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Developer: Perverteer Patreon - Site - Subscribestar
Version: 0.7 Extra Scenes
Release Date: 2021-01-26
Last Updated: 2021-01-26
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other game: Sisterly Lust
3DCG, Adventure, Corruption, Creampie, Group sex, Handjob, Harem, Interracial, Male protagonist, Milf, Mobile game, Oral sex, Sci-fi, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism

Planned: Anal sex, BDSM, Lesbian, Futa/trans, Group sex, Pregnancy

Camran is a young minor noble from the Sovereignty, a part of space dominated by humans. Erstwhile cadet of the Terran Naval Academy, Cam has been forced by circumstances to travel the galaxy, together with a band of friends, taking on menial jobs and occasionally smuggling some illicit cargo. As he involuntarily becomes part of sinister plans machinated by powerful intrigants, Camran’s life is changed forever…

v0.7 Extra
The next release of Tales From The Unending Void. Apart from the new story portion, only small fixes to the game this time.

v0.6 Extra
- Add Episode 6
- Change appearance of Jade and other Twi'll
- Add support for dialogue portraits (side images), disabled by default (thanks to monksims)
- Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to Doc Strail, MyPrettyWolfy, Fhilb)
- Fix lots of blinks and small images issues, because Hobo got himself a 4K monitor (thanks to HoboCop86)
- ep005: Add alternative to Lilly dialogue (thanks to overtaker40)
- ep005: Add extra Iana and Sill animation
- ep004: Pull pin from grenade (thanks to Dreadder)
- extras: Use protagonist's full name in two sex scenes (thanks to Spawn420)
- extras: Correctly address Lyna's pregnancy (thanks to Draevis)
- Add Episode 5
- Add Russian translation up to Episode 4 (thanks to MyPrettyWolfy)
- Allow translation of codex entries (thanks to MyPrettyWolfy)
- Add Vess to relationship screen (thanks to Electric)
- Partial dialogue rewrites for Aven and Nadya (thanks to Cabin Fever)
- Better portrait of Jade in relationships screen
- Spelling and grammar fixes (thanks to somebodynobody, Dreamweaver and marcurion)
- Fix replay gallery pagination
- Fix codex entries (thanks to Cabin Fever)
- Fix incorrect speaker (thanks to Potoum)
- Remove duplicate codex filters
- ep004: Fix premature dialogue option for Aven (thanks to Morbil)
- ep004: Fix Luzane codex error (thanks to MyPrettyWolfy)
- ep004: Fix unset variable during Jade intercourse
v0.4 Extra
- Add Episode 4
- Add relationships screen
- Add keyboard shortcuts for relationships and codex
- Update help screen
- Tweak relationships of censored version
- Add option to set say box transparency (thanks to fantasie)
- Add option to disable codex notifications
- Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to somebodynobody)
- Make location labels more legible (thanks to somebodynobody)
- Fix gallery scenes ending prematurely (thanks to K18)
- ep001: Removed logo in medbay scene
- ep002: Match text with render
- ep002: Tweak mention of the dangers of bursting the SK-drive (thanks to Nej_Aldrig)
- ep003: Fix instances of boverin and boverine, proper capitalization (thanks to Morbil)
- ep003: Add extra doggy render during simulation threesomes (thanks to Merlin)
- ep003: Make Lilly's comments a little more nuanced (thanks to DrFree)
- ep003: Fix scene flow in simulation (thanks to Merlin, Gratisexemplar and Hellchimp)
- ep003: Fix Kit's eye blinking (thanks to Merlin)
- ep003: Fix typo (thanks to baloneysammich)
- ep003: Remove Ziv from bar when mission completed (thanks to Morbil)
- ep003: Fix conversation with Lilly and Céline referring to already completed event (thanks to Morbil and lemonfreak)
- ep003: Fix Lilly conversation about Sagueliath (thanks to Morbil)
- ep003: Fix non-variable player mention (thanks to K18)
- ep003: Fix incorrect speaker (thanks to K18)
- extras: Switch render order (thanks to Merlin)
v0.3 Extra
- Add Episode 3
- Color grading for all artwork
- Add wait tags where appropriate

- Cleanup package routine (thanks to Morbil)
- ep002: Fix missing variables in scene replay (thanks to K18)
- ep002: Use show instead of scenef or animations
- ep002: Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to Morbil)
- ep001: Fix sentence structures (thanks to Dreamweaver)
- ep001: Fix wording (thanks to RunningAroundInCircles)
- extras: Use name variable (thanks to Laziness)
- 14 animations

- ep001: Fix various renders (thanks to HoboCop86)
- ep001: Spelling and grammar corrections (thanks to Pheline)
- ep001: Fix mention of incorrect rank (thanks to 0blivion)
Release Standard Edition


Android (Compressed) - ANONFILE - MEGA

Incest Patch - Lewd Patcher

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