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Developer: Leopold Visette Patreon - Website
Version: 0.1.11
Release Date: 2020-06-26
Last Updated: 2020-07-27
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, Animated, Combat, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Furry, Futa/trans, Gay, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Monster, Monster girl, Oral sex, Rape, Strategy, Turn based combat, Futa/trans protagonist, Character creation

The game takes place in the world of Euthoria, a country ruled by counts that keep their subjects 'safe' from the creatures of the lands. Raised by nuns, trained by pitiful master and blamed for a crime that you didn't commit, you now find yourself with nothing to your name. No other way, you must steel yourself for the world around you, or submit to its way of living.

- Added the arena in the southeastern Wetlock. It comes with its own background art.
- In the Arena the player can fight NPC gladiators and bet on games for gold.
- Added Tusk, the arena booker. He can be found at the lectern on the arena hub screen.
- Added gladiator Natalya, the lion-kobold. The character Natalya is owned by Karanthos.
- Added gladiator Sufiyana, the walking thunderstorm. The character Sufiyana is owned by MasterPuppet.
- Added a gambling mini-game. You can select how many gladiators you want battling, then select your champion and hope you picked right ;)
- The Arena comes with a new fighting background.
- Added a new smut scene (non-colored) for the Belle sisters - This is the first smut scene with branching paths to choose from. Thanks to Kadisurmik for the idea.
- Added a new smut scene (colored) for the moohmin (bovine monster in the farmlands). Requires the player to have a cock.
- Added a new smut scene (colored) for Rodham, the brothel barkeep. Requires the player to have a cock and no tits.
- BIG THING: The map screen where you move around and explore now has WASD support. Press 'W' to go up, 'S' to go down, 'A' is left and 'D' is right. Thanks to Azen for the idea.

- Fixed grammar errors for some of the scenes in the Foxhole tavern. Thanks to Kadisurmik.
- The wood golem straddle scene has received coloring.
- The Forest runner doggystyle scene has received coloring.

- As always, thanks to all the people that helped with reporting bugs. You help make the better with each bug squeezed.
- Fixed a bug with the kobold journal entry dublicating itself.
- Fixed a bug where the poison status effect would break the game.
- Fixed a bug where AOE spells would crash the game.
- Fixed a bug with Mag'ie the bank tellers quest not repeating.
- Fixed the spelling of "Mouseover" on the magic menu.
- Fixed a bug where magical pants turned into leaf pants when equipping them.
- Fixed that the Book of ice lance spell became the starting fire spell book when buying
- Lot of fixes for spelling in the Perk screen.
- Fixed that the transition to the dragon throne room didn't have any story.
- Fixed a text bug with the lectern for the confligation spell
- Fixed the magic menu tab sometimes being unresponsive
- Fixed that the gemstone's description all mentioned 'culprite'
- Fixed a bug where clicking on the clock while not being on the map screen would break the game.
New features:
- There's a new shop in Wetlock; the spell shop. In can be found in the Wetlock trading area!
- Living in the spell shop are Avius and Sam, and they sell a variety of new spells!
- There's a total of 4 new spells in the game!
- There's a new UI for managing spells. Change your loadout in the character menu, and use it during combat. There's also keybindings! (Hold the mouse over the spellslot and press a number from 1 to 7)
- There's 3 new perks to chose from during leveling up!
- Dusk the lion at the brothel has a new gay scene (colored)
- The woodrunner has received a new scene for male players! (non-colored)
- The forest golem has received a new scene for female players! (non-colored)
- Fyron the dragon's scene now also has a gay version
- There's now an option to rent a room at the brothel in Wetlock, to replenish your health, mana and nullify your lust.
- The scenes in the western forest has received story images to go along with the text!

- Symphony the bat bard has receiving and new updated look!
- Kadi and Fyron's smut scenes has received color!
- The brothel has received new ambient sound!
- Some of the old texts has received proof reading.
- Some of the monster journals has received new entries.
- The second ring puzzle in the dragon catacombs has been made easier.

