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Developer: SunSity Patreon
Version: 1.05
Release Date: 2021-01-23
Last Updated: 2021-01-23
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
3DCG, Male Protagonist, Corruption, Groping, Male Domination, Oral Sex, Spanking, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Romance, Anal, Sandbox, Strip

Our game is not a familiar visual novel. This is an erotic sandbox with survival elements. The game is actively developing and it will depend on you what it will be in the final.​

v1.05 :
  • Start the quest “Passionate Dates”.
  • A camera has been added to the electrical shop.
  • With the camera in your inventory, you can take photos (by pressing the "p" button).
  • A gallery has been added to the smartphone where you can view your photos.
  • Reduced NPC files, which should speed up the launch of the game.
  • You can now buy a more favorable tariff for calls from a smartphone in an electrical store.
  • Editor - You can now access character editing from the info panel.
  • Editor - Added new clothes - "Dress with flowers".
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Princess Leia(Carrie Fisher), Satomi Ishihara, Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning).
  • Fixed several bugs.
v1.00 :
  • The angry girl doesn't pick up the phone.
  • Dressing up in casual clothes when calling a girl on the phone.
  • The number of girl calls by smartphone is limited.
  • New Love Action - Handjob.
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Kitty Pryde(Ellen Pryde), Taylor Darling, Vampire Queen(Salma Hayek).
  • Fixed several bugs.
  • There are two new NPCs working in the strip club.
  • In the strip club, you can now order a “dance” or “lap dance”.
  • The player now has a smartphone.
  • Information about girls in the smartphone.
  • Private detective in the smartphone (like in a computer).
  • Information about the player in the smartphone.
  • You can play on your smartphone, increasing your joy (efficiency is less than that of a computer).
  • You can call the NPC from your smartphone. Talk, call to yourself or find out where the NPC is.
  • With Exploration 1.0, you can exchange phone numbers with the NPC (Actions - Other).
  • A drug dealer can now be found in the park.
  • Drugs temporarily increase the Love of the drug dealer.
  • Drugs temporarily increase the Submission of the drug dealer.
  • Drugs temporarily increase the Depravity of the drug dealer.
  • Now you can reset the taken quest in the NPC menu.
  • Refrigerator 3 levels (even better than 2 level).
  • A message about the player gaining a skill level.
  • Editor - all default clothes sets are now available to replace the current clothes set in the editor.
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Ariana, Catwoman, Maggie Greene.
  • Minor changes: gray for inactive Actions, renaming NPCs in the info panel, house numbers on the map, NPC addresses in the info panel.
  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Finale of the quest «Easy money».
  • After completing the quest «Easy money», the NPC can earn money for the player in the strip club.
  • New activity in a private place - "Party show". Unlocked by completing the «Easy Money» quest.
  • Editor - Added a new lingerie set.
  • It is now possible to use a fantasy set of clothes in the main game, replacing any other (there are restrictions).
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Jennifer Сonnelly, Scarlet Witch, Rachel Green.
  • Small editor for fantasy appearances.
  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Continuation of the quest "Easy Money".
  • Added an alcohol system that increases joy, but has consequences.
  • Alcoholic drinks: beer, champagne, vodka, cognac.
  • Also added a hangover that has negative effects, which, however, can be removed. The drug for this can now be bought at the pharmacy.
  • New location strip club. So far only for the quest.
  • Hints for completing the quest have been added to the game.
  • Expanded statistics of interactions with NPCs.
  • Added loading of default appearances in the editor.
  • Also in the main game, you can now use fantasy appearances.
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Buffy, Kajol, Alexandra.
  • Fixed several bugs.
v 0.80:
  • Stage 2 of the “Easy Money” quest.
  • Lap dance in Love and Submission actions (unlocked by completing the quest Easy Money).
  • The ability to work at a construction site. Good money, but a lot of thirst and fatigue.
  • New fridge - 2 times more space and 2 times longer storage time.
  • New location with a shop in the mall.
  • In the new location, you can buy 2 bags that increase your inventory.
  • And a shelf for the player's room (inventory more than in the closet).
  • 24-hour shop with everything you need close to home.
  • Editor - Sort the list of available clothes alphabetically and by ID.
  • Three new fantasy characters.
  • Fixed several bugs.



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