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Tech Devil

Developer: NoMeme Patreon - Discord
Version: 10a
Release Date: 2021-01-19
Last Updated: 2021-01-22
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, ChromeBook
Language: English
Other Games: V.I.R.T.U.E.S. Theodora's Lie
3DCG, Male protagonist, School setting, Big tits, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Harem, Romance, Masturbation, Virgin, Voyeurism, Sandbox, Mobile game

This is a harem simulator. You, as a young capable college rich kid, versus 7 gorgeous girls with different backgrounds and personalities. The story is not only about sex, but also about romance and love fantasies. Try immerse yourself in the plots, discover more of the girls, and enjoy the feeling of developing your harem.​

- Fixed an issue that would cause an error in Rachel's earlier events.
- Added a short introductory event that will show up after you do the 'Cleaning' for the first time.
- Added 'Senning met Irene for the first time' scene and all the pool & dungeon scenes in the gallery
- Now when you replay a scene through the gallery while in game rather than in the main menu, your name will appropriately appear.
- Minor typo fixed

- Added a new sound effect for spanking.
- Reduced the price for Posia's services from $500/$1000/$2000 to $200/$500/$800.
- Theodora, Irene, Elisa, Rachel, Uno will have new plots.
- Rewrote two Prologue events.
- 18 new main story events & plots
- 2 new training options
- 14 new animated scenes
- 16 new short events
v8a to v8c
v8c update log:
- fixed a subplot bug
- put girl's names in “VIRTUES” order in the gallery

v8b update log:
- fixed a bug that causes the training interactions to unlock without leveling up girls' intimacy/sekskill/submissive/shameless first
- fixed a bug in the Rachel's "Witnessing the MC's sex with Vera" scene
- removed a repetitive scene in the gallery

v8a update log:
- fixed a bug that causes Posia's shop to fail to be properly unlocked
- fixed a bug that causes a blank scene in Vera's gallery
- fixed a bug for the Android version that causes the "subplot replay" system to stop working
- fixed a bug for the Android version that causes all the short events not showing up on the map
- fixed a bug for the Android version that causes the interactions with girls to fail
Plot-related Updates:
- Senning, Vera, Elisa, Uno will have new plots. And you can now improve your relationship with Elisa.
- 16 New main story events & plots.
- 3 New Training events.
- 15 new short events.
- 12 New animated scenes.
- 12 New Shop events.
- New locations: Bungalow, Posia's shop
- bugs fixed
- The gallery of reworked scenes will now stay unlocked even if you didn't re-experience them in the game.
Plot-related Updates:
- Greatly reworked the prologue.
- Reworked Senning's sexskill lvl.1 scene.
- Reworked Theodora's love-5 scene.
- Some routes of the following incompleted events are now finished:

The event of "Vera and Uno in the laundry room".
The event of "Irene and Elisa in the swimming pool".
The event of "Vera and Uno in the bikini fighter dresses".
The event of "go to the beach with Senning".
Note that you don't need to play from the beginning to re-experience those events. You can replay those events in the "subplots replay" located in your bedroom.
- Senning, Theodora, Irene, Rachel will have new plots. And you can now improve your relationship with Theodora.
- 22 new short events with 95 new pictures.
- 14 New main story events & plots with 425 new pictures.
- 5 New Training events with 107 pictures.
- 12 New animated scenes.
In this version, we fixed several bugs and implemented the old video settings back, so the lagging issue should be fixed now. But as a result, the game size became much larger than v0.6b.

If you find more bugs & errors, please let me know!
Main Systemic improvements:
- New mechanic: Girl's attributes

After your relationships with girls improved from "general" to "girlfriend"&"sex partner", their attributes will show up in their panels. You can level them up and trigger the corresponding plots by raising girls' love points as you did before.

- Replaced girls' "lust point" with a new system: "Harem acceptance"

All the plots & events that have more than just one girl in will now raise the H.A points of those girls, for example, the event of the MC patting Irene, Vera, and Uno's heads in v0.5 will now raise the H.A points for Irene, Vera, and Uno.

New plots will be unlocked when the H.A points of certain girls are high enough (won't be in v0.6 since I am too busy working at Elisa and Uno's storyline). And in the future, when all the girls' H.A points are high, you will be able to get into the harem route.

- Added a new original song in the game

It is implemented as the main menu's background music. There will be more original music & sound effects in the future.

- New location: Beach

What's new in the game:
- Vera, Irene, Elisa, Uno will have new plots. And you can now improve your relationship with Uno.

- 21 new short events with 60 new pictures.

- 22 New main story events & plots with 524 new pictures.
421 in the previous update.

- 12 New animated scenes. 9 in the previous update.

- Reworked 27 old pictures.

- Reworked the "drunk rape" scene with Vera.
Systemic improvements:
- Added a new mechanic to raise girls' loves:

Girls will now show up randomly at different locations with more than 100 unique repetitive short events. Find them, meet with them, discover more fragments of their lives, and get to know better of their personalities.