- It should now be possible to equip items if the inventory is full, and the item being equipped is a stack of 1.
- It should no longer be possible to chain more spells together during the same turn.
- Fixed a text mistake making Dusk out to be "Lupine".
- The moohmin "bow fuck" scene now has all the text for the scene.
- Fixed a bug where you could fight the croconoid indefinitely.
- Attempt a fix for the paralyzed status effect crashing the game.
- Attempt at fix for player's abilities disappearing when loading.
- Fixed a bug where a new unity version messed with the monster throw animation.
- Fixed the collector's introduction text being Feron's the blacksmiths intro text.
- Fixed a bug where the win description for the great bulbkin would be very small.
- Fix for the xp cheap breaking the game when used.
- Fixed a crop issue when doing the ring puzzle.
- Fixed a bug where the first scene for the dragon couple would keep repeating.
- Fixed a bug where your could bypass the 1st floor of the dragon catacombs if not speaking to the toad twins.
- Fixed a newline issue with the dungeon tile descriptions.
- Fixed a bug where the player would always be the first one to attack in combat.
- Fixed that the "Charmed" perk said it were increasing strength.
- Fixed a bug where the Belle sister's scenes would appear for players without dicks.
- Fixed that equipping a new item in the inventory, now update the sprite.
New features:
- The city of Wetlock has been added. It's rather barebone currently.
- You can travel to Wetlock by speaking to the gate guard at the outer walls.
- Added a new enemy in Wetlock: the drunken oaf. Hasn't got a sex scene yet but comes with its sprite and animation
- Added a sprite for the moohmin enemy. Has its idle animation.
- Added that you can now ask Moira, Smiggins or Ealin for advice on the main quest, and they'll point you towards Wetlock.
- Added a new F/F + voyour scene. Speak with Sal around 10pm-11pm. Have to have met Moira beforehand.
- Added two new craftable items in the armor category: Venture boots & the Horned leaf cap.

- Fixed a bug where equipment tooltips wouldn't be shown in inventory.
- Fixed an issue where the menu bar wouldn't update when equipping gear.

