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Developer: Westane Website - TFGamesSite - Patreon
Version: 3.2.5
Release Date: 2020-06-04
Last Updated: 2020-06-05
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Real porn, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Futa/trans protagonist, Adventure, Animated, Corruption, Oral sex, Incest, Mind control, Transformation (M2F/F2M), Female domination, Futa/trans, Gay, Humiliation, Lesbian, Management, MILF, Multiple penetration, Sex toys, Slave, Voyeurism, Group sex, Drugs

The Company is an AIF game set in the universe established by Wandrer on the ASSTR database, with his permission. This game focuses on the very early years of The Company before it became what Wandrer made it into, and aside from the entity itself borrows little to nothing else from his works. You choose your character's name and gender and set off down a path of corruption, perversion, and control. As the game progresses, you\'ll encounter more people to corrupt, and more ways to do it utilizing the various devices and drugs you'll develop in the Company laboratory.


Update Summary

  • This update focuses on John’s Friendship/Romance route, opening up new interactions with him and adjusting his behavior to be more palatable.

Special Notes
  • Due to the drastic overhaul to John’s serum routes, it is highly advisable to start a new game if you are already dosing John!

Content Updates
  • New John Dose – “Convince John you’re his best friend”
    • Adds two new random events
    • Adds new conversations to pool
    • Allows you to call John in the evening and take him out for drinks
  • New John Dose – “Make John completely devoted to you”
    • Allows you to take John out on day trip
    • Unlock a new ISS event at John’s apartment
  • Added new location for John’s day trip event
  • Living Room can now be used to pass time by watching a movie alone on the weekends
  • Added writing submission scenes
  • New Dakota/Jessica event
    • Jessica is the girl from the webcam event, and therefore requires you to have unlocked and witnessed the webcam event at home
    • Will trigger when trying to watch a movie alone on the weekends in the living room, once per weekend
    • Living Room should have a ???? flag if the event is eligible to trigger
  • New Dakota/Tasha event
    • Requires player to have gone out with Tasha during the Chapter 3 Saturday event, and then going back to her apartment
    • Will trigger once per week when trying to go home during the evening
    • Requires not being on John’s dom path
  • Both new scenes require Dakota not be under the effect of MCS-X
  • Added new images for new events

System Updates
  • Added new anatomy reference macros for various “X or Y” references
  • Updated cooldown handling functions to expand functionality

