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Developer: ElisarStudio Patreon
Version: 0.2.1
Release Date: 2020-04-16
Last Updated: 2020-06-08
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English, Russian
2D Game, 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Big tits, Corruption, Cosplay, Fantasy, Humiliation, Lesbian, Monster Girl, Romance, RPG, Slave, Teasing, Anal sex, Oral sex,All Sex, Trainer, Voyeurism

The whole plot currently contains 1500 pages. We have already come up with the story of the world and its development but there is still much work on graphics and translation. In our game, there will be several cities, large forests, islands, mountains, steps, farmlands and villages. All of them will be filled with the content and spectacular stories that will make up an exciting adventure. Imagine…What would happen to people if everything that they were used to disappeared at once.

The story of the game starts almost one thousand years after horrible events that once caused a complete destruction of people’s magic in the world called Neutras. Humanity has accustomed to life without magic… But the magic hasn’t gone once and for all.

Mac Instructions:
Threads of Destiny on MacOS
Having tried out a lot of different solution, that were supposed to make our game work stably on MacOS, we came to a conclusion that this core, in its current state, can't give 100% guarantee that it will work properly on Mac.
Perhaps, if we didn't use the plugins that bring significunt changes into the main code of the game, it would work on Mac, but in that case we couldn't do things that we planned to do in our game.
Therefore, we advise you to use the Wineskin program to play the game.
I believe that many Mac users know what this program is and how to use it. As far as I know, some of our subscribers have been running the game using Wineskin for a long time.
Those gamers who don't know about this program can follow the guide below to be able to play our game on their Mac. It is a simple program that allows you to run any Windows applications on MacOS.
This is a step-by-step guide for running the Threads of Destiny game on your Mac using Wineskin.
  • Download Wineskin Winery 1.7;
  • Download latest update of our game;
  • Start Wineskin Winery.app (make sure you have a Wrapper version and an Engine);
  • Select the Engine you want to use (any of them should work for the game), and press the "Create New Blank Wrapper" button;
  • Name your wrapper ToD (or the other way at your discretion);
  • When its done being created, click the button to view it in Finder in the finished window;
  • Right click on ToD.app in Finder and select "Show Package Contents"
  • Move the folder Threads of Destiny from the archive with game release TOD v.0.* to the folder drive_c/windows;
  • After that double click and run Wineskin.app and click Advanced;
  • In the Configuration Tab, near the Windows EXE blank, press the Browse Button;
  • Select the file in the drive_c/windows/Threads of Destiny folder called Game.exe;
  • Exit the Wineskin.app back to Finder and run ToD.app that you've just created. It should work fine now.
Let me know if there are any other technical problems with the game.
Also, inform me if you have any difficulties with the Wineskin. I'll try to help you.

v0.2.0 Fix
Small fixes for in game issues.
(Just copy and replace over main game files)
Very important:
keep in mind that if you see that the character or object is highlighted when you hover at it, but after clicking on it, the character runs, but the event does not start, try clicking on the highlighted object a couple more times.
sometimes you can see the objects with which you interacted still highlighted even if you stopped interacting with them. In this case, exit the location and return back. If the object is no longer highlighted, it means it was a bug.
The highlight only works with mouse control. If you control the game using the keyboard, an indication will not fork for now.
The fast scrolling of dialogues sometimes may not work. There are few places like that, but you can use Enter or LMB (left mouse button) to scroll the dialogues.
All the issues described above will be fixed in the next version, as well as the ones that haven’t been mentioned :-D
Quests and plot:
  • Taleona and Nansy’s event is ready. It is available the following morning after Umi’s resurrection.
  • The events with Taleona in the bar of the manor have been expanded. There are two new dialogues now, and the first dialogue has been corrected.
  • A new event with the Taleona in the bar has been added.
  • A branch with two thieves is entirely ready. We changed plans and decided to complete the events related to them. Although their fates don’t much affect the overall development of the main plot, they will intersect with Sardo more than once in the future if the right decisions are made.
Scenes and Art:
  • The art of Seline’s first meeting with Sardo in the library is ready. You can see it here.
  • An animated scene with one of the thieves is ready.
  • A scene of the Taleona sleeping in her room is finished. It’s not been animated for now, but in the next versions, we will finalize it and add various events with her in her bedroom.
  • Taleona and Nansy’s art in the maids' bedroom is ready.
The things that were done, but haven’t been included in this version:
  • The animation of the events with Vanessa in the locker room of the clothing store is entirely ready. It consists of two separate animated scenes.
  • The content for Elli’s event in the library when she is reading a book while standing is entirely ready.
  • The night lighting has been fixed in all street locations.
  • The transparency of roofs and tall trees have been added in the streets.
  • The tavern at the Gate has become available. The characters can also stay there overnight.
  • A new location for the thieves quest has been added.
  • Three new locations for Maggie’s story quest have been completed.
New characters and busts:
  • The bust of Penelope was redesigned, and the range of her emotions in her dialogues has been expanded.
  • Maggie’s bust has been fully updated. Previously, we posted the images of Penelope and Maggie’s appearances before and after.
  • One more character bust has been designed for Maggie’s quest.
  • A variation of Nansy’s bust has been finished.
  • One more character mini bust for the thieves quest.
  • Violetta, a girl from the brothel, also has got one more variation of her bust.
Technical part:
  • The functionality responsible for animations in scenes has been improved. All game resources related to animations have been changed, and now they take on average 40% less space than before.
  • The functionality of the storage has been completed. Now the game will have decent warehouses and boxes where you can store your things. You will also find something useful inside them.
  • The boot screen animation is ready:
  • The bug related to the black screen during the dialogue with Umi about the pendant has been fixed.
  • The functionality of the autosave has been fixed.
  • The bug in the slave market in Aclorion has been fixed.
The save files from version 0.1.7 are guaranteed to work in this update.

