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Developer: Mouseguru - TFGames - Patreon
Release Date: 2019-12-27
Last Updated: 2019-12-27
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Text Based, Female Protagonist, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Anal Sex, Ahegao, Bdsm, Big Tits, Bukkake, Corruption, Creampie, Drugs, Furry, Futa/Shemale, Gender Bending, Groping, Group Sex, Harem, Humor, Lactation, Lesbian, Management, Milf, Mind Control, Monster, Monster Girl, Mtf, Multiple Endings, Multiple Penetration, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Sex Toys, Slave, Tentacles, Titfuck, Transformation, Turn Based Combat, Unbirth, Vaginal Sex, Vore

Two years ago, you moved to the city of Tyrmidon, a wealthy merchant city, and made a name for yourself there. Now you're finally moving into your own house. But after running into a mysterious woman, you've begun experiencing unwanted (possibly wanted?) attention from tentacle creatures. Now you must solve the mystery of why they're suddenly seeking you out...

This open-world, text-based adventure game involves a heavy focus on tentacles and a moderate focus on transformation.

  • Extensive performance improvements. Old saves ARE supported, but to gain the full benefit, it's highly recommended to start a new game.
  • Companion artwork variants (bigger breasts, pregnant, etc.) implemented in the character viewer!
  • Once you craft the (corrupt) bracelet with Keawe, you can no longer get "banned" by Keawe afterwards.
  • Combat issues in the forest have been resolved.
  • ...more content!
  • If Sensua is treating you and your servant/slave, your arousal should go down to zero
  • If you ask Vivianne about tentacle research twice, you get a blank screen the second time (shouldn't be able to ask her twice)
  • Multiple other fixes when interacting with Vivianne
  • If you follow the mysterious woman, but then Keawe refuses to continue helping you, you should gain access to the Church
  • Scene variants that depend on NPC tentacle pregnancies that have advanced to a certain point (including Lady Reyna's) aren't properly triggered
  • Minor bug in the scene where you ask Sensua for help with a new tentacle hive, if you haven't met Vivianne yet.
  • Finally fixed persistent errors with winning sorcerous combat in the combat arena
  • If you meet Kaylee a second time in one day, on a weekend after getting her an apartment, she's wearing the wrong clothes
  • New scene if you join the coven of the Old Gods and become a member under the priestess of Ukemochi
  • Additional content if you lose to a tentacle beast down by the Riverfront a second time
  • You can now corrupt one of the sorceress nuns who patrol Tyrmidon, enforcing public morality
  • Implemented (most of) the quest to capture Keawe, if she refuses to help you any more, and then you summon tentacles to live at your house
  • Fixed pronoun and "nestled under your cock" in your companions' descriptions of their pussies
  • Fixed tentacock blessing description bug where you don't actually get a tentacock
  • Added breasticles to character descriptions
  • Added tenta-tails to character descriptions
  • Added scene where Vivianne injects herself with more tentacle jizz at your house, if you had previously researched tentacles with her
  • Vivianne explains the results of her tentacle research
  • Fixed bug with Fuchsia being able to visit the Lewd Club multiple times
  • You can now view your cock, pussy, and tailcock descriptions in the character view
  • Additional Fuchsia content
  • Captain Roberts artwork!

  • Fix for injecting tentacle jizz
  • Fix for discovering evidence of tentacle activity at your home
  • New content for Fuchsia
  • Updated "pet play" scene for Marie to take your tentacle "blessings" into account
  • Added new "tentacle jizz" option for night visits to Marie