We will constantly add more short events in future updates. The future short events will mainly focus on how girls get along with each other in harmony and how they get jealous of each other. This game is a harem simulator, and those are what a harem is all about, right?
- New location: Dark Alley, Downtown. Location removed: Giftstore.

What's new in the game:
- 1 new outfit for Vera.
- You can now improve your relationship with Irene.
- 101 new short events as I mentioned above.
- 536 new pictures & animations. 387 in the previous update.
- 20 new plots with Vera, Senning, Irene, and Theodora.
- 9 new animated scenes. 4 in the previous update.
Systemic improvements:
- v0.3/v0.31 saves are now compatible with the new update.
(We have done a huge amount of work on debugging, but considering the restrictions of Renpy engine, there might still be some minor bugs. Feel free to tell us and share your save file with us if you find any bug when loading old saves.)
- Huge UI improvements, even huger than what we did in v0.3.
- Some of the new 60fps animations will now include head-moving and emotion-changing
(Woo hoo, this looks absolutely amazing.)
- You can replay scenes with branches in your bedroom now.
- Made the saves page & gallery on the Android version easier to be scrolled up and down.

Game changes:
- Temporarily removed the MC's Studying & Working & Sporting levels. They will be back in the future after a total rework.
- School & Elisa's Mansion will now play similar roles to your B&B house.
- Reworked 12 old pictures.
- Now it is easier to increase the love of Vera, Senning, Theodora, and Rachel.

What's new in the game:
- New outfit for Senning.
- You can now change the relationship with Senning.
- You can now observe girls' actions in school and in Elisa's mansion.
- 387 new pictures & animations.
- 19 new events & interactions with Vera, Senning, Irene, Elisa, Rachel, and Uno.
Systemic improvements:
- Huge UI improvements.
- Gallery improvement:

You can now replay the memory by right-clicking the scene.
- Saves improvement: (The first step of working on saves compatibility)

More information has been added in the saves description.

You can rename your saves now.
- Red badge!

No one is going to miss anything anymore!
- New game icon for the PC version.

Game changes:
- Deleted the "Weekend Plan", "General Hints", and "Credits".
- Rewrote the girl's profile pages and the hints.
- Reworked the B&B system. Now it looks entirely different from the previous versions.
- Reworked 32 old pictures.
- Rewrote a subsequence plot about Vera if you chose to get her with force at that drunk night.
- You will now spend 25% less time on unlocking Senning's plots.
- You will now spend 25% less time on unlocking Theodora's plots.

What's new in the game:
- Implemented outfit-change system:

You will be able to change girls' dressing, and all of their interactions with you will be affected.
- Implemented the "Relationship" system:

You will be able to change the relationship with girls, and all of their interactions with you will be affected. (You can only change the relationship with Vera in the current version.)
- Implemented the "Subplots Replay" system:
You can now re-experience the events with multiple routes in the Subplots Replay system.
- You can now observe girls' actions in your house.
- 372 new pictures.
- 18 new events & interactions with Vera, Theodora, and Uno.

Check https://www.patreon.com/posts/31792790 for more information about UI & graphic changes.
- Added the "General Hints" button in the game which appears as a questionmark.
- Now when you unlock a new "weekend event", a badge will show up on the icon of the Weekend Plan.
- Optimized Theodora's anime icon.
- A new app icon for the Android version.
- Greatly optimized the UIs of the Android version.
- Fixed the bug which may cause Elisa's love level to fail to rise.
- Fixed the bug of Elisa's "lap pillow" interaction.
- Fixed the bug of the gallery.
- Minor changes in dialogs & in gameplay.
Systemic improvements:
1. Highly reduce the game size while keeping the image quality unchanged
2. Add one no-copyright BGM in the game
3. Create a sound effect for clicking/tapping
4. Add some simple tutorials in the game.
5. Now "B&B Management" and "Weekend Plan" have their icons.
6. New default name for MC in the Android version which is... more normal than "Agang" since some people cannot type in the Android version due to a bug of Renpy.
7. Thanklist

Game changes:
1. Decrease the exp requirement for leveling up MC's ability from 8 to 6.
2. Decrease the weekly land tax & utility fees from $2000 to $1600.
3. Increase the probability for increasing Vera's love through finding her at her workplace from 55% to 70%
4. Rework 61 old images. You can see more detail of it in the "update log supplement".
5. A new main-menu wallpaper. The cover girl for v0.2 is Senning.
6. The "date events" are now repeatable, but no "lust/virtue" changes when repeats.

What's new in the game:
1. New branch choice at that drunken night. Now you can choose whether to get Vera with force, or to explore something new. (I highly recommend you to try this new route. I think it has better picture performance and better narrative logic than the old one.)
2. 8 new "love events".
Senning and Rachel get 1; Theodora, Irene, and Elisa get 2.
3. 9 new "daily events".
4. 1 new "date event" and 1 "special event". They are all in the "Weekend Plan panel".
5. 1 interaction option for Theodora, Irene, and Elisa.
6. Introduce the 7th girl: Uno. More of her plots will come out in the next update.
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