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Developer: Hydrahenker Patreon - Discord
Release Date: 2020-09-08
Last Updated: 2020-09-16
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
System requirements (min): Windows, Mac, HDD 3GB
3DCG, Male Protagonist, Sci-fi, School Setting, Simulator, Anal sex, Incest, Lesbian, MILF, Rape, Vaginal sex

You are Jon, a 22 years old guy down on his luck for making bad choices. Living alone in a rent apartment, struggling with parole conditions and money, your mother hates you and your sisters ignore you. Until one night an alien comes to your place and gives you a mission to hunt a parasite affecting people’s minds. With a device in your own brain and a time loop of 15 days as a failsafe mechanism you are set to go…. But who says that you can’t have a little fun in the process and maybe the chance to turn around your life.

Change-Log 0.35.20:
  • Fixed a bug when going to the museum with nothing preset.
  • Fixed the missing images of Hannah.
  • Fixed some hints.
Change-Log 0.35.10:
  • Fixed a bug when changing timelines through CAS Menu.
  • Fixed a bug with 2 hints.
  • Lower the required love from Dana to get the Date.
Change-Log 0.35.00:
  • Continue Story with Dana
  • Continue Story with Janice
  • +1 Fun Point
  • +1 Brain Tolerance (New Timeslot)
  • + 1 Outfit for Dana
  • + 2 Outfits for CAS
  • New Dream sequence for CAS
  • New Memories of Day 4, Dana, Janice, Day 6
  • More events for the Day 3 Gallery
  • Huge grammar improvement. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)
  • Minor bug fixes and Continuity fixes. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)

Change-Log 0.34.10:
  • Fixed some errors with the gallery.
  • Fixed the list of the auto-hint.
  • Fixed a continuity bug with the First Aid Point at the fair.
  • Grammar corrections (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)
Change-Log 0.34.00:
  • Continue the story of Crystal.
  • Continue the story of Layla
  • Continue the story of Cynthia
  • +2 new Fun points
  • +1 new Achievement
  • +1 New outfit for Cynthia
  • Memories for Day 5, Cynthia, Layla, Crystal.
  • More Gallery Day 3 (still incomplete)
  • Few minor fixes.

Change-Log 0.33.40:
  • Fixed the list of the auto-hint.
Change-Log 0.33.30:
  • Fixed a bug with the number of Fun Points
  • Fixed the Fun Point of the GrogXD after the demonstration celebration.
Change-Log 0.33.20:
  • Fixed a bug with the auto-hints when you start a New Game. (Thanks to gestved)
Change-Log 0.33.10:
  • Fix a bug with timelines and new variables.
  • Grammar corrections (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)
Change-Log 0.33.00:
  • Continue Story of Debate competition
  • Continue Story of the Fancy Party
  • A peek into the next big event: Nightclub
  • New Ways to make some money.
  • +2 New Locations
  • +1 FUN Point
  • New Dream Sequence for Benson
  • New outfit for Zarina
  • Added 2 scenes to Gallery Day 2.
  • Added 10 scenes to Gallery Day 3 (still incomplete)
  • New Memories for Hannah, Jody, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5
  • Updated the Renpy Engine to the latest.
  • Several small fixes
Change-Log 0.32.50:
  • Fixed the list of the auto-hint.
Change-Log 0.32.40:
  • Fixed a bug with the auto-hints order.
Change-Log 0.32.30:
  • Fixed a bug with the auto-hints when you start a New Game. (Thanks to gestved)
Change-Log 0.32.20:
  • Fixed a bug with CAS Remarks about massage.
  • Fixed a bug with the auto-hint to show the correct Day
  • Several grammar corrections (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)
Change-Log 0.32.10:
  • Fixed a bug with the Auto-hint when you are missing one of Alice's memories.
Change-Log 0.32.00:
  • New Skill point for Massage.
  • Extended scenes for Cooper and Benson Offices.
  • 2 New Fun Points
  • 1 New Achievement
  • New Memories for Zarina, Jody. Cooper, Benson, Ayumi, Day 3, Day 5
  • Added some memories for some actions that there were "hanging".
  • New Dream sequence for Crystal
  • Replace the Massage Puzzle pictures to make them more interesting.
  • Change the Profile UI to show the unlocked Powers and added a new "Power".
  • Fixed some bugs with the auto-hint
  • Fixed some bugs with the massage puzzle.
  • Huge grammar fixes (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)
  • Continuity Fixes at the Poker (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)
  • Other Minor Fixes.

