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Tech Devil

Developer: mannitt - Patreon - Website - Discord
Version: 0.04
Release Date: 2020-03-25
Last Updated: 2020-03-25
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
3DGC, Male Protagonist, Romance, Corruption, Incest, Dating Sim, Humor, Creampie, Groping, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex

The MC (the name given by player) has been away from home over three years. Most of that at college. He returns home because of his father's death. He was never close to his father. Because his father was out of town for work most of the time while growing up. He was close to his two sisters, mom, and two best friends. While being away he lost touch with all of them. He now wants to reconnect with them and figure out why he stopped. Upon returning he is told that his father left him an inheritance. A large one. After receiving the inheritance, which didn't include his father's business, an accounting firm. He discovers how much personal wealth his father really had. While reconnecting with his family and friends he may get even closer to them then he was before. Establishing feelings and connections he hasn't felt before. He will also discover other things about his dad and mom's past he would never have imagined.


The Inheritance Update v0.03
Added the next in-game day.
Changed the Main Menu image.
Fixed the Character Info page on Android.

Full conversion to Ren'Py for v0.02.
Adding an "R" just to avoid confusion, hopefully, from the VNM version. Will drop it for the next update. Mac, Linux. and Android versions available. For Android see Dev Notes A few extra sprites added. Some tweaks to text. A few added lines and some removal.

Changelog 2nd release.
Next day added.
New UI.

Developer Notes:
It's Ren'Py now. Android version works but at the start when entering the MC name requires a workaround. Using the keyboard doesn't work right. The Enter key won't acknowledge the input. So type the name. Then hit Backspace. Hopefully, the name will pop up in predictive text box. Press the name in the Predictive text and hit Enter. It should work.


Linux MEGA
Android MEGA
Incest Patch MEGA

Linux MEGA

372969_ScreenShot_20190730124218.png 372970_ScreenShot_20190730124523.png 372976_screenshot0006.png 372978_screenshot0008.png 372979_screenshot0009.png Captureffdhfhdhfdsdg.jpg Capturegfjjfjdsffas.jpg Capturegjgjdfhfdsdsgd.jpg Capturehjkjhkkdfh.jpg 372977_screenshot0007.png Capturejjfjdhffhdfhdyt.jpg Capturejjgjsdg.jpg Capturekghkghkghdfh.jpg 372971_screenshot0001.png Capturetrhtutrtrgh.jpg 372975_screenshot0005.png MichikoCowgirl04.png StephCowgirl02.png
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