  • Various text and macro fixes
  • Updated incorrect text in John’s dose scenes
  • Fixed missing image during John’s Doll Dose scene
  • John now correctly shows as being in his office after Doll dose
  • Seeing Doll John being used in his office now properly passes time
  • Fixed stats not updating after finishing ISS scene
    • Thus resolving inability to increase Diana’s corruption, for example
  • Fixed MCS-X serum events not progressing
  • Fixed some macros not functioning properly
  • This update focuses on expanding John’s non-Chanel serum routes, specifically his submissive route and body modification route. Major content additions include a new player-controlled ISS with John in the bathroom as well as some new events.
Special Notes
  • Due to the drastic overhaul to John’s serum routes, it is highly advisable to start a new game if you are already dosing John!
  • I’ve included the pics/event/js/imgEvents.js file in the local download as well as the associated image pack which should cut down on <> errors moving forward
Content Updates
  • John now has branching serum routes!
  • Physical Transformation
    • MCS-1 and MCS-2 body modification events
    • New random events added for each dose
    • New bathroom ISS added after MCS-2 doses
  • Mental Transformation
    • MCS-1 and MCS-2 behavioral modification events
    • New random event added after doses
    • New date scene unlocked as well as John’s phone number
    • New bathroom ISS added after MCS-2 dose
  • Added new conversations
  • Added new images for new events
System Updates
  • Generic action images have converted to image pack system
  • Updated NPC memory functionality to make assumptions about the MC upon first meeting them
    • Intent is that you’ll see less of your male MC’s getting the “Oh my god… You have a penis?” reactions
  • Removed Character Credits menu item
    • Replaced with Credits menu to reference developers and contributors
  • Renamed Patreons menu item to Supporters
  • Fixed a couple spelling/grammar/code-showing errors
  • Fixed missing Tasha solo image
  • Fixed most awkward anatomy references with new memory functions… hopefully
  • Fixed pathing issues in Chanel’s ISS
  • Fixed issue allowing the possibility to trigger Dom John route after already dosing him
  • Fixed issue with Tasha’s serum route ending early
  • Fixed Chanel’s date event not progressing time
  • Fixed Escort Scene events sometimes not progressing time
  • Fixed Escort Scene pSize reference errors
  • Fixed Escort clients requesting actions they’re unequipped to handle
  • Fixed missing image in Escort Scene
  • Fixed issue where Saya was psychic
  • Fixed missing scene variant in Diana’s office ISS
  • Fixed issue where Diana could possibly not be flagged as having left the office during Chapter 3
Update Summary
  • This update focuses on fleshing out some of Chanel’s content while also building on the John TF route itself, setting up for split routes in the future. Update 3.2.3 will be releasing to backers on Thursday, April 2nd, with a public release to follow some time after.
Special Notes
  • Due to the drastic overhaul to John’s serum routes, it is highly advisable to start a new game if you are already dosing John!
Content Updates
  • Chanel’s existing content has been updated
    • Scene with Chanel in her office has been converted into a full ISS event
    • Scene with Chanel and Tasha has been converted into a full ISS event
  • Chanel has received new content
    • After her transformation event, Chanel will give you her phone number, unlocking new content
    • New Day Trip event with Chanel on weekends
    • New Date event with Chanel in the evening
  • John now has a branching serum route!
    • This is similar to how Penny’s branching serum route works
    • Currently, only the TFM-1 routes are complete through Tier 2 serums
    • Mental Transformation routes are coming in the next updates!
    • Currently unavailable content is displayed but disabled, signaling the end of that current route
  • John’s serum scenes have been added/altered
    • Initial serum scene is a general compliance dose before splitting off
    • New scene has John helping out in the lab as a gateway to future doses
    • The “Have John service others in the bathroom” dose now allows you to choose to have him service women, or both men and women. As such, what were previously two separate serum scene have been consolidated into a single scene with the aforementioned option
    • The “Attend Classes” serum scene has been moved to the Mental Transformation route, and is currently inaccessible until that route gets implemented
  • Player Escorting system now accessible outside of Dom John route!
    • On the night of October 1st, a new scene will play out between the MC and Dakota
    • After witnessing that scene, a trip to the mall will unlock the escorting option on your phone
    • Clients can be contacted during evening and nights via your phone
    • If loading a previously saved game after October 1st, the mall scene will unlock automatically after Chapter 2
  • The main Work and Home scenes will now always display a random thought the MC may be having, be it about current events, actions they could take, or meaningless whims. More pressing/important thoughts that act as player guides will always take priority
  • Conversations at the office will no longer trigger during the Evening
  • New reactionary dialogue has been added to various parts of the game, meant to comment on various aspects of the player relevant to that scene
System Updates
  • ISS events with “Dominant” actions now have a chance to appear for non-dominant MCs
    • These will display as a red “Dominant” button but will show “Opportunity!” instead
    • This gives non-dominant MCs a chance to take a dominant action as a way of increasing their dominance
    • Opportunity actions will not appear for “Very Submissive” or Sissy MCs
  • New functions have been added to easier track dose statuses for all characters
  • Backend updates have been made to speed up the game and reduce memory usage
    • Cooldown tracking is now being handled by JS functions
    • Time management is now being handled by JS functions
    • Browser detection is now being handled by JS functions
  • The Comment System has been removed from the game
    • We tried, we failed, we move on
    • Reactionary dialogue is effectively replacing a centralized comment engine
    • Removal of the comment databases has also improved load times!
  • Image Pack support has been added for Tasha
  • The usual routine spelling/grammar/context fixes
    • Keep these coming, they do help!
  • Comment System related errors should no longer appear
Update Summary
  • Update 3.2.2 focuses on opening up interactions between the player and John himself, including more options during his early scenes, as well as a special repeatable ISS after being fully trained by Diana if going down the Dom John route.
Content Updates
  • John’s Dom Route will now continue to progress once finishing training with Diana!
    • This will kick off with a timed scene that will lead to some drastic changes for the MC
    • After witnessing that scene, you’ll get to experience a brand new ISS with John… In your room!
  • Updated character generation to allow for quick gender templates
    • You can still choose to customize your character as in the past
  • Added new dream sequence on September 3rd to allow player to choose their starting dominance level
    • Former dream about Dakota has been moved to September 5th with a 50/50 chance to be about Dakota or Ava
  • Converted John’s bathroom scenes to new ISS format
    • New options and new dialogues for familiar scenes
    • Much of the dialogue has been reworked to feel more natural and change the tone slightly for players who might actually want to take John up on his offer
    • Can now choose to intimidate John with larger… assets… as a female wearing a strapon
    • Scene is accessible by following John to bathroom after drinks
  • Merged all of John’s office bathroom scenes into new ISS
    • This includes bathroom visits triggered from random events, the serum backfire event, and visiting the bathroom on your own at any point following the serum backfire event
  • A new ISS for John has been added after completing all of Diana’s training events
    • A scene will commence resulting in a possibly major change to your character
    • John’s ISS will occur automatically once every weekend, and can be triggered manually by using your phone
  • Updated Diana’s office ISS to allow non-submissive players to choose to offer themselves to Diana in the initial node
  • Several new player images have been added
  • Introduction scene has been touched up
  • Complete image pack support is in place for Player, John (Male), and Diana
System Updates
  • Adjusted activation of Dom John route
    • Backfire event now only triggers if MC is submissive, rather than “not dominant”
    • Backfire event requires going down on John in bathroom, whether willingly or otherwise
  • Adjusted Penny’s Dom John route flow
    • These changes have been made to try to better direct players towards this content after initiating the Dom John route
    • You can go looking for Penny in the morning, early afternoon, or afternoon now, but only once a day
    • After seeing the Penny/John event for the first time in a day, the dialogue will revert back to Penny simply being uninterested in helping out
    • After witnessing the Penny/John event at least once, the followup event will now occur automatically after a few days in the Late Morning if no other events are taking place
  • Once you’ve completed all events with Tasha and Diana on John’s Dom route, they will occur less frequently
  • Adjusted skill scales to gain skill quicker in the beginning based on action tracking
    • Expert – was 20 times, still 20 times
    • Great – was 15 times, now 13 times
    • Good – was 10 times, now 7 times
    • Okay – was 5 times, now 2 times
    • New – was 0 times, still 0 times
  • Integrated new way of handling event cooldowns to free up memory
  • Fixed a boatload of dialogue errors
  • Image check now only flags invalid image versions if the version of the found image pack is LOWER than the expected one
    • Image version mismatches are still noted silently, but will not cause a check fail
  • Fixed errors loading “-GEN” named images
  • Fixed “she” macro errors
  • Fixed incorrect image calls in Penny’s image manifest
  • Fixed incorrect image calls in Diana’s image manifest
Update Summary

