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[Ren'Py] [VN] Unexpected Adventrues Full Win/Mac + Fix + Harem Mode Patch [Macadam]



Developer: Macadam - Patreon
Chapter 6
Release Date: 2020-02-17
Last Updated: 2020-02-17
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Anal sex, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Monster, Monster girl, Ninja Chicken, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Supersonic Owls, Bureaucratic Penguins

Catching some tail on an airplane, a sweet BJ from a female prison guard, your skeleton buddy talking you into filming anal porn with an elf-girl, and a motherfucking Ninja Chicken all await you in this magnificent new game from Macadam! You'll laugh, you'll cry (mostly from laughing) and you may even decide to fap!

= +900 renders
= some animations ,not alots, but some :)
= chicken bunker animations test (barebone test)
= a bit of WTFpedia and CGs
= Main story is completed, from beginning to the end.
But that doesnt mean the game is finished :p.
i will continu to work on it , adding more stuff, more paths,
more events and differents ending.

before i put the changelog. i want to say some small but importants points. please read this carefully.... (its important , the whole planet can explode if you dont read that ... well... maybe.. who know ?)
- keep in mind that this udpate have been mostly (at 90%) made with my old small CPU. sooo the qulity is still shit. expect bad renders, grainy stuff, etc...
now i switched to the new GPU, renders quality is way better.
but you wont notice such in this update. sooo, be gentle please :'(.
- i am aware of some bugs, i still work to fix them asap, its hard sometime.. specially when you are noob like me and got a crazy builded script over a year XD. here the list of the most important one to notice :
-- When you are in the Main menu of the game, DO NOT open the settings !! you will be stuck (high chance) and wont be able to come back to the main menu.
all you have to do is to select the "chicken bunker" and then close it , you will be able to go back to the main menu.
i m working on fixing that. hope to fix it for next udpate. its probably a bad script or something, nothing crazy, i still not figure it yet. This bug will NOT happen during play if you go on setting. it only happen in main menu.
-- the fighting minigame still show bad name for skeleton (dont break anything off the game), this bug is a hell to me...
-- Please download the fix file i will post !! This is important !!! overwise, you wont be able to see anything on the setting menu. (color trouble.. )
i will reupload a version with fix in it. But as uploading took me like 6-7 hours for each PC and MAC version.... i cant do that all the day :/.
if you find others bugs, please report them to me, here or "you know where ;) " or on itch.io. even if i not answer, i still read everything :).
now... what about some good news ?
here a shitty fast changelog of what's inside (to not spoil too much)

======= GAME =========

-- new main menu (you can't miss it.. or her XD)
-- new "chicken bunker" at main menu (it replace both Cgs "fap fap fap" and WTfpedia)
-- new CG (only 1 for now, i m checking others to make them more "easy" to avoid bugs)
-- new chars on WTFpedia (not really new chars, but a lil' pack of them.) .
More content will be added for both CGs and WTFpedia in futur. This is basically just the presentation of them .
-- Animations ( locked for now... it take time to make animations ( to give you a clue, the main menu animation took me 7 hours to be done), but some will be added in futur for sure, such as the new main menu :D )
!!!!!! it is HIGHLY recommended to look at the tutorials before going for both wtfpedia and CG system !!!!!!
!!!!!! it is NOT recommended to scrollback while you are on the CGs or WTFpedia, it can broke the universe !!!!!!

======== STORY =========

-- Story progression (its very limited and small. just enougth to give you a way to go on the sandbox mode to enjoy new stuff)
======== SANDBOX=======
-- new mini stories under the "extra" menu. ( beach, chicken...)
-- new mini strips at the "strip club" (free of charge)
======== OTHERS ========
-- new Patron added ( thank you so much :D )