Change-Log 0.31.30:
  • Minor Fixes
Change-Log 0.31.20:
  • Fixed and improved the auto-hint feature.
  • Fixed some continuity bugs.
Change-Log 0.31.10:
  • Fixed the missing label when you load a save from 0.28.20 version.
  • Fixed the "phantom" memory of Day 5 Evening.
  • Fixed the Dana missing image.
Change-Log 0.31.00:
  • New Event: Shareholders Meeting.
  • New memories of Day 5, Georgia, Ayumi
  • +2 New skins for Georgia
  • +2 New skins for Janice
  • +1 New skin for Ayumi
  • +1 New skin for Dana
  • Auto-hint is 100% complete.
  • Gallery for Day 3 (incomplete)
  • Move the Jody Gym event to Night
  • Remove wardrobe Fail Memories from Janice.
  • Fix Nightclub memory for a future event.
- Fixed the missing label when you load a save from 0.28.20 version.
- Fix a random bug from the Gallery.
- Added a little explanation to the auto hint and a manual option.
- Continue Layla, Mia, Lisa, Ayumi, Dana Story
- Memories for Day 5, Layla, Mia, Lisa, Ayumi
- +3 FUN Points
- +1 Achievement
- Fixed several hints.
- Added Auto-hint system (66% complete)
- Fixed a bug when unlocking Massage skill if you load a save file from a version below 0.24.xx
- Continue Story for Sophie, Crystal, Mia, Rosario, Hannah
- New memories of Day 4, Day 5, Sophie, Crystal, Hannah
- +3 new outfits for Crystal
- +2 new outfits for Sophie
- +1 new outfit for Mia
- +1 new outfit for Rosario
- Gallery Day 2 complete.
Fixed a bug when unlocking Massage skill if you load a save file from a version below 0.24.xx
Change-Log 0.28.10:
Lower the required love to parasite a girl to 25 and now it cost the energy according to the Love
Added some Love to Jody, Zarina, Cooper, Benson, Alice, Cynthia, Hannah, Sophie
Fixed a bug when visiting Cooper and you don't have the witness information
Grammar fixes.
Change-Log 0.28.00:
Day 6: Second wall.
Continue Mia Story
Continue Georgia Story
Continue Zarina Story
Continue Jody Story
New Memories for Day 5, Day 6, Jody, Zarina, Mia, Georgia, Ayumi.
New game mechanic: Parasite girls.
+2 Fun Points
+1 Brain Tolerance
+1 Achievement
+1 Outfit for Georgia.
Added more events to the Day 2 Gallery.
Added a day to the Savepoints.
Code re-arrangement
Lots of minor grammar fixes.
  • Fixed a bug when visiting the Fair and you don't have the auto action active.
  • Fixed a bug of Zarina Massage memory unlocking even if you didn't do the massage.
  • Fixed a few small continuity bugs in the dialog.
  • Continue Story for Alice (Thanks death705).
  • Continue Story for Georgia.
  • New outfit for Alice.
  • New Memories for Day 5, Georgia, Alice
  • +2 New Fun Points
  • +1 Achievement
  • Player abilities are automatically unlocked when getting FUN POINTS
  • New Map for The Fair (just a few placeholders)
  • +2 new secret images.
  • Gallery for Day 1 events (complete)
  • Gallery for Day 2 events (incomplete)
Fix a bug with a memory of Mia.
Fix a bug with Ayumi/Zarina hints.


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Capturedfsdfssdgsdg.jpg 6.png 78517_CarrAccidentdanaAfterSave.png 78518_CarrAccidentjonsavesfun_truck.png 1.png hospital_danaroom_danabed5.png 2.png 78519_catfight1.png 78523_lockerroom_punish_3.png 78522_LibraryDana3.png 78524_StorageSuits7.png apartment_afterdemo_geohand5.png apartment_spyalice_ondevice_4.jpg Demo_stage_police_1.png 78520_Dream1_dana02.png Dream1_janice02.png hospital_danaroom_pussy3.png hospital_danaroom_sluty1.png hospital_danaroom_tits3.png hospital_recroom_strippoker_Jon_4.jpg hospital_stuffroom_travisblowjob3.jpg JanitorHandjob_3.png 78521_JanitorHandjob_1.png hannahrevenge_after_7.png mark_tempted_2_5.jpg police_department3_interrogation_j4.jpg revenge_group13.jpg
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