  • This update expands on John’s Dom route after Tasha’s initial corruption and focuses on how Diana becomes affected by John. Key features include Diana’s return to The Company after Chapter 3 ends, new scenes involving her “training” the MC for John, and major improvements to the interactive scenes. Additionally, this update has introduced a new naming scheme for version numbers, as outlined HERE.
Content Updates

  • New event on November 6th featuring Diana’s return
    • Save games from after November 6th will reset to the evening of Saturday, November 4th. This may lead to some unusual scenarios depending on when the game was saved, but shouldn’t cause any playability issues
  • Diana’s interactive sex scene (ISS) has been completely overhauled
    • It is still accessed in her office the same before, but now provides a more fluid experience rather than repetitive button clicking
  • John’s Dom Route has been expanded
    • After witnessing Tasha’s scene in the Records Office, the next phase of the route will begin
    • Diana, if she’s available, will call you for a meeting which will trigger subsequent training scenes
    • This will also unlock the new escorting system
    • Finishing Diana’s training course will open up interactive scenes with Dom John in the next update!
System Updates

  • New Player Escort system
    • Find new work as an independent escort!
    • This feature is being added in Update 3.2.1 as part of Diana’s “Dom John” content branch
    • The next content update will allow the player to unlock the option of their own free will
    • This feature can be accessed either when going home from work, or through your phone in your room at night or in the evening
    • Clients are generated randomly and the dialogue and payout you get is based on your skills in various actions
  • “Skill” is a new hidden value based on how many times you have performed a specified action, and can be used for various checks
  • First pass at sidebar cleanup
    • Save button moved to top of sidebar
    • Passive character information moved to new “Player Info”, replaces the Wardrobe button
    • Tasks and Items sections won’t appear unless there is an active task or held item
    • Debug Menu and Report Issue buttons moved up
Dialogue System Updates

  • Added variable dialogue return based on Vagina Size
  • Added variable dialogue return based on MC’s skill in actions
    • Allows for custom NPC comments as well
  • Added functionality to Thought function for random returns
  • Updated preference dialogue return to handle in-message thought bubbles
Interactive Sex System Updates

  • Added new ISS structure to Diana’s default office scene
  • Created function to return preferred action influenced by NPC’s preferences
  • Created function to easily update stats during ISS sequences
Function Updates

  • Moved ‘canFuck’ check off of player and into JS to free memory
  • Created new function to check for character’s skill at an action based on how many times an action has been performed
  • Created new function to call random names from a list based on masculine or feminine values

