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Developer: DrVibes Patreon - SubscribeStar - Discord
0.8.0 Final
Release Date: 2020-06-16
Last Updated: 2020-06-17
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Sci-Fi, Harem, Big tits, Oral sex, Handjob, Titfuck, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Group sex, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Masturbation, MILF

You play a young entrepreneur transported to a parallel dimension. You are taken in by a new family and must get into their good books and find a source of income.

Can you seduce your neighbors and half the town? Can make a pile of cash by persuading them to model for your erotic web site? Can you find out what the fuck is going on and why some prick has transported you to this dimension?
As you progress new areas of town will open up and you will meet more babes and a few bitches!

v0.8.0 Final (non-beta)
New scene at the beach added
Game show scene with Helana and Ashling now works (wasn't triggering in beta)
Minor bug fixes and grammar/wording improvements
Nickname system added (and used in beach scene)

v0.8.0 Beta
IMAGES 3157 (340 new)
VIDEOS 144 (32 new)
Helana story extended
Cara story extended
Quinn story extended
Perrin and Lucie story extended
Alize story extended
Ashling story extended
Jet and Jinx story extended
Brigitte and Jessica story extended
Carlos introduced in Maximum Deviance Mode
Maximum Deviance/Hareem Mode comes into play (Maxium Deviance is all content (MMFF etc). Hareem Mode is only one male in scenes (MFF).
Fixed bug in display of screen replay info
Fixed event gold ring not showing sometimes when multiple concurrent events in room
Added option to not display gold ring for some events (usually repeatables that are unique to the original event)
Set the skip/fast forward option to not stop when an animation or image sequence is displayed
Now saves fullscreen/windowed state when changed in game
V0.7.0 Beta
Isolated running event variable: There has been an ongoing random bug which occasionally will mark the wrong event completed which can mess up play order. This will hopefully fix this however its very difficult to test.
Fixed a bug where right clicking after saving would freeze the window (Renpy muscle memory!)
Have implemented two paths into the game for future events. Maximum Deviance: Allows MMF, orgy etc scenarios. Alternatively Hands off my Hareem: No other males involved.
Hendrix friend or foe choice affects whether Maximum Deviance or Hands off my Hareem route is taken. This route can be changed at any time on the phone under kinks.
Collectable Character Cards implemented. View on the PC. Cards will be granted during events. Current save games will grant previous Cards after Pool Party event with Imani.
Fixed occasional bug where message box was popping up on starting a replay (This FixedID not found)
Colors of videos should now be correct due to an update to the Godot engine
Helana progression extended
Quinn progression extended
Nano progression extended
Piper photoshoot
Perrin progression extended
Christina repeatable event added
Cara progression extended
Alize progression extended
Vibes and Navia story progression
Added coloured borders to world events that haven't been played yet (played events show white borders)
A number of important bug-fixes
Some UI tidy-ups including an indicator for current room
Save game index file added which will improve the display speed of save games (after the first cycle)
Foot kink choice fixed.
V0.6.0 Beta 3
Fixes incorrectly set jogging/stamina cap that prevents game progression
V0.6.0 Beta 2
Fixes a critical problem that causes a crash when displaying choices to pick (notably the greasy prick outside the shop)
V0.6.0 Beta
Startup bugs that affected beta users of 0.5.0 have been fixed
Added coloured rings to events that haven't been played yet (played events show as white)
Helana progression extended
Cara progression extended
Ashling progression extended
Lucie progression extended
Juno repeatable added
Some phone bugs fixed
Caps added to more stats
Auto forward mode added (key A). This is a new feature and may need tuning.
New settings page added with Auto forward speed setting.
Fixed start up crashes caused by SQLite module by completely removing it (have replaced it entirely with json)
The SQLite removal should also fix the crashes that Mac users were experiencing with this version
Fixed several bugs that arose due to the SQLite removal
Fixed a problem with Rescuing Ashling event triggering out of order which could mess things up
Make photo session with Christina and Lucie trigger automatically as it was easy to miss the icon
Improved scheduling of several events
Improved task hints for a number of events
Fixed another shopping bug.
New job added (knowledge must be 10)
Selectable Kinks feature added
Navia progression extended
Helana progression extended
Juno progression extended including meet Jinx and Jett
Meet Imani
Ashling progression extended (the girl you rescued)
Alize progression extended
Quinn progression extended (and another side chain started for earlier in the game: Highgrim)
Fixed a fatal crash if for some reason an audio resource cannot load
Fixed response/freezing problem on viewing phone photos
Multiple quicksaves implemented (9 slots)
Autosaves implemented (once a day) (9 slots)
Fullscreen/windowed toggle added on splash screen (some users has problems starting in full screen mode)
Renaming of regular saves from 1-1.sav to save-1-1.sav etc (save-page-slot) runs automatically at startup
Fixed two shop/inventory bugs that created duplicates
Customized female character names are still reset (due to renaming of some previously unused characters). This will prevent any customized female names in this version.


Win - MEGA
Mac - MEGA

Linux Launcher MEGA

Captureurttr.png Captureghkghkghkdf.jpg 429278_HotelJunoModelLact01b.jpg Capturejggjsdggsd.png Capturekhgkghghdfh.png 187397_JakeBRNightSpies09.jpg 187398_Sunday01-04.jpg 187399_Sunday01-69.jpg Capturedhdfhdfhdgs.png Capturekghghkghkfdh.jpg 265817_265744_HelanaBRVibes01.jpg 265818_265753_QuinnSelfie01.jpg 265819_265754_PoolCaraOil10.jpg Captureffjgjjggfdgsdgds.jpg 265820_265745_Sunday02-39.jpg Capturejgfgfgdgds.jpg 429272_SorenLair.jpg 429280_HelanaBR45.jpg 429282_HotelJuno14.jpg Captureggfgjgdsgsd.png Capturegjfgfjgjgjfd.png Capturegjjfjdgsgds.png Capturekhghkghkdfh.png Capturekhgkghghdhfddfhfh.png Capturehkghkgkgg.jpg
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