If you use the save files from version 0.1.6 or 0.1.5, there might be errors and bugs, but it’s only a supposition :)

To use the save files from version 0.1.7, you need to move all files from 0.1.7/www/saves into folder 0.1.8/www/saves as soon as you download version 0.1.8.
If you have already run the game, you need to clear the folder named saves of version 0.1.8 and after that repeat the operation described above.
If you want to skip the prologue click New game - Chapter 1.
  • Three new quests have been written. One of them is written for one of the following updates, and two others for the current update. In the coming days, they will be sent to our translator. We have got some changes according to the plot in this version, so we decided to focus on quests in Artaun in this version.
  • The events in the manor for Taleona and for Elli are also being translated. The events related to Umi and to other residents of the manor have shifted slightly in priority and will be sent to our translation later.
Arts and Animations:
  • The economic system has been improved. The new animated scenes have been drawn. Sometimes Elli or Umi will drop into the office to chat. Basically, it will happen when the main hero works.
  • The art with Louise in the brothel has been improved;
  • The scene where Sardo gives Umi the pendant has been expanded;
  • A new scene with Vanessa is in progress, and the previous scene with her is being finalized and expanded. You could have seen it in the changing room of the clothing store. Don’t forget to visit Vanessa after the release of the next version.
  • In the meantime, when we were finalizing the scene when the pendant is being given to Umi, we realized that the pendant didn’t look the way it should, so we completely changed it. As a result, it affected the very first art of the prologue, so we also improved it a little, otherwise, it would completely lose its relevance.
The bug that appeared in some variations of Taleona’s clothes in the bar has been fixed.
Technical aspect:
  • The new boot screen animation has almost been done. We will post it for review later :)
  • The game interface has been partially updated. The background of the ESC menu is slightly lightened and improved.
  • The bug that didn’t allow the game to take into account the time that the player is travelling between large gaming zones has been fixed. Now, the time spent on trips affects the level of fatigue.
  • As for the old story of the development of new mechanics indicating transition points between locations and highlighting of objects and characters available for the interaction, I’ve laid out a post where I shared the first screenshots of our success. It took a lot more time than we had planned. The complete realization of our idea, and making all the mechanics work smoothly will take some more time. Nevertheless, we can show you at least a bit of what has been achieved there, so as not to speak without proof. I hope that the time spent on improving the engine in this aspect wasn’t a waste of time, and you will find those changes convenient.
  • The animated scene with Elli in the library is fully complete. Wizards can see all the static variations of this scene in the Gallery right now. This event, and other similar events, will have a development depending on the level of the heroines depravity and their relations with Sardo... But this version has only light scenes, since Elli cannot be debouched to the limits necessary to see all the events this scene contains...
  • Static scenes with Taleona in the bar are also available in the Gallery for Wizards. It is still impossible to see all the variations of this scenes in the game, since the quest line for developing relations with her, as well as a few more scenes, are still in progress.
  • An art scene showing the first meeting with Louise has been added. We didn’t have time to finish it a bit, that’s why it looks like this for now.
  • There are 3 new locations ready: the village of Venwood, a tavern in the village and the study of the owner of the sawmill, as well as evening and night light for those locations.
  • The Venwood setting is partially ready. The location still needs more actions. The main focus has been placed only on the quest and the residents taking part in it.
  • Aklorion is again available for travel. The location of stables in Aklorion has also been improved.
  • The Aklorion setting is slightly modified, various errors and bugs left over from the prologue are also cleaned up.
  • The quest which refers to looking for the information about Taleona’s missing family is ready. It provides access to the Venwood village.