  • Fixed SEVERAL grammar/spelling/context errors
  • Fixed preference initialize function to set to starting preference for new actions to “Neutral” instead of “Hate”
  • Fixed John message display during Chris scene
  • Fixed issue that allowed you to skip past Late Morning on weekdays
  • DEV: Fixed broken image links on neocities host
  • DEV: Fixed broken links in Diana Returns event
  • DEV: Fixed possibility to miss Diana’s return
  • DEV: Fixed anatomy return issue for Massive/Huge anatomy
Content Updates
  • John’s Bathroom Oral scenes have been completely reworked
    • New dialogue has been added to all variants of the scene
    • Willingly submitting to John now requires being Bimbo, Sissy, or have a preference for giving Oral
    • Now use the new Content Block system
    • Second Bathroom Oral scene (after being dosed) is now repeatable and (sort of) interactive
  • Overhaul to John’s dose scene structure
    • Mostly backend, but you’ll see some visual changes
    • Much more organized, though functionally the same
    • Will be applied to other characters moving forward
  • Implementation of John’s Greeting content
    • Effective replacement for Comment system
    • John will greet you once a day the first time you interact with him directly
    • He will comment on character traits and changes of interest to him
    • Appealing to John’s tastes can increase Relationship
    • Applies to “Nice John” and Chanel as well
    • Check out the associated DevBlog for more info!
  • Added new option to skip entire days to the game
    • Option only available in player’s Room when selecting “Not first time playing”
    • Option only available on days where no story events take place
    • Will skip forward to Night
  • Added new option to skip to Evening on Friday, September 1st
  • John and Chanel image handling have been completely converted to utilize Image Packs!
  • New images have been added for John and Chanel
  • UI updates applied to significant portion of the game
  • Check Mirror scene has been redesigned to be slightly less horrible
  • Penny’s “Lab Release” scene now uses Content Blocks (Whore Route)
  • Napping in Room now always passes 2 time units
  • Using Phone in Room now has its own scene
  • Achievement reward improvements
    • Achievements are still a huge work in progress
    • They will be getting a proper once-over in the not too distant future
System Updates
  • Removed HUNDREDS of superfluous story variables from game
    • You may need to clear your cache, but after doing so you should notice SIGNIFICANT performance improvements
    • This is still an ongoing process and will be further improved moving forward
    • I’m a bad… bad programmer
  • Preferences have been established for John and Chanel
  • Content Block infrastructure has been built for John’s content
  • Update image handling to be more forgiving (not thoroughly crashing a scene) if an image is missing
  • Update Tracking functions to now adjust Preference updates
    • When an action is Tracked, the “performer” will have their preference for the action increased by 1, and the “recipient” if any will have their preference increased by 2
    • This is default behavior and can be overwritten where appropriate
    • This is how it was working previously, but now saves me having to write 3+ lines of code for every single tracked action!
  • New functionality for tracking story flags in code
  • New functionality for tracking/manipulating time elements in code
  • New functionality for handling NPC memory, recall, and comparison of player traits
  • Several structural updates made to scenes
    • Just getting old code up to date!
  • Fixed possible duplicate Penny appearances at Noon in Chapter 1
  • Fixed “hiss” macro error
  • Fixed Ava’s entries in Notebook not reflecting relationship status
  • Fixed missing UI elements and errors in Penny’s Lab Sex scene
  • Several grammar/spelling/syntax fixes
  • Fixed tracking errors appearing in all scenes when loading a saved game
  • Affected saves will work fine, though you may see the errors once when loading into the save for the first time after the fix
  • Fixed “Your Dakota” link text for webcam event
  • Fixed dialogue when Penny would choose events and reference things that weren’t happening
  • Fixed button style in “Spend Time with Penny” scene in Lab Fixed clothing comment typos
  • Updated return functionality in debug menu
  • You can choose to go back without saving changes that you haven’t made in other debug sections
  • Saving your changes can have unusual consequences depending on when you entered the debug menu, such is the nature of the debug menu
  • Updated dialogue when waking up and unlocking the Mirror Updated image handler to not crash on failed image checks
  • Updated balancing for permanent Sissy/Bimbo events:
  • Permanent Sissy/Bimbo transformation can no longer occur when Forced Transformation is disabled
  • Permanent transformation requires spending 14 days (total) as Sissy or Bimbo, and having a Willpower of 20 or lower (Very Submissive)
  • Monitoring feedback for further balancing in the future
  • Complete overhaul to Penny's Lab Sex scene
    • Scene is now fully interactive, using new Scene Repository system
    • New actions available depending on current state of both Penny and Player
    • If Penny is Obedient she can remove the player's chastity device here
    • Sissy Reversal Serum now only available if Penny is Obedient. Now has a straight 75% chance of success, and a 25% chance of triggering a random outcome