  • Emergency patch for serious UI errors after a failed combat, or after a screen with just "continue" on it in the forest.
  • UI gets scrambled after a tentacle birth
  • Your companion(s) returning from being lost in the forest after the bandit attack now correctly accounts for not having hired a servant at the beginning of the game
  • During a tentacle encounter, "playerData is not defined"
  • You can no longer trigger Keawe's rejection after corrupting her, right before the tentacle attack on your house
  • During the tentacle attack on your house, you can't knock out a tentacle beast before Keawe kills it - rebalanced the combat to make it more difficult to beat the tentacles, and easier to knock one out
  • Fixed cannot find a closing tag for macro "if" after the tentacle attack on your house
  • Fixed multiple issues with handling knocking out tentacles, so you can capture them at the end of the tentacle attack
  • Fixed an issue where the morning-after event for after summoning tentacles to your house wouldn't happen, if you didn't have any space in your womb to get pregnant with a human/tentacle hybrid - now you get pregnant with a hybrid regardless. (Hybrid pregnancy not fully implemented yet.)
  • Fixed not consistently being able to use the fertility potion to summon tentacles to your house
  • Fixed injecting tentacle jizz, after helping Vivianne with tentacle jizz research
  • Fixed an issue where the Alora/Captain Roberts morning tryst event wouldn't display
  • Fixed "Join null" instead of "Join Captain Roberts" for kitchen sex, if your companions are lost in the forest and you only have Captain Roberts to cook for you.
  • Fixed minor bug in fertilizing dickshrooms scene
  • Fixed cannot read property "ordinal" of undefined, after sorceress combat
  • Fixed "people" is undefined, after sorceress combat
  • Fixed cannot read property "current" of undefined during the tentacle attack on your house (I think?)
  • Vivianne can now be told about your tentacle hive and invited for a visit
  • You can "play" with Marie using dickshrooms or tentacle jizz at night (scenes incomplete)
  • Once Marie is suitably sexed up, you can get permission from her for Vivianne to examine the captured tentacle creature
  • Error when getting a tentacock "gift" after losing the tentacle raid, fixed
  • Combat bug fixed - error message when attacking during any combat after the tentacle raid on your house
  • Added Alora artwork
  • Added a way to get tentacle "gifts" even if you get kicked out by Keawe
  • Started two ways of Vivianne doing tentacle research on a live tentacle creature
  • Changed number of save slots to 12
  • Add content filter for "huge boobs" and set the default to off
  • Fixed Hunter combat
  • Renamed Hunter to Huntress
  • Fixed error in the combat arena: "defeatedEnemies[0] is undefined"
  • After acquiring a herm cock, if you fuck your opponent's pussy, your arousal doesn't decrease
  • Fixed "ask about crystals" bug with missing close paren
  • Fixed "blessings" bug when selecting a tentacock as a tentacle "gift"
  • Fixed able to corrupt the Church even if you defeated the tentacles attacking your house
  • Fixed forest merchant appearing if he has no inventory
  • Clicking content controls, then back, triggers an error
  • Clicking on main character's name, then back, goes back to the town square if you're at home
  • Cap breast expansion from meeting Fae woman to E-cups
  • Cap breast expansion from visiting the Lewd Club to E-cups
  • Error when using the bracelet on Keawe during the tentacle attack
  • Syntax error when publicly exposing yourself
  • Syntax error after losing the bandit attack in the forest
  • More combat issues
  • Fixed arena combat giving an error popup if you lose
  • Numerous other fixes with alchemy, the Church, the final tentacle attack, and more
  • Fixed navigation from one place to another
  • Fixed combat bugs
  • Fixed combat not correctly displaying a "lose" result
  • Fixed alchemy bugs
  • Fixed dancing at the Service the Tip bar
  • Fixed new "kitchen sex" scene - now it displays properly
  • Many other fixes
  • MASSIVE refactoring of the way NPC data is stored
  • Extensive changes to how moving from place to place is implemented
  • The game should run MUCH faster now!
  • Kitchen sex is in the house!
  • Chaya's tentacle "gift" art added!
  • This release WILL CONTAIN BUGS. I've tested through to the second day of gameplay and fixed the initial issues. You can help by reporting whatever bugs you find in this thread!
  • New scenes with Fuchsia, the head groundskeeper of the Church!
  • New scenes with Valentina, the head seamstress of the Church!
  • A chance encounter in the early morning with an acolyte in the Church who is not who she seems to be...
  • You can now "fertilize" and grow Lydia, the dryad!
  • If Keawe refuses to help you any more, you can now visit the Coven of the Old Gods instead.
  • Minor bugfixes, including the nightly event where your demonic cock compels you to fuck a member of your household.
  • You can now begin corrupting the Church! So far there are only a couple of options related to corruption, but I've got about eight other pending scenes ready to be added!
  • You can now experience the Fae priestess' transformation events in the morning, after accepting her offer to become a Fae yourself.
  • The first two tentacle "gift" scenes have been added! After losing the tentacle attack, you can now choose "breasticles" or "tentacock" and see your gift!
  • Other bug fixes I can't remember at the moment...
  • A quest log has been added to the game, to make it easier to track what you've learned and what you need to do next.
  • Character portraits have also been added. So far, Felicia is the only main character with full-body art.
  • Kaylee the orphan catgirl now has character art!
  • Fixed an issue where you can't choose to "be a woman" after the encounter with the Fae woman in the bar.
  • Fixed an issue with losing the tentacle attack on your house where you couldn't get a tentacock if you already had a futa cock
  • Fixed an issue with combat during the tentacle attack on your house where you only had a servant or a slave, but not both
  • Added initiation scenes for the different priestesses you meet after discovering the coven of the Old Gods
  • The cursed belly button piercing no longer continues to cause public exposure events in the city, once it's removed. (If you're already experiencing the bug, you'll need to wear it again and have it "removed" again one more time to fix this bug properly.)
  • New content if you DON'T follow the mysterious woman at the beginning of the game
  • You can re-visit Vivianne after finishing her research
  • You can now encounter tentacles in the forest!
  • You can now correctly encounter Kaylee after getting her an apartment or a job, or finish getting a crystal from the Abbottess
  • Fixed winning the battle against bandits in the forest getting stuck
  • If one or more of your companions gives birth and you don't, when you try to capture spawn you get an error
  • The option to visit Lady Reyna no longer shows up after you've gotten the alchemized metal from her
  • Keawe's character art now correctly disappears after the end of the tentacle attack
  • Other miscellaneous minor errors and typos fixed

