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[HTML] The Dungeon of Lewdity [Build 11] [Novus]


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Developer: Novus
Version: Build 11
Release Date: 2020-01-16
Last Updated: 2020-01-17
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
BDSM, Domination, Fantasy, Torture

In days long forgotten to the modern kingdoms, a dungeon was built, one that adventurers quickly learned to avoid. Not on account of danger...but because whoever built it was a total pervert. Instead of monsters and deathtraps, the entire dungeon was filled with lewd challenges and puzzles. Bondage predicaments, body transformation, mental effects, the dungeon had it all!
In this age, the dungeon still remains. Adventurers avoid it...but for everyone else, it provides a single chance to change everything. For anyone who makes it through will earn themselves riches unimaginable...not that many make it through. Fabulous wealth, unique skills, a new identity for those in need. All is on offer from The Dungeon of Lewdity...but no one returns from the dungeon unchanged.

Build 10 Release Notes:
Build 10 adds three new True Endings, two new Rooms, and four Safeword Endings. One of those rooms finished up the Mental - Submissive Path, so that one will be due for it's endings soon! This build also brings the Bondage path in its entirety to a close!

New Rooms:
The Secretary Room: Found as the last room in the Mental - Submissive path, this room sets the protagonist up as a Succubus masquerading as several different secretaries for the Succubus Secretary Service...
The Assari Maiden Room: Based on patron voting, the new racial transformation set has started, for after you leave the Orc Village. The race is based upon Mass Effect's Asari...but isn't quite the same. Which will become more obvious in the second room, in the first it's a fairly close match...

True Endings:
The Bondage Shop - This is the Lewdity Ending for the Free/Public use path! Build up enough lewdity and you can open your own Bondage Emporium after you leave the dungeon...with all sorts of things to do! Advertise! Train employees! Give demonstrations! And more!
The Archmage of Lewdity - This in the Intelligence Ending for the Free/Public use path. To be honest, it's the least 'free use' based of the True Endings for the path. But that doesn't mean it's boring! Receive a magic tome to teach yourself magic from The Dungeon...with some predictable results. Summon monsters, Have a Spell Duel, Start and Academy of Magic, and more!
Best Friend Ending (Dominant) - This is the Default ending for the Mental - Dominant path. See what happens when you leave the dungeon as a well-adjusted dominant...who is now the right orientation for your best friend! Honestly folks, I think this was my absolute favorite ending to write so far. Make sure to check it out!

Safeword Endings:
The Squishy Mechanic - Found if you leave the dungeon after the 'malleable body' room in the 'Physical Transformation - Other' path. See what advantages a moldable body can bring...
The Gooey Thief - Found if you leave the dungeon after the goo girl room in the 'Physical Transformation - Other' path. What sort of profession could suit a goo girl?!
Ship's Girl - Found if you leave the dungeon after the rubber doll room. What will happen to someone so utterly submissive in the big bad world? (I promise, no bad endings!)
Caravan Guard - Found if you leave the dungeon after the second Orc room, just before the Orc Village. What can you use that combat training for...and how much fun will it be?

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