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[Others] The Void Club Management [v0.6] [The Void]



Developer: The Void Patreon - Newgrounds
Release Date: 2020-07-16
Last Updated: 2020-07-23
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Game: The Void Club
2DCG, Male protagonist, Slave, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Dating sim, Management, Parody, Oral sex

Welcome to the void club! You've been hired as the new manager, your job will be to make sure the club is making money as well as to take care of the girls in the club. You are working under the Master, he is the one going on mission to bring back babes from every universe to make sure the club provide the best of the breast. As he come back from missions, you will have the opportunity to integrate the new girls to the club (At the end of the chapters stories(you can find them inside this game or the other game), you'll find a code that you can enter in the void gate to integrate a new girl and maybe other stuff, objects or events). You'll have enough time to enjoy the company of our selection of sex slaves, but make sure you work on the club prosperity, if you want to keep your job!

We made an update on the Main game!
If you load a save file, you need to go to the void gate and write: up in the text box to make the update (do it as fast as you can so the game doesn't bug)
We finished Miranda and Susan room and started Jill's one and we added some other stuff that we leave to you to find ;)

Another big one! starting to develop the world more and more and still more girls are joining! Our team is also growing, we try to add writer and artist to the group, maybe at some point we'll be able to work chapter and main game at the same time!

Also, it will probably be the last time you'll have to start back, we integrated a possibility to save and load most of the stats, so you wont have to start again in the next update. The step to save and load is to write save in the void gate (like when you integrate a girl) then save with the engine (little gear in the corner) then on the new version (like when 0.5 will come out. you load the save, go to the void gate, write restart (it will restart the game with what have been added to the update and then in the void gate again write load and you will update your save. Little bit complicated but when you got it it's easy and still better then restarting from zero. Not sure how it work if you clear your cookies and other data or play in incognito, so watch out.

Also if you find any bug, tell us we'll try to fix it as soon as possible!

Here's our second big upgrade, we added couple of girls (not all of them are full but in some part of the game you can still use them). we developed the relation between the chapters and the game, we will do even more in the next one but we need more time. We also upgraded the girls management and how to make money, so the mechanic changed a lot.

Ok so here we are! the first version on the main void club game, Keep in mind this is a beta version, it's missing a lot of stuff (only Triss is completed, the other are coming soon, we also want to add random events, more action, more characters and locations, etc. but this is long term project)

Ch 1 - novigrad - Witcher
Ch 2 - shepard - Mass Effect
Ch 3 - doom - Fantastic 4
Ch 4 - stars - Resident Evil
Ch 5-6 - chansey - Pokemon Lavender Town
Ch 7 - plumbus - Rick and Morty
Not in as of yet
Ch 8 - N/a - World of Warcraft
Ch 9 - k21 - Samus
Ch 10 - nojiko - One Piece

If you load a save file, you need to go to the void gate and write: up in the text box to make the update (do it as fast as you can so the game doesn't bug)



Online - NewGrounds
Save - MEGA

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