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Developer: Jpmaggers - Patreon
Version: 0.4.02b
Release Date: 2019-12-22
Last Updated: 2020-04-28
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Involuntary Transformation, Voluntary Transformation, MF Sex, FF Sex, Group Sex, F-Solo, Prostitution, Exhibitionism, Humiliation/Degredation, Corruption, Hypnotism/Bimbofication, BDSM - Light to Medium Corporal + Bondage, Cum Eating, Non-Con/Dubious-Con, Maid, Preg, PetPlay, PonyPlay, Lactation + Hucow, WaterSports, Anthro, ABDL - Diaper Play + Wetting/Messing, Beast (in specially designed circumstance),
Genre Which Might Be Included: MM Sex, Body Building, Furry, Branding (featured but not graphically), Needle Play, Enema, Scat, Sissy, Chastity, Futanari
"The Repurposing Center" is an interactive erotic fiction about a dystopian not too distant future in which undesirables are carted off the streets by government capture vans so they can be repurposed into something more valuable to society. You find yourself in this very situation, trapped within the facility, being changed both physically and mentally to suit the whims of potential buyers who are your only way out. The game is a sandbox life simulator within "The Repurposing Center" where players will need to partake in work, training and socialization in order to secure themselves a happy ending when they finally place themselves up for auction.

Edit: The initial build had some syntax errors from the new random job selector. Those are now fixed (Thank you ... Patreon is messing up again and not letting me see who told me this)

Hey everyone, and welcome to a new Patreon build. This current build is currently at 1,077,353 words 1651 passages, so about 15k new words since the last update (though some of the changes removed word-count so it's harder to tell). This build is a bit of a mishmash of random things, combining bug fixes, quality of life additions, new difficulty and customization options, a new mini-quest, some new job encounter, the start of a new NPC, some new transformations, and finally some new underwear.

Just as a slight extra note, I was still unable to finish the upcoming ABDL adventure, but will be heavily concentrating on it within the next build to try and get it out.

The main content is; New difficulty and customization options, The long awaited Seb mini-quest, New Dairy job encounters. There are some other important content pieces, but they're smaller so I'll skim over them in the 'Other Additions' section.

1/ New Difficulty and Customization Options - In total, 4 new difficulty options, and 1 new customization option, has been added to the game. These new options are as follows;

Daily Random Job Availability Option - At the beginning of every day, the 3 random jobs that would normally be available to the player are selected. The player is limited to selecting from these 3 job options for the rest of the day.
No Non-sexual Jobs Option - This option removes the ability to select non-sexual basic jobs such as the boring job (renamed manual labour), the beautician job, or the basic bar work job. This done not ban the player from accessing fetish-based jobs that don't necessarily have sexual content, such as the Dairy, the ABDL Nursery, or the Cat-Girl Maid Cafe.
Femininity Clinic Costs Boost - This option dramatically increases the cost of clinic treatments to boost the players femininity, or to add feminine additions to the players form (breast size increases, adding a vagina, etc.).
Masculinity Clinic Costs Boost - This option dramatically increases the cost of clinic treatments to boost the players masculinity, or to add masculine additions to the players form (removing breasts, adding a penis, etc.). This was the base setting of the game up until this point.
Femininity/Masculinity Transformation Focus - This customization option allows the player to state their preference on whether they'd like to see masculinity or femininity focused transformations within the game. So far this mainly effects random encounters, but will in the future expand to the clinic job and other transformations. For players who pick a neutral focus they'll randomly get the masculine or feminine outcomes.
2/ Seb Mini-Quest - The long awaited (Polled) Seb mini-quest has finally been added to the game. Players who enter Boundless (the Latex & Fetish clothing store) multiple times will get the offer to help Seb out by modelling an outfit for him so he can check that it fits properly. Players who go along with his offer will be rewarded with either a latex catsuit (or 500 G.G.P if they already own one), a commemorative photo of the event for their room, and a 20% discount at Boundless.

Going forward I want to add in more mini-quests like this to keep things interesting, so if anyone has any suggestions they'd like to see please drop a comment ^_^

3/ New Dairy Job Encounters - I've finally finished 2 new Dairy Job encounters, both of which were in the polled content backlog. These encounters are both highly sexual, the first being the opportunity to have sex with a train of men, the second being given a hand-milking whilst you give oral to your female client. Both of these encounters are optional, so you can decline them. Hopefully I'll be adding more content to the Dairy soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Other additions include; Fixing the Felicity quest line, moving the exhibitionist job over to Ashley in the sandbox (cleaning up the job selection screen), cleaning up the options in the Clinic to be more reactive to the players current state, cat-rabbit combo tail and ear transformations, the Chess Man introduction over in the Admin hub, 8 new underwear options, masculinization players will now be offered these new underwear items rather than the old feminine clothing (feminization males will still be offered female clothing), lots of new images, some coding and CSS updates, and numerous minor bug fixes.

