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Developer: Apollo Seven Patreon
Release Date: 2020-06-07
Last Updated: 2020-06-08
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
2DCG, 3DCG, BDSM, Bukkake, Anal sex, Cosplay, Creampie, Male protagonist, Female domination, Futa/trans, Male domination, Monster girl, Multiple penetration, Exhibitionism, Gay (Trans on male/Male on trans/Pegging), Interracial, Groping, Group sex, Lesbian, Oral sex, Real porn, School setting, Sex toys, Sissification, Text based, Transformation Vaginal sex, Pregnancy

TF Card Battle is a deck-building game with a male to female transformation theme. Your goal is to transform your opponent before they can do the same to you. As you transform, your mind will be affected, changing the cards you have access to. Will you stay true to your old self, or embrace your new instincts to gain an upper hand?

The game contains over 250 cards, multiple game modes, 9 unique transformations, and more.

Fixed the Veiled Woman Club Girl specific attack throwing an error
Fixed the in game version saying .95 instead of .99
Fixed Ritalin creating 2 potions instead of one
Fixed Blowjob adding Heart instead of TF in boss battles
Fixed the boss attack Defensive Stance dealing damage to the boss itself rather than the player
Fixed Extacy using Acid's card image (how did I miss this one?)
Fixed the Mind theme not counting how many off it's cards you've played correctly in the point store
Fixed Head Rush throwing an error when used
Fixed Coked Up's potion not deleting itself after use
Added new transformation Club Girl
Added two new dual TFs. Rave Slut (Bimbo/Club Girl) and Hoedown Ho (Hucow/Club Girl)
Undid the tangled web of various themes upgrading the cards of other sets
You can now unlock the Mind Whore and Slave theme bonuses in the point store
Added Acolyte render series
Added images for beating the bosses as a Witch
TF no longer does twice as much damage versus bosses
Changed how the deal piles are ordered. The 4th card in each theme is now shuffled in 10 cards later than before
Fixed Swallow being coded as costing 7 instead of 8
Fixed the sissy epilogue image being the wrong video format
Fixed Dainty Feet copying it's description to other body modifiers
The TF specific body modifier now only properly only counts your initial TF in dual TF rounds
Fixed Hypnotic Email and Motivational Poster throwing errors
Fixed Very Targeted adds applying both the upgraded and unupgraded effect at the same time
Fixed Scientific Adviser having the wrong cost
Fixed unlock everything button not adding the two new body modifiers
Fixed negative dirty breaking the boss attack card Close Inspection
Fixed show all cards under help not showing Magical Girl cards if not using hentai image pack
Bug Fixes:
Fixed theme bonus for Latex showing extra bonus before the boss battle
Fixed Engineer cards also buying other cards
Fixed Chemistry theme trait not working
Fixed Hypnosis theme bonus not working
Fixed the ability to buy the same potion slot infinite times for -2 points each tie
Changed code for cards that care about having no brain or no sub to be consistent with cards that remove cards from your deck
Fixed Schoolgirl not turning into Acolyte properly in story mode dual TF round
Fixed the drone info under modifiers not displaying the correct info (card functioned properly)
Fixed Club Activities causing an error when played
Fixed bug where becoming corrupt as magical girl could cause errors to pop up
Fixed Magical Lock and Disguise Potion not using potion slots 4-5 if you have Dainty Feet

Other Changes:
Feet theme upgrade now only functions above 25 TF
Boss battle UI now shows how much brain/heart/sub/TF you've done as well as rainbow
UI Improvements:
Added tooltips for potions
Added unlockable themes to sandbox modifier select screen
Added list of that were cast this turn and spells to be cast to the modifiers list

Bug Fixes:
Fixed hypnotic email not working
Fixed chemistry cards throwing an error when generating potions
Not selecting a body modifier now goes to the point shop as intended
Fixed winning via the Latex theme causing a loop
Added unlockable witch cards and witch dual class cards to list of cards Prepare the Ritual can draw
Fixed magical girl dual classes reverting to normal image pack if starting a new round of sandbox
Fixed some magical girl cards having the wrong image
Fixed cum lower cost image being displayed with wrong theme upgrade
Fixed magical Boi not showing chastity status during boss battle
New dual transformations:
Acoylte (Witch/Schoolgirl)
Magical-er Girl (Witch/Magical Girl)
Magical Boi (Sissy/Magical Girl)

New card theme packs:
Animalgirl card pack
Witch cardpack
Magical Girl card pack

Gameplay changes:
Themes are no longer upgraded by playing multiple cards in a turn. Instead you buy them at the end of the round using points
Added point shop. Gain points based on how fast you beat the round.
Added consumables
Removed round 1 fight with no boss from Ascension 0 as well, it no longer exists.

