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Developer: Zee95 Patreon - Discord
Release Date: 2020-07-13
Last Updated: 2020-07-14
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
3DGC, Male protagonist, Animated, Mobile game, Big ass, Big tits, Handjob, MILF, Oral sex, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Adventure, Graphic violence, Humor, Point & click, Romance

The game begins when the main character is 18 years old. The MC's parents die in a car crash when he was 8 years old. Two years MC spends on the street. In the family where the MC lives, there is a need for money. And the main character has a dream to finish his studies and get a good job. The game has three main lines, with a completely different plot.

Renders: ~ 400
Animations: 10
Text: more than 2,000 lines.

Continuation of Path B.
Images: 250
Text: ~ 3.000 lines

Continuation of path A.
Renders: 315
Animations: 5

Continuation of path B.
Renders: 190
Animations: 3

Continuation and completion of the C path.
The introduction of the game has been completely changed.
Renders: ~ 250.

Сontinuation of path-B.
Renders: 420
Animation: 16
Text: More then 1000 lines of text.

Continuation of Path A.
Renders: ~140

Changes relative to 0.25:
Textbox has been changed.
Added the possibility of choosing a relationship with Victoria.
Added some dialogs.
Fixed bug on the farm. Now it is not possible to pass this location by accident.
(Attention, if you have the save after kissing Victoria at the river, then saves won't work. You will have to start the game from beginning. But you can easily get to where you're staying by holding "ctrl")

Continuation of Path A.
Images: 245
Animations: 9
Text: More then 1.000 lines of the text.

Images: 185
Animations: 8
Text: ~800 lines
Playing time ~30min.
Text edited by Doug Dastardly.
In this update, I've added some new sex mechanic. Perhaps I will further improve it.
And as I wrote earlier, I had a lot of main job this month. So the update is a little shorter than usual. This update is a continuation of the branch - A. Have fun. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Developers' Notes:
English editing by Doug Dastardly Patreon.


Win - MEGA
Mac - MEGA

Incest Patch - MEGA
Android (0.31) - MEGA

294360_4a_114.jpg 2_8_82.jpg 4a_122.jpg 3_4_89.jpg 4a_25.jpg 4a_99.jpg 4a_335.jpg 5a_54.jpg 5a_232.jpg 5a_540.jpg 5a_571.jpg 294346_1_7_31.jpg 294347_2_1_8-3.jpg 294348_2_1_11.jpg 294349_2_3_19.jpg 294350_2_3_49.jpg 294351_2_4_21.jpg 294352_2_6_30.jpg 294353_2_7_54.jpg 294354_2_8_55.jpg 294356_3_2_84.jpg 294357_3_3_110.jpg 294358_3_5_116.jpg 294359_3_5_217.jpg 294361_4a_160.png 294362_4a_276.jpg 294363_4a_307.jpg 294365_4b_151.jpg 294366_5a_4.jpg
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