- This took quite a bit longer than planned, but these past months have sadly been rather busy in terms of work.
- The backdrop when fighting in Wetlock will be dungeon one until time comes around for me to draw a new one.
New features:
  • Bounty board has been added - it can be found at the barracks in Wetlock
  • I've been adding some small drawings to the story segments - hopefully making it a little
    more interesting. More will be added with time.
  • Bad ending scenes - Some of the game-ending beasts now has a scene, describing just how your game ends. It's always smutty.
New scenes:
  • The sergeant has received a bad end scene - animated and colored
  • Another bad end scene for the newly added monster - animated and colored
  • Mag'ie the bank teller can now reward players with penises - animated
New character: The Collector
  • Sells a series of items. Can be found by a quest from the bounty board
New Boss:
  • The croconoid monster has been added to the game
New Quests:
  • A new quest where you take on the Croconoid in the sewers
  • A new quest to introduce the player to the collector
  • I've invested some patreon money into a sound effect pack, and I've added a few of them to the game.
  • There's been added a handful of new items, which is sold by the collector
  • Knapsack: increases inventory space
  • Travelers stone: Unlock quicktravel
  • Ruffle drake amulet: provide bonus gold on random encounter wins
  • M-Puppet: Grants bonus mana and intelligence
  • Bunny of null: Grants charisma and agility
  • The male human has received more colors for his hairstyles
  • The Brownie and Red slime have received new combat portraits
  • Doggy has received a new skin - Meet Lava doggo!
  • Removed the lust requirement for Feron's scene - it was more of you being the seducer scenario.
  • The dog companion's max level is 10, but now upon reaching max level, the companion's xp should correctly state that it has reached "max level".
  • The bank was a bit buggy and not as user friendly as I wanted. I've tried to rectify this.
  • Fixed that changing races during the character creator, set hp and mp properly
  • The Uthgarr drinking scenes weren't working due to some old and bad code I've made. It's fixed now. Sorry...
  • I've tried to improve upon how sounds are played, since people were experiencing overlaying background tracks. Tell if it still continues.
  • Fixed that the boner staff froze combat.
  • Fixed an error where clicking continue rather than oral in Feron's romance option resulted in a blank screen.
  • The combat background for the sewers where visible behind the other combat environments
  • Some of the statuseffects in the game was causing crashes. I've tried to fix this, but notify me if it persists.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip wouldn't show for the companion's stats.
  • Fixed that the code "Perverseknowledge" now can be typed.
  • Having either the "ballad boost" status effect or the "well fed" status effect resulted in not being able to save. It's fixed now.
  • Fixed a mistake where the watcher's robe graphic showed it needed bones to be crafted.
  • Fixed an issue where the magical harem pants couldn't be crafted.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't drag bank inventory around
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't remove items
  • Fixed an issue where the loot icons would turn all black rather than empty.
  • The item amount numbers still had raycast targets on them, which messed the drag and drop up if you release the mouse with the pointer on the number.
  • Might have fixed an issue with the companion's items disappearing, but I'm not certain. Report if it reappears.
  • Fixed another error with status effects denying players the ability to save
  • The charisma items Smiggins sold had the wrong icons
  • Fixed that the meaty sausage can now be eaten
  • Fixed that quicktravel wasn't working
  • I've spend some time of May implementing some version control to Valor and Glory. It basically means I always have the project backed up and I can rollback if something goes bad. My former solution of using dropbox was an absolutely pitiful one - shameful to my programming peers.
New area: Sewers!
  • New area to explore
  • To enter you must complete the quest about helping the Belle sisters, in the Wetlock Brothel. It also involves an animation Brolaren scene~
  • New monster: Kobold! Can be encountered in the sewers.
  • New monster: Dire ratling! Can be encountered in the sewers. (Has the same fuck options as the normal ratling)
  • 'New' Monster: Thief! Can be encountered in the sewers - same model as encountered during the Belle sisters quest.
  • Each new monster comes with an animated scene, should the player suddenly lose ;)
  • After completing the Belle sister's quest, guard enemies will now spawn inside the Wetlock area. They aren't tough in stats, but are deadly encounters - be sure to win.
New artwork:
  • Ol' Grumps has received animation artwork.
New features:
  • Patreon on the knight tier now have access to "companion skins". Change your dog into a MECANICAL HOUND of foreign industry!
  • Companions don't have their armor pieces shown if you've changed their skin.
  • Added new hairstyle colors for the human female
  • The drunken oaf and bandit have received journal descriptions.
  • The new monsters has also received journals.
  • Added a new perk: Prudent student. Add 1 additional stat point when leveling up.
  • You now have the option to CHANGE THE FONT of the game. It's found under options. Some people have been requesting this feature.
  • (If you find any areas of the game where the font seems to be missing, please inform me.)
  • I've changed the position of character/enemy nr. 3 during combat.
  • The monster's stats during combat have been changed. No longer will there be a large image version. Only the small portrait. This is to save in game size.
Saving and loading:
