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Tech Devil

Developer: Tengsten DLsite
Version: 1.36
Release Date: 2020-05-01
Last Updated: 2020-06-04
Censored: Yes
OS: Windows
Language: English
2D game, 2DCG, Adventure, Big ass, Big tits, Groping, Japanese game, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Point & click, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Rape, Blackmail, Censored, Creampie, Internal view, Simulator, Stripping

The protagonist Til was a decorated warrior in battle, but ended up being dispatched to work in the "immigration bureau" after the war.
Though feeling very disgruntled, Til made his way to his new work "station."

-The formula for calculating the success rate of prostitution was revised.
(changes magnification correction by pleasure value)

-Bug fixes.
When negotiating for prostitution, the previous offer will be reflected.
An originally impossible prostitution negotiation would be successful.
In Basic Training 4 and 5, some of the on-cursor sentences are wrong.
The overlap of the petite woman's outfit 2 is not correct.
There's something wrong with the judgement on inadequate documentation and armedness.
-Added a [prostitution] button in the item command.
@(It's available when you take Basic Training 5.)

-Added the differential expression of the mob character. (surprised, serious)

-Added dialogue differences for some characters.

-Added patterns of gauge icons.

-Bug fixes.
The gauge may decrease in situations where the stress gauge rises.
When "Incident in Eisen" occurs, the icon disappears if the analysis glasses are used.
The hidden command on the title screen does not work properly.
-Bug fixes.
Marked characters are not reappearing correctly.
Sometimes the pleasure gauge doesn't reach its maximum value even when using Succubus cream.
-"Manual" has been added to the training center.
The examination procedures and specifications
of the physical examination can be confirmed.

-The motion speed of the physical examination can now be changed.
(3 levels: slow 150%, standard 100%, fast 50%)

-Changed the behavior of "Clean Cloth".
Can choose whether to erase the semen or the markings.

-Changed the behavior of the "Slave Pen".
Can choose to draw "Graffiti" or "Mark of lust". (The effect is the same.)

-The definition of a slutty character has been reverted to the previous spec.
(Not virgin, Have a total of 50 or more genital and anal experiences.)

-Adjusted the lottery for sexual experience for mob characters.

-The color of the text when using the "Notebook" and "Analysis Glasses" was adjusted.
I made the slutty characters easy to understand.

-Can no longer use the wanted command in the training center.

-Other minor bug fixes and efects changes were made.
Bug fixes.
- Sex experience is not drawn correctly when characters appear
- The arrival of the trader has not been correctly determined
- Coins were not being consumed correctly
Bug fixes.
- Wanted book malfunctions at the training center after clearing
- Sexual experience changes each time a enslaved character reappears
- Named characters may appear twice a day
-Fortune tellers can now be enslaved.
The fortuneteller marked will always appear.
In that state, "special divination" will be performed. (The effect is the same)
-Adjusted the training center after clearing the main story.
You can choose from three people, Chrisia, Richard, and Olivea.
The first time you call Rihart, a conversation event occurs.
-After clearing the main story, purchasing merchandise (lower half) from the shop caused
the peddler to pass through the checkpoint.
-Can now call Richard and Trader in the sandbox.
-Mob character sexual experience called in the sandbox can now be set.
(Select from "random", "nasty" and "virgin")
-In stages 1 and 2, Hana responded to the odor of Til's semen.
-Marking and wiping commands cannot be performed during insertion. (Prevention of malfunction)
-Bug fixes.
Underwear for PetiteWoman Type Costume 2
How to Overlap PetiteWoman Type Costume 3
Sex chat is not selected correctly
-The mosaic movement has been adjusted to make it more natural.
-Other minor adjustments and bug fixes.
test files added
-Reinforced the reaction of characters of virginity (0 genital experience).
Add special lines when inserting vagina for the first time
Virgin characters always resist when undressing their underwear
-Added hidden character "Nasty".
Treat women with 50 vagina experiences and men with 50 or more butt holes as nasty
The main character will not be indecent (prevents contradictions between events and lines)
Dirty characters are replaced with some lines during sexual activity (before insertion, after ejaculation, etc.)
Nasty characters have a 20% increase in pleasure gauge than usual.
-Increased reaction when pointing out document deficiencies.
-Added a pattern where passers-by presents money and invites them to do business.
-Added a pattern in which lewd characters negotiate sexual acts as material.
-When male characters are undressing, the genitals are now displayed. (With mosaic)

-Fixed the following bugs.
During the training 5, unnatural message display when switching between physical examination strengths After the game is cleared, the message speed will be forced to 0 (manual feed)
Missing the graphic of Fort Demant During the examination of Fort Dymant, the behavior of the guards peeking through sexual intercourse is unstable
At the beginning of Olivia event at Dimant Fort, wearing wrong costume
The undressing judgment at the time of insertion of the costume 3 of the beast man type is strange
Noble type armament is not displayed correctly when turned around Mob character's erogenous zone may not match sexual preferences

-This update
Reinforcement of virgin reaction, addition of nasty state, male character genital display,
And it ’s like fixing known bugs

Virgin (0 vagina experience) reactions increased
The line change for virgin characters is only when the vagina is inserted,
Mob characters appear as virgins in about 30%,
I think that there are many opportunities to see if you have sex actively
There are about 3 patterns of plain til lines.
Ver1.7 Patch Notes 2019/10/05
-Fixed setting of undressing for "Olivea Costume 4" was incorrect.
-The text was corrected because the event "Chrisia's Confession" was untranslated

Developer Notes:
* System
The functions in this game are played with a mouse.
The player becomes the "gate keeper" of the immigration bureau station.
Be sure to thoroughly examine their paper work to be sure they aren't dangerous!

As the stages progress, you can access more commands.
You can do a physical exam command to give them a full body check, or use de-clothing commands to strip them down, as the commands get lewder.
You can be sure to work as a proper gate keeper and gain the trust of the people, or take advantage of the absolute power you posses...!

* Erotica
Mostly erotic scenes based around pose art sexual assault.
You can sexually touch the bodies of the characters who come to your station.
As the game progresses you can access more commands, and end up enjoying sex within your station.
There are a rich variety of characters that are ripe for violation!

There are also CG included erotic events for the main character.
Though low in number currently, there are lots of variations.


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Win 1.32 - MEGA
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