- Chapter 3 is now complete ( as for now, each chapter will end when the MC is back to the hideout )
- beta-alpha-ultraèshitty test system of hideout. The hideout now sign the end of the chapter and will containt various events/stuff.
+ in hideout, you can access different things, everything is possible, they are no locked stuff.
+ This is the first version of hideout system, and so the hideout itself is small and shitty and the amount of possibles things is small. Of course, in futur, the more progress, the more the hideout get bigger and the more peoples inside and more stuff etc.. ( you get it right ? )
+ WARNING !! clicking on the red icons in the hideout will end the chapter (and so, the game), do NOT click it unless you have tested the others stuff. in futur, this button will allow you to "jump" into the next chapter by continuing the story and going out of the hideout for a new adventure/mission
+ NOT everything is available in the hideout yet, this is normal, it will be later, dont worry. keep in mind you not gonna change hideout every few minutes. it goes with the story logic :) ( because yeah, the game have some sort of logic, no joke)
- a secret scene is implented. for get it, you need to follow a specific path. if you dont get it, you can just test another path and you will see it.
+ the secret scene is locked by a password. everything for find the password is on the screen, soo use your brain a bit and you will figure it. it can be tricky, but dont hesitate to use internet or whatever for get help.
PLEASE ! do not share the password. i would like if the players try a bit to find the solution by themself :)
+ the password is case sensitive, but not complicated. in simple, you can write it all in small or with only 1 caps at beginning ( as exempl : "macadam" or "Macadam" ) , if you write it all in caps, it will never work.
- main menu have been modified a bit for halloween, its nothing fancy, just a small touch. also some CGs have been added for halloween.
- Only a few CGs have been added and nothing have been modified on the wtfpedia, the reason behind that is a mysterious bug i get randomly that kind of broke the gallery. As i didnt identify the problem ( because it appear randomly ) , i didnt took the risk to broke the game even more by adding more CGs and stuff. Please excuse me for that and dont hesistate to report to me if you also got that bug.
( it seems to be a kind of bug tat indicate that the gallery containt more pictures than it is supposed to have , its random, soo you can get it or not )
- game have been fully readproofed (completly), soo i hope the english is good enougth now :p
( thanks to Nyms for the proof reading )

- almost 300 renders in chap2 (i deleted a big bunch of them i considered useless, they didnt added anything important)
- a small bunch of postcards (CG sex pics)
- a new "patrons" screen (((i want to mention that every patrons will be notified in the game FOREVER after they pledge for 1 time ( after payement confirmed, just to avoid spamm ing random name). also i very think about changing my patreon to "pay per release".. as i doubt i will keep the monthly release of update later when the game grow big. (the bigger = the more time), also i will not be very active next month (august), due to personnal vacacion + Dota 2 international (i not play, but i m fan :p). thats gonna take me lots of time.)))
- the setting option for choose between both fonts . ( customo = custom font , classico = standard renpy font) you can change the font anytime, anywhere in the game by using the game menu.
- the game have been proof read twice !! wich mean the english is way better than before. nontheless, its possible that some typos or grammar erros may have slipped through. so please excuse any possible error ( i sadly dont have time to heavily check :/) , but at least, its should be way better than before.
- i fixed lots of renders that where super grainy. they shouldnt be now. nontheless, its possible that if you play on huge resolution 4K or else, they appear grainy or bad. sorry :/ i m not pro and game quality isnt on the render for sure :p (wait ? is this game have quality ?... i m not even sure lol).
- game contain sentence in others languages.. such as japanese or else. dont be crazy, this is competly intended . nothing important , just some small dials to show the origin/voice of the chars.
- the game containt a scene that can be "SHOCKING" for some peoples.... please.. please remember its just a game and its all about fun,humour and wtf. dont feel offensed AT ALL while playing this game. it is not the intention AT ALL to offend anybody. take everything from this game with humour and non serious. (you will understand what i mean by that when you reach the scene.... trust me.. XD)

also, i highly recommend you to make saves before choices. the coices lead to different small story that you will miss and maybe not understand the following . dont hesitate to replay with the other option. remember, they are no bad choices in this game. soo, experiment alots! ^^


Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
patch - MEGA
Fix - MEGA
pc-compressed-fix - MEGA

Capturembvbbv.png _3vwB6tfe2JcrnlzM_oEYwhnrBxvm0YpDf8I9lmabmEr4F8G4TnEUtfbigAMEmKQ1.png 109298_BBBB01.jpg 109299_Drive02.jpg 109300_group12.jpg 109301_Intro37.jpg 109302_prison41.jpg Capturefhfhfhddsdg.png Capturegdsgsdsdhhd.png Capturegfgfgfgsg.png Capturehdfdhfhff.png Capturehfdfhdhdfsdfggsd.png Capturehfdhdfhdfsdg.png Capturehfdhfhfdsdg.png Capturehhdfdfhfhd.png Capturejgfjfdfdfh.png hdfdhfhdfsgd.png outsidebar14.jpg postcard03.jpg postcard05.jpg postcard17.jpg prost11.jpg T7nmJIQBs5Zz5pD5Pmoo8s4HrCoGdKKu9IFqCuTKF9CL7IHH0XlzLcfyPBQ5QHMh1.png y76mCKK1 (1).png
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