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Developer: Ark Thomson Patreon - Pixiv Fanbox
Version: 0.1
Release Date: 2020-04-09
Last Updated: 2020-04-10
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Prequel: The Hunter 1
3DCG, 2D game, Female protagonist, Adventure, Bestiality, Oral sex, Handjob, Zombie, Monster, Combat, Turn based combat, Lesbian, Sex toys

You're playing as a girl living in a women-only village who'll get to learn how to become a "Hunter". Basically, she'll hunt male creatures for women requesting it. The goal is to find them, fight them with a sex-based combat system, train them and deliver them to the requester.​

Art Addition:
- 5 H scenes have been created.
- 40 H pics have been created.
- 5 non H scene has been created.
- 12 non H pics have been created.
- 1 Title screen pic has been created.
- 34 sprites/quotes have been created for character presentations (+1 sprite for Kaya for the main menu).
- 33 sets of 3 faces have been created for the inhabitants of the village + Kaya who has 8 expressions + 5 sets of three faces for 5 different Ambriosa inhabitants (Making it 122 renders.)
- 58 custom pixel characters have been created.
- 38 custom icons have been created.
- 2 action animations have been created for Kaya.
- Brand new tileset elements have been added to the game to make things more varied!
- A whole custom UI has been created specially for the game! Menus, text box, everything has a custom version so that the game looks less RPG Maker-ish.

Gameplay Addition:
- 37 maps have been created.
- A custom menu has been created specially for the game. It contains all the necessary informations as well as a picture of Kaya in her current outfit!
- The Fetish Selector is back! You can play the game the way you want without bothering about falling on a scene you don't like. Activate the fetishes you like and deactivate those you don't like!
- A brand new gallery system has been implemented right from the start. You can easily replay all the scenes you've seen directly through the menu.
- A whole mini-map system has been implemented. You can change its opacity in the menu and toggle between three sizes: small, big and no map!
- Kaya's sexual experience system has been implemented. Gain stats in particular categories to make Kaya more skilled and naughtier to be able to unlock new scenes!
- A brand-new Quest Journal has been implemented. Follow precisely the steps of each of your current quests so you're never lost in the game.
- Tutorial pics (6) have been created to explain the game's mechanics.


Win - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Linux - MEGA

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