is finished).
-2 sex scenes with Zulrana. The handjob forced me to animate a bit differently (frame by frame). I think the feeling is efficient.
-1 illustration for Queen Dealyn's fortress. It's done by Romain Laforet.
-I started to do the credits. If a $20 patreon wants another name, just tell me.
Known bug: a chinese name don't show yet.
-In the main menu, there is a CHEAT button! To check all the characters/scenes. It won't be there in the final version.
-HD images

-he sex scene of the empress is finished with one more animation.
-Elena, the daughter of the sheriff, is available in the rival menu. So she can hunt with you
-New animated character is there: Queen Dealyn (page 2 of the hunt board).
Her dialogue are done. Possibility to see her naked.
A sexy illustration for her story.
Sketch of her sex scene.


The Empress' storyline is 95% done. It has:
-The Empress' face is a bit less static.
-2 full illustrations and little animations to tell the story.
-1 sex scene.
-1 sketch preview of a next scene.
-The bounty board has now 2 pages because 2 new characters will come.

-2 New characters you voted for. Carry and Lipplette. Animated, dressed and naked. Lipplette have her dialogues. She as some choices that keeps her dressed... it's still very easy though.
-The Rival menu works. Cobalt and Liplette (when unlocked) can follow you in the hunts.
-New Item for the hunts: the Sherlock lens. It's a capital file that you have found. When used, this item ends the hunt and makes you win it instantly. There is 1 loot box each round. 33% chance to have that lens (like for holograms and detectors).
-The characters have an undressing animation instead of a simple fade to black.
-Miss Dealyn has a sex scene. I will do more with her, but I was short with time. I wasted time with an animation that failed about Lt Cobalt.
Developer Notes:
Hello! To have your save working, the name of the EXE/swf file must be the same and in the same folder all the time. So from now, I will call it VegaHunters.exe or swf.
I'm glad we have all the dialogues form the beginning to Bloody Otter. We approach the end and the judgment day!
I plan the next month soon. Stay tuned!


Daughter-hj.swf - MEGA
Daughter.swf - MEGA

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