  • Penny's Apartment Living Room scene now uses the new Scene Repository system
  • Penny's Apartment Bedroom scene now uses the new Scene Repository system
  • You can now stay the night at Penny's apartment after unlocking the scene through her second major date event
    • This option is available after completing her Bedroom scene
  • Much of Penny's story event dialogue will update based on serums used
  • Many story events have had player dialogue options added to them
System Updates
  • Character preferences have been added to the game
    • Characters now have preferences for different actions, ranging from Hating something to Loving it
    • Preferences have an impact on how scenes play out, and what options are available to the player
    • You will get to choose your character preferences during a dream sequence with Saya, or during chapter select
    • Preferences can also be randomized, if you're feeling adventurous!
  • Character Traits have been added to the game
    • Traits are passive abilities that can alter actions throughout the game
    • These will be primarily used in Interactive Scenes
    • Traits can be earned through achievements
  • New Scene Repository System
    • Each character, starting with Penny, is having their repeatable content consolidated to a Scene Repository
    • Actions from the Repository can be called when needed, as either a one-off action, or a complete Interactive Event
    • New Interactive Events now use the Scene Repository
    • This allows them to be generated on the fly, and much more quickly than the old Interactive Events
    • If a scene allows for selecting more than one action, it is an Interactive Event
  • New Interactive Event System
    • Taking actions in Interactive Events no longer uses Stamina
    • Instead, these events have a set number of turns, ending when no turns remain
    • Both the player and their partner have an Arousal gauge, fill (or depleting) after every action
    • In order for an option to be available for the player to take, the MC must have at least a Neutral preference towards that action
    • Additionally, you can choose to let your partner take one of their preferred actions instead
    • The ending received is based on whose Arousal gauges were filled by the end of the event
    • This system is currently only applied to Penny's Lab Sex scene and Penny's Bedroom scene. It is also used in other scenarios to call linear, single-action scenes
    • Ava, Dakota, Diana, and Penny's Bedroom events are still using the old system
  • All of Penny's image calls in game have been replaced with the new image handler
  • Meaning... Image Pack support for Penny is in place and ready to go!
  • Changed Chest Wrap functionality slightly
    • Chest Wrap can no longer be equipped if MC has Massive Breasts
    • Chest Wrap will automatically fall off if MC's breasts become Massive
    • Wearing Chest Wrap will now force Flat Chest visual on MC
  • Various performance optimizations have been put into place where convenient
  • Various UI elements are in the process of being updated
    • This update contains an incomplete version of a larger UI overhaul
    • Meaning, you'll see a mix of the old UI elements and the new ones until the implementation is complete
  • Achievements have been expanded and improved
    • Some achievements now award Traits, which can be viewed in the Preferences and Traits menu
    • More improvements to come, included more/better rewards
  • Major improvements to tracking functionality
    • This is a hidden function that tracks interactions between the MC and NPCs
    • Tracking is used for scene and dialogue adjustment, as well as achievement tracking
  • Image Pack support is available for Penny!
    • See THIS article for creating and using Image Packs
  • Added missing Chest Wrap images (Finally!)
  • Penny will now only appear in Cubicles at Noon if both dosed by John and dosed to be a Whore
  • Penny's TFM notebook will no longer have a permanent "New!" tag
  • Logic error in bathroom with John resolved
  • Outfit comment errors should now be resolved
  • Night events should no longer trigger when staying the night at Penny's apartment
  • Fixed issue preventing permanent Sissy or Bimbo states from triggering
  • Various spelling/grammar/syntax corrections made
System Updates
Added placeholder notes for gradual roll out of comments engine
  • You’ll see a lot of “Person notices your something” lines in the game now
  • As comment databases are added to the game, these lines will be replaced with actual dialogue without the need for updating the content again
    Added tracking for interactions between characters
  • Like, “Number of times you and Tasha held hands” for a not an actual example
    Complete overhaul to image handling functions in preparation for image pack and artwork implementation
chastity devices will now only fall off between transformations if you no longer have a penis
Strapons and vaginal toys will now only fall off between transformations if you no longer have a
Updated all relationship references to Ava and Dakota to allow for easy customization in the future
Updated character creation to allow for testing of the above change
Updated Debug Menu to view and change NPC Corruption and Relationship
Updated Debug Menu to view and change MC Money and Serum Quantity
Some dialogue updates when the person who put you in chastity sees you in chastity
Added embedded social media and resource links to sidebar
Added embedded title banner image
Updated issue report button to pre-load several values
Added cheats list to Readme file in local download