In terms of polls, last months art work poll winners were the Dragon Bride ending (by a considerable margin), and the Kitten-Play scene (by a practical 3 way tie). New polls will be up soon (though probably closer to the 16th of the month). Art commissions have already gone out to my Pet-Play and ABDL artists, with the commission sheet for my general content artist almost complete. So, lots of artwork in the near-ish future.

P.S. Small note, but due to time constraints I'm currently dealing with I'll likely be a little quiet until the 16th of the month. Thank you for your patience.

Open Commission Slots:
- All Taken (Sorry!)

Change Log:
- (Polled) Seb Quest - By repeatedly visiting the Boundless latex and leather fetish clothing store the player can be offered a quest by Seb to help model an outfit for him privately so he can check how it looks on a person. Rewards are a latex catsuit (or 500 G.G.P if you already have one), a 20% discount from Boundless, and a commemorative photo of the encounter.
- (Polled) Seb Quest Introduction Scene - In the introduction scene Seb will ask the player for help modelling an outfit, forgetting to mention exactly what kind of outfit it is.
- (Polled) Seb Quest Main Scene - In the main scene players will be put in heavy latex and leather bondage, maybe finding a bit more about Seb along the way.
- (Polled) Seb Quest Room Photo - Players who complete the Seb-mini quest will receive a room collectable that lets you re-view the photo from the quest.
- (Polled) Seb Quest Boundless Discount - Those who've completed the Seb mini-quest will receive a 20% discount on purchases from the Boundless store.
- (Polled) Seb Quest Sidebar Entry - The Seb mini-quest has a full quest entry and finished quest entry in the sidebar window.
- Random Job Difficulty Option - When selected 3 available jobs will be selected each day as the only available jobs for the player.
- No Non-Sexual Jobs Difficulty Option - When selected no simple non-sexual jobs will be available for the player. Complex jobs that may not be sexual (such as the Industrial Dairy or the ABDL Nursery) are still accessible.
- Femininity Cost Increase Difficulty Option - Increases the cost of femininity related treatments in the Clinic.
- Masculinity Cost Increase Difficulty Option - Increases the cost of masculinity related treatments in the Clinic. This was the previous normal state for the game.
- Femininity/Masculinity Transformation Focus Option - This customization option allows the player to choose whether transformation encounters will turn the player more masculine or feminine. The neutral choice means that you'll randomly receive either a masculine or feminine outcome. Mostly this applies to random encounters, though will be expanded in the future for the lab experimentation job.
- (Com) The Chess Man Introduction - A mysterious new NPC has been added to the Admin Hub, who challenges the player to take part in a series of chess games with great prizes and forfeits.
- (Polled) Dairy Job Male Sex Train -
- (Polled) Dairy Job Female Oral + Hand Milking -
- The Exhibitionism Prostitution Job has been moved to Ashley in the sandbox. It just didn't fit well in the jobs window, and often left people confused (Suggestion by Memory of Snow)
- Cat-Rabbit (Cabbit) hybrid tail and ears transformations have been added to Fur Life and the examine window. Lollipop at the cat-maid cafe still does not like these (Suggestion by Prince Draco)
- The Clinic interface has been cleaned up somewhat, with many options being more reactive in whether they appear. For example, players without a penis shouldn't see the penis removal transformation option.
- 8 New underwear items have been added to the game. These underwear options are more male focused, and can be bought from the Trainee Store and Flirty Touch.
- Masculinization players will now be offered a choice of underwear in the introduction rather than the previous female clothing options.
- Oral training will now make mention of practising female oral too (Suggestion by Piotr Bohdziewicz)
- The Felicity quest has been fixed (Thank you teujep, blargballs, Faker, Prince Draco)
- Tony B continue refund now working fully (Thank you Faker)
- Fringes should now stick properly if selected (Thank you Prince Draco)
- Asking to remove an udder should work properly (Thank you Prince Draco)
- One of the brothel job encounters has been fixed to stop flickering between calling the client Master and Mistress (Thank you MagPie)
- Davis's first date has had some spelling corrections (Thank you MagPie)
- Syntax error in the skill system fixed (Thank you MagPie)
- Dr Radcliff's contact page has been fixed (Thank you MagPie)
- The Udder bonus from the Dairy job has been fixed (Thank you MagPie)
- 8 x new underwear images by Silverjile.
- 3 x new images by NimbleTail.
- 1 x new image by Silverjile.
- 2 x new images by Lily-Blax.
- 2 x image edits to make the Seb quest image look like a photograph.
- A lot of new variables and planning.
- A few minor bug fixes


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