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Tech Devil

Developer: Stronkboi Patreon - Discord
Version: 0.7.5
Release Date: 2020-07-13
Last Updated: 2020-07-13
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Monster girl, Corruption, Fantasy, Highschool, Virgin, Lesbian, Mobile Game, Harem, Romance, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Masturbation

After losing the war against the other races, Humanity has been reduced to slavery for 30 years, 30 painful years. It is said that the humans started the conflict out of selfishness and pride. Fortunately after long years the humankind finally earned his rights back, as an equal to elves or goblins.
But minds needs time to adapt to changes, minds are easily manipulated.
And whom manipulates the mind, manipulates History.

Contains over 100 new CGs !
Contain 1 animated scene for Mine if you had a good Karma (Don't worry evil Karma will soon get stuff too!)
Introduced Two members of the star council !
Leonie the Lion
Ygritte the Wolf
Fixed most grammar issue submitted !
Fixed an issue that prevented the player to have Chumee's scene during Day 8!
And of course, always more story content !
Contains over 150 new CGs!
Contains 2 new H-scenes one for Chumee the other for Elise.
Unravel the first pawn of the Astral animals.
Open up to a dark path through an evil karma
Follow a rightful path through a good karma
Or just be that one guy in the back that sometimes does questionnable stuff and sometimes is nice by being neutral !
Changed main menu
Changed window icon
Added a .txt gathering most source of songs used.
(game/Music used.txt)
Compressed the game again.
Apparently we have Danee fishes now no clue what those are but they look lit.
Include over 160 new renders !
2 New H scenes, 1 for Vanessa, 1 for Ophelia ! (+ Patreon art)
Includes new soundtracks
The introduction of the game got a rework !
Each character except Ophelia & Mine got a redesign
Introduction of Nelsie, of the dwarven kingdoms.
Fixed a LOT of typo.
Changed the old custom arts to the new ones !
Added over 120 new renders !
Added 2 new NSFW scenes for Himia & Mine !
Modified the custom animation & arts !
Added new sound effects, and transition to make the game feel more alive!
Added new songs
Added a Gallery ! (!) [Important note, The gallery is FULLY unlocked even if it's your first time booting the game, I highly recommend you playing atleast a single run to the end of the 1st chapter before checking it out !] Major thanks to Lain for lending me his code and his help !
Changed the font for the names, and the textbox
Changed the main menu (Thanks to MrWizard, for adding the name of the game, version & chapter!)
Over 500 different CG
9 animated scene
Updated the custom arts
More content for each girl, and the story of course !
Fixed some typo
Fixed the "Image balck" bug
Fixed a bug that prevented people that didn't had enough point with Elise to proceed with the story.
Around an hour of playtime !
Reworked Vanessa & Lou's scene to be more comprehensive.
Reworked the CGs of Day 1 NSFW too.
Includes Over 310 Different CGs.
Includes the Patreon customed scene
Includes the Public Poll's customed art
10 Nsfw scenes and 4 static out of all of them
Introduction of the pragmatic Ophelia and her friend Mine.
Each route gets more content.
Added more variety in the songs used once again.
The story continues.
know issues:
"Image balck not found"
Includes Over 200 Different CGs.
Added 3 more nsfw scenes (we are now at 8).
Introduction of Himia the cold elf from the northern tribe.
Each route gets more content.
Added more variety in the songs used.
Changed the Main menu & the Window Icon
The story continues and slowly gets deeper...


Win - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Android - MEGA

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