More Info:
Reported Bugs:
  • If you don't have both a servant and a slave, then during the tentacle attack you may see an error in combat. (fixed)
    [*]If you have a futa cock, you are incorrectly locked out of getting a tentacock after losing the tentacle attack. (fixed)
    [*]If the odd merchant in the forest doesn't have any inventory, he shouldn't appear.
    [*]Bandits in the forest event repeats and it shouldn't
    [*]Drinking a potion removes 2 instead of 1
    [*]Preparing multiple reagents doesn't advance time correctly
    [*]Potion reagents in the forest respawn if you pick them, save, and reload
Patreon bonus content:
First of all, MOST OF THE GAME (85-90%!) is free, and always will be free. It won't be released in a delayed cycle, like many other Patreon games.
The normal game has three professions -- Hunter, Alchemist, and Sorceress. (Yes, I know I need to flesh out Hunter, as it has hardly any content.) The Patreon bonus content adds a fourth profession -- the Witch. Witches can curse others who have done them some sort of personal injustice. The strength of the curse is directly proportional to the size of the injustice, as it were. In terms of gameplay, this means you get uniquely crafted additional scenes for certain parts of the game.
Some bonus content has already been published. As part of the quest to find a solution to your tentacle issues, you run across the "hint" of seeking out a bounty hunter. After spotting a notice for someone who is already looking to hire a bounty hunter, you can go visit that person and ask for a reference.
However, if you decide to help her with her own issue of a missing family heirloom, you can manipulate the situation to provoke an injustice against you. And then things can get interesting. ;)
In addition, there's a rare event from wandering in the forest where you're ambushed by bandits. Depending on your choices in how you handle this event, you can rack up a huge amount of injustice against you...and get commensurately spectacular results when you curse them in return.
Why a female protagonist?
A very important plot element in the game is tentacle pregnancy, and part of the inherent "threat" of the tentacles is that they can get you, as a female or herm PC, pregnant. That threat simply doesn't exist for a male PC, so that fact alone would require fairly significant retooling of the plot and storyline. It IS possible and I MAY eventually implement a male PC, but I wanted to explain why it's quite difficult to do, and no small undertaking.
In addition to that, although a lot of the scenes CAN internally support a male PC (and a lot of the scenes already have male PC variant text), I've taken a fair number of shortcuts -- including the Bandits in the Forest event, among other things -- and also with the bonus content. Those would need significant retooling to support a male PC.
I've already posted a poll on my Patreon, asking what I should focus my development on. One of the choices was implementing a male main protagonist, and it got very few votes compared to other possible choices. So there you have it.


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