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Developer: Sierra Lee Patreon - Blog - Wiki
Version: 0.51.0
Release Date: 2020-05-16
Last Updated: 2020-05-19
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
2D game, 2DCG, Text based, Male protagonist, Fantasy, RPG, Graphic violence, Puzzle, Romance, Adventure, Turn based combat, Incest, Male domination, Mind control, Monster, Monster girl, Virgin, Lesbian, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Harem, Group sex, Anal sex, Titfuck, Rape, Futa/trans, Furry, Footjob, Bukkake, Drugs, Sex toys, Prostitution, Slave

The Last Sovereign is an adult fantasy RPG that plunges you into the saga of a world torn between forces of lust and purity. As you enter the complex conflict, you forge a new path that will change the course of history! ...maybe. The thing is, acting like most heroes gets you killed, and most evil overlords' plans make no sense. The Last Sovereign is a game that twists your expectations for adult games, while fully embracing a reconstruction of some familiar old tropes to provide a lot of fun, sexy content.

- Depending on your decisions, you may be able to unlock a new segment and final state for Eustrin.
- Aka's personal quest can now be completed.
- Hilstara has a complete personal quest.
- The Tower mine has reopened, granting different saves different items. Both regions have been repopulated with a few new fights.
- Two new scenes, three new affection scenes.
- Two more scenes that are inaccessible without cheating. Working ahead.
- If you're still locked out of Ardoheim in Chapter 5, you can now gain access via a payment in Headquarters 1F.
- If you didn't receive the Crystal of Harmony, it can now be purchased in Ari-Yhilina.
- If Fheliel's conversation was missed, you can find her in Ryoken.
- Returning to Wynn's house after the recent transformation will unlock new dialogue (and a new scene).
- Improved Qum and Megail sex sprites thanks to Decanter.
- Minor continuity fixes in early content.
- New Illustrated Scenes: Carina Solo, Altina Blowjob, Megail Doggy, Trin Orgy
TLS 0.50.0
- Grand art update: All scenes in Chapter 1 now have an illustrated image!
- Total added: 28 scenes, 5 joke scenes (52 images total)
Non-consistent art are the joke scenes involving the Chosen.

This update was more involved than you might think. I was only able to make everything work properly thanks to scripting assistance from Lamsey and Decanter. Future updates will be normal chunks of gameplay plus whatever new art is finished.
final bugfixing and polishing.
- Zirantian leaders now report on the state of their nation. This can potentially unlock the new Biyue scene.
- The Stineford succubus bar is now available if missed, and can be visited as a new map, but only going through the improved iterate event mentioned below.
- Min now appears in the Givino Vinai Court.
- Antarian now appears in Ardford Cathedral.
- Nabith now has a new conversation when first spoken to in Chapter 5 (with Yhilin Final).
- More variant dialogue has been added, notably in Ardford Business District and Orri's Restaurant.
- The physical condition of Ryoken now varies based on Erosia's country score.
- Retroactive: The Ramasta Unperson HQ now visually improves if Gawnfall helped the Unpeople.
- Lynine and Iris have conversations that increase their RP if you investigate their funded investments.
- Serious improvements have been made to the Chapter 5 iterate event, including more potential RP for Tertia.
- Quest objective bugs fixed (only if you repeat the events).
- The Duelist's Pin can now be enchanted in Ghenalon.
- The costs for a number of investments have decreased, some based on past decisions.
- Sublime equipment is in some cases more expensive, but overall buffed.
- Sublime equipment now has unique icons.
- Assorted minor changes, fixes, and improvements.
- Further bugfixes, minor dialogue additions.
- Optional battle further nerfed.
- Quest log updated to include recent events.
- New section covering Eustrin and more.
- One new scene.
- Bugfixing, typos, and minor improvements.
- The self-destruct attack now works, thanks to Decanter.
- The Ledger is now updated to the new version.
- Sprite animations now play when you access the bed.
- Big Stineford update!
- Two new scenes, including the longest in the game by a fair margin.
- The first final party member sidequest is introduced, though it can't be finished yet.
- Minor touchup.
- For once, I think there were no true bug fixes. Some improvements and minor graphic things, though.
- Lots of new dialogue.
- End of chapter and interlude.
- Two new scenes.
- Last investment/research cycle of this chapter.
- Additional improvements, fixes, and balance changes.
- New warfront images courtesy of Lamsey.
- The balance of healing spells has been changed. There's no effect at lower levels, but at higher character levels healing will start to scale slightly faster. This is especially true of single-target healing spells, which I've felt were lagging in an unintended way.
- Plot advances with a trip back to Stenai.
- Upon return from Stenai, multiple events and a dungeon prepping for the next section.
- The optional challenge dungeon in New Givini is now available.
- Two new scenes.
- New investment cycle. Includes a new investment on Succubus Acceptance paths that involves a new scene.
- A new slate of research options is unlocked, and you have a new research project available.
- Depending on your research choices, Robin may have a new scene.
- Four new pieces of customized equipment can be created.
- Simon now has bust images (both green and black outfits) thanks to Lamsey.
- A conversation between Altina and Riala about the events in the first chapter has been added retroactively (it isn't accessible in current content).

Every save should get a chunk of new plot content, plus a whole set of sundry items getting ready for the next major plot event. But the other significant piece of work in this update is the final optional dungeon for this chapter. It requires a large investment to access, but I put a lot of effort into the challenges beyond. Honestly, it may be a bit too far on the frustrating end... but that's why it's optional content.
- More fixes and tweaks.
New Additions
- Previously, nothing changed in Zirantia. Now more things are updated.
- This includes an event leading to a brand new scene.
- Herin and Kaskia can be found in various locations. Not essential, just flavor in response to the synod.
- Depending on vote results, Tak'Kan has a sanctification team in the Wilds.
- Also potentially a new location in Tak'Kan.
- A foreign succubus captured during the Gathering shows up then and later in Gasm Falls.
Minor changes
- Usual typos and minor improvements.
- Synod: Slight balance change to Esmera's deal.
- Small lore addition giving Sarai a formal title.
- Xerces coloration standardized thanks to Decanter.
- Retroactive: Lady Entila now has a faceset and her conversation has been modified to use multiple expressions.
TLS 0.41.2
- Lots of polishing and minor variants/fixes, no significant new content added.
- New scenes added to Reflection menu.
- There was new content added to the Aramite fort, but it was inaccessible before now.
- Fixed the bug in the harem menu.


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