  • There is also a new quest, which was supposed to be part of Josette and Venedi’s return (two slaves from the very beginning of the game), but in the course of work we decided to separate those events. I will clarify that. This quest will be available only to those players who spoke to Venedi and received a request to buy Louise from Bou at the beginning of the game. If everything is fine and if you use saves from version 0.1.5, you will receive a notification that a new quest has been added.
  • Now it is possible to rent a room and stay in a hotel for a night. In the future, it will involve several story and side quests.
  • In addition, several new events are ready, including a small dialogue with Nansy in the study, and with the maids of the Aklorion hotel.
  • The dialogues with girls from the brothel are also refined, and if, for some reason, you missed the scenes in the brothel in the prologue, you can see them by visiting the girls at any time.
  • Partially, it will also affect the plot in the future. Actually, like many other choices you make... It is difficult to make an extensive system of events, but it makes our work even more interesting :-D
  • By the way, I almost forgot to mention that I updated the scenes with the girls in a brothel. I removed almost all black screens between transitions of animations. Each change of animation used to be accompanied by a black screen to hide lags when changing cyclic animations. New functionality for animation scenes allowed us to completely eliminate those problems, so now all the animations in the game will be replaced more smoothly. You might have noticed that during the first dialogue with Taleona in the bar of the mansion.
New characters and busts:
  • 2 new characters with a full set of busts, variations of clothes and emotions have been added.
  • More than 40 new sets of sprite characters have been finished. They include variations of sprites for new characters, as well as a decent amount of new city dwellers.
  • Venedi’s appearance has also been completely changed, as the old one didn’t fit into the style of the game. Well, the same happened to many other characters that we created when we just started working on the game. Venedi has got 4 different variations of garments, including different busts for the time when she was a slave and when you meet her when doing Louise’s quest.
Technical aspect:
  • There are only few changes concerning the technical aspect of this update, as it took us more time than we expected to modify the engine for the new functionality related to highlighting the characters when pointing at them and highlighting the transition points. But still, the promised test version is sure to appear before this functionality is added into the game. There will probably be some more information about it this month.
  • The loading screen has undergone some minor changes. It works in a test mode, we didn’t have time to work on it, but there are some nice improvements. It’s just a decorative element, but when we have time, we will modify the loading screen so that this element doesn’t stand out from the general style of the game.
  • The error which caused some bugs in the dialogues with Elli in the late evening has been fixed. Elli’s naked busts didn’t load.
Besides, some changes were made to the code of the game. The game will load faster now.
Fix update of July 9th:
We've fixed an error that appeared during the dialogues with Taleona when using saves from previous versions of the game.
A bug has been fixed that could have appeared in the journal when trying to enter the menu of relations with Umi after talking with Taleona.
A bug has been fixed with the absence (incorrectly typed name) of a graphic resource in the Ansilla street.
The error related to a missing file called Abraham_1 in the resources of the game has been corrected.
An error has been fixed in the dialogue with Taleona after completing her first quest. It was impossible to invite her to the bar.
Save files:
The save files from version 0.1.5 are guaranteed to work in this update. It’s advisable to loading the save file BEFORE writing a reply to Aelmar which symbolize the end of «Family affairs» quest to avoid any bugs that might occur in the game.
If you use the save files from version 0.1.35, there might be errors and bugs, but it’s only a supposition :)
To use the save files from version 0.1.5, you need to move all files from 0.1.5/www/saves into folder 0.1.6/www/saves as soon as you download version 0.1.6.
If you have already run the game, you need to clear the folder named saves of version 0.1.6 and after that repeat the operation described above.

Note: The save files from old versions of the game wouldn't work!
See Changelog for more info!


Win - MEGA
Walkthrough .txt - MEGA

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