New body modifiers:
Dainty Feet: +5 TF: adds two consumable slots
Three Boobs:+10 TF: Fill your consumable slots with random potions at the start of the round

Body modifier changes:
Fun sized to upgrade your basic cards instead of starting each turn with six cards in hand
Witch theme bonus now reduces cost of witch cards by 1, enables succubus mode trigger at six witch cards played in a turn
Transformation specific modifier for Witch now casts a spell at the start of each turn that adds 1 to a random resource

Card changes:
Old Hypno theme cards removed, now have chemistry cards old effects
Changed Chemistry theme to use new effects that use the consumable slots

Because of ongoing real life stuff (i.e. coronavirus) this update includes less player thoughts and art than normal. These will be added in another update later.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed the Ass theme causing a broken card to be added to the deal decks when playing dual TFs
Fixed an exploit where playing Up The Ass after Parent Night incorrectly gives you 1000000000 TF
Save file names now are named after your transformation
Removed deck cost sort from epilogue, was causing performance issues
Fixed topless being coded as costing 6 instead of 7
Fixed some maid cards (including dual classes) not initializing the dirty counter properly
v 0.82
UI Updates:
Display of how many cards of each theme you've played moved to the bottom of the screen

Bug Fixes:
Fixed Hex of Transformation being coded with the wrong cost
Fixed Pent Up not working as Servant
Fixed Go For The Throat's card saying it costs 5 when it actually costs 6
Fixed Ass theme cards not being added to the bully deal deck
Fixed chastity cards image links sometimes being broken
Fixed broken card in Servant deal piles when using Ass theme

Known issues:
Something is causing null cards to be shuffled into the deck (The "bad evaluation. Cannot find 'image of undefined error)
Background gifs don't play in boss battles
v 0.81
UI Improvements:
Changed order of transformations on the story mode select to align with dual transformations. Adjacent TFs are now the ones that are shared
Fixed the empty card slot image being the wrong size causing UI elements to jump around at certain aspect ratios
Improved formatting for gifs in background
Added button to go back to main screen after selecting a mode but before starting a game

Card Changes:
Triumph of Submission changed to "If TF>100, take an extra turn"

Bug Fixes:
Fixed Servant not having access to unlockable sissy cards in the deck builder as well as Wolf not having access to Futanari cards
Fixed the "aftermath" render for Schoolgirl Derek being broken
Added Bully, Servant, and Wolf to endless mode
Fixed being able to buy Wolfgirl point cards with sub
Fixed Giggly breaking the first deal of a round
Fixed the Veiled Woman's TF specific card not working properly against dual TFs
Fixed one of the preview images for schoolgirl and sissy themes on the deck builder page being broken
Fixed the Schoolgirl card theme pack not being shuffled into the Bully's deck when added on the deck building screen
Fixed Purity Of Lust costing the wrong amount
Fixed Primal having a broken image
Fixed some Schoolgirl cards being coded as costing less than the what the cards indicate (Study Session, Parent Night, and Graduation)
Fixed wolf showing the cards played count fro Hucow and not Futanari
Fixed Inspection not advancing the theme count
Fixed Collared not having an upgrade
Fixed the bondage set seeding Collared twice but Blindfolded never
Fixed Hucow theme pack not showing as unlocked properly in some cases
Fixed Wolf dealing Pack Alpha instead of Go For The Throat

Known issue: the TF specific relic has wonky interactions with dual classes. Will require a more in depth fix in the future
v 0.80
New Cards:
41 new cards total
Added Surveillance, Ass, Prostitution, Futanari, Schoolgirl, and Sissy card theme packs
Added Bully (Futanari/Schoolgirl), Servant (Sissy/Maid), and Wolf (Futanari/Animalgirl) dual transformation

UI Improvements:
In play cards are now displayed above your hand
Discard pile now shows the last card added to it
Made the option to not choose a body modifier more obvious

Card Changes:
Key Control cost lowered to 2H (from 3H)
Cock Flop changed to "unused sub this turn carries over and is doubled" (from "unused sub carries over)
Sissygasm changed to "increase max TF by 4" (from 3) and moved to later in the deal order

Bug fixes:
Fixed the deck contents having broken images
Fixed Rote Memorization not counting copies bought from the buy piles
Fixed chastity images being broken in deck, discard and in play
Lowered number of save slots to 15 (was causing lag)
Fixed boss battles not keeping track of TF dealt properly for doubling cards
Fixed damage carrying over onto first turn of boss fights
Fixed Clean House Empty Mind causing an error
v 0.73
In the epilogue, the contents of your deck is now sorted
Lowered story mode base difficulty
Fixed Private Tutor having the wrong theme
Fixed Triumph of the Mind not being added to deal deck
Fixed bug with Fucking of the Bulls
Fixed Michael putting null cards in your deck for real this time seriously


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