  • I've tried to change how the saving works, to see if it can become more robust between versions. It'll take some time to see if there's been an improvement.
  • Ironically this has broken old saves.
  • Your companion can now be attacked during combat. Upon reaching 0 hp, they can't continue fighting.
  • Companions will revive for the next match, with 1/3 their max hp.
  • I've added some sound effects to the doggie when howling or biting.
Monster attack changes:
  • All monsters have received their own logic for attacking, and with that, there's been some changes.
  • Monsters can no longer "fail" a special ability, but will instead do a basic attack.
  • The Ratling's ability "Arousal" now also applies a small amount of lust to itself.
  • The Red Slime will now potentially attempt a heal for 15hp, when coming below 50% health.
  • The tiny spider boss can now apply poison on basic attacks, and has received a "Web" special attack.
  • The woodrunner's vines ability has been revised and received animation.
  • The forest golem's "rejuvinate" ability has received animation (it's the same as the mend spell).
  • The boar has received a second attack: Gore.
  • The Moohmin has received a new attack: Earth spike.
  • The Cumquat has received a new attack: Juice squirt.
  • The great Bulbkin's beam attack now has a chance to apply "burning" to the target and has received animation.
  • The Bandit's steal attack has received additional animation.
  • Drunken oaf's beer toss attack now does damage.
  • The guard's attack "Laziness" now restore 10hp to the guard.
  • The Sergeant now has the ability "boast", which increases the damage of his subordinates.
  • The stun animation has been changed.
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse would block for the tooltip, when scrolling over a status effect icon.
New features:
  • Whole new perk system! It's become more visually enticing and more transparent in what perks the player will be able to choose from.
  • The player's "perk board" is always brows-able from the character menu tab. It come with the ability to scroll in and out.
  • The companion system is in! The first companion can be found in the southeastern area of Wetlock.
  • Once acquired, a submenu will be available under the "Character" tab.
  • In the companion submenu, you can equip items on your companion, check their stats and level them.
  • Each level-up provides your companion with stats and a perk point that can be used in their unique perk trees.
  • The companion comes with it's own unique combat logic. It can debuff enemies, and later it can attack multiple targets at once.
  • Acquiring a companion unlocks a number of companion-recipes under crafting, for making companion items.
  • You dying will still end the combat, even if your companion still has hp. You're the most important to keep alive.
  • Currently the monsters will only attack the player. This will likely be so until I can code individual combat routines for all the monsters.
  • Added new character: Old grumps. Meant for for future content. His artwork isn't finished. He can be found by the sewers in Wetlock.
  • Moohma is now romance able after having been saved from the great bulbkin. Has one scene for players with wangs.
  • Added a new romance scene with the barkeep Moira. Requires a dong. Features amazing animation by the talented Brolaren!
  • The "bang Katie" scene has received animated smut!
  • The "Bucky double bj" scene has received animated smut!
  • Symph's lap bang scene has received artwork!
  • Symph's doggy scene has received artwork!
  • Sal's female oral scene has received artwork!
  • The moohmin milking scene has received artwork!
  • The hidden barn orgie scene has received artwork!
  • The pay guard a blowjob to enter scene has received artwork!
  • The pay guards in ass to enter scene has received artwork!
  • The sergeant and the thieves that's encountered during "Lost lamb" have received portraits.
  • Added a new debuff type: "Offence lowered". Lowers basic attack damage.
  • Story text has been placed into .txt files, instead of storing them in the C# script files.
    The scripts that handled stories/smut/text was becoming well above a thousand lines individually, so I had to change it into something more scalable. If you spot a "; or some other error in a text, please inform me, because it was a giant, error prone process to do :/
  • Texts taking place before arriving at Wetlock, have been revised for spelling errors, bad phrasing and has been broken down into smaller paragraphs for readability.
  • The code has been refactored to follow the "factory pattern" where appropriate, which will help as the project grows.
  • Some area-to-area transition descriptions have been changed, so they no longer repeat what was meant as a first time experience.
  • Added some darkness to the map during nighttime. Only works on outside areas.
  • The quest "Cumquats on wheels" has been lowered to killing 4 instead of 6 cumquats. One for each wheel.
  • - Spelling errors
  • - Fixed an error where smiggins would play his introduction rather than the thieves quest plotline.
  • - The image for Sal's peak scene was missing, but is fixed.
  • - Text error for the scene where you share the secret gold with Moira is fixed.
  • - Symph's follow-up introduction had been wrongly misplaced with Sal's follow-up introduction. It's fixed now.
  • - Some of the great bulbkin's attacks didn't correctly list the damage amounts.
  • - Fixed an error where skipping time wouldn't hide buttons.
  • - Error where Ginger's follow-up introduction wouldn't play.
  • - Dusk was missing his name over his flavor text.
  • - Fixed the "expect the worst" perk ability
  • - Fixed a bug where you were able to select dead components during multi-enemy combat
  • - Old save files have died again, because the new perk system isn't compatible with the those stored on the saves.


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