Fixed location information for Penny after Chapter 3
Fixed outfit comment error when player was dressed Formally
Fixed AddConvo macro error on Sean reveal scene
Fixed birth control dialogue from Julia never updating after first encounter
Fixed office sex scene with Penny not unlocking after having sex with her at her apartment
Fixed several minor spelling/dialogue issues caught during 6.1.2 development

  • Cheats can be entered via the Additional Notes field during character creation
  • Cheats are not case sensitive
  • Multiple cheats can be entered at once by separating them with spaces
  • Current cheats include:
    • CHANELNUMBER5 - Start the game with John already turned into Chanel
    • XYZZYSPOON- Start the game at 20 maximum stamina
    • IDCLIP- Start the game with 9,999 days of birth control
    • GLITTERINGPRIZES - Start the game with $500,000
    • BLACKSHEEPWALL - Start the game with 30x MCS-1, MCS-2 and MCS-3
    • WHORUNBARTERTOWN - Start the game with 5,000x all lab materials
      FASTPASS - Sets all serum cooldowns to 1 day
    • ZZTOP – Start the game with all clothing and toys unlocked
    • JUSTINBAILEY - Enables Debug Mode at bottom of sidebar
    • 10CCSOFTITS - Starts MC off as a Bimbo
    • BESTBOI - Starts MC off as a Sissy. If MC is Female, this cheat will only tank dominance
  • The "BACKER" cheat has been removed in light of new cheats
  • Remember, winners don't cheat! (Unless they've already beat the game, of course)



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