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[MOD] SuperPowered Universal Cheat Mod (Any Build) and Replay Customization Mod (Build 25.00+)


Firstly I would like to explain my Universal Cheat Mod. To be honest, it's not as great as the mod SLDR gives us, but it's not meant to replace it in the first place; It's meant to be used alongside or without it. As of 6/9/2018 and Build 25.00, these are some of the major features of the Universal Cheat Mod
It works with any Game Version Modded or Unmodded (and should be compatible with all future versions).
It works with or without SLDR's Mod and with or without the Replay Customization Mod
It allows you to Summon Characters onto the scene, making it so you don't have to go look for them.
Modify the player's stats!
Includes a Reset Option, Which allows you to do options like Quickie, or small favor or large favor, multiple times without having to wait until the next day.
It allows the Adjustment of Love, Lust, Inhibition, Corruption, Willpower, Control, and Favor
It allows you to instantly Suppress, Re-calibrate, or Reprogram someone when in their specific character Cheat Menu
It allows you to Finish All Programming for all characters immediately or failing that, by the next time you go to sleep.
You can toggle if they are Obsessive or Nymphomaniacs.
All (current) characters have their Cheat Menus done already.
There is a gallery mode where you can look at different poses and outfits you want them in (If the outfit is not found in the images there will be an error. Just press ignore and don't press it again)
The Mod is tied to a hotkey and is activated whenever you press the "," or Comma Key. I will not answer the question of how to activate the mod because it is plainly written right here.
While the Universal Cheat Mod works with any version, The Replay Customization Mod might not. It may work with other versions, but only if that version hasn't changed the code within the 'func_replay.rpy' file. I don't know if any of you realize it but there is a large problem with the replay scene system and that problem is that your flaws, detriments, perks are not accounted for during the replay (They are accounted for when you encounter the scene in game, just not in the replays). For example you play the Mother Nympho scene, if you have the Incest Flaw, your characters ends up enjoying the scene. But in the replay, you don't have the incest flaw so your character will always end up being disgusted by the mother's actions. That is why I made this mod; So that you can have different flaws and perks in order to trigger different scenes within the Replay.

Here's how the replay mod works...It works in conjunction with the Universal Cheat Mod and is activated the same way as the Universal cheat Mod and is on page 3 of the cheat menu. On Page 3 of the Cheat Menu, you set up your Replay Value Defaults. These set up how you want the Replay scenes to play by default. There are 13 Customization Options, one for each flaw and one for the Well Endowed Perk. In addition there is a Skip Replay Customization Toggle, allowing you to skip the Customization and use only the default settings (once again set on Page 3 of the Cheat Menu) for the scene.

To Install the mods just drop the extracted files into the game folder within the SuperPowered Folder.

Remember the Replay mod can NOT work without the Universal Customization Mod.
Also Remember the Mod is tied to a hotkey and is activated whenever you press the "," or Comma Key.

If you have any tips on how to improve the code, I would appreciate them. I'm not as familiar with Ren'py as I am with other various gaming engines and want to improve.
That should be everything...I think. Enjoy
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