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[Unity] [Completed] Hack'n Stalk [v1.0] [The Architect]


Hello everyone !

Here comes a new mod, for the last version of Hack'n Stalk (v1.0 final)

1. What the mod do

This mod alters the game as follow :
  1. You start with 10000$
  2. Earn money than lose it when buying things
  3. Events are always succeed (coffee, lockpick etc...)
  4. Some key choices show now chat stats will increase / decrease (will help ;))
2. How to install
  1. Make a backup of your \Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll
  2. Extract Archive in base game directory, allow file replacment
  3. Enjoy
  4. Original file included if you don't like my mod and forget the 1)
3. Changelog
  • V1 : Version 1 final version
Download - MEGA