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Tech Devil

Developer: Oceanlab Patreon Discord
Chapter 2
Release Date: 2020-01-10
Last Updated: 2020-01-10
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Big tits, Big ass, Incest, Male Protagonist, Romance, School setting, Violence, Virgin
After a traumatic experience, a young spirit tries to find its way back into life. College is about to start and mysteries are about to unfold.

Chapter 2 Final version:
I fixed over 120 spelling/grammar mistakes thanks to PeeM!
I fixed several coding errors and made sure saves will work in Chapter 3.
Added new unlockable Xtra scenes to the gallery for the following girls:
- 2 new Nami (Total 5)
- 2 new Bella (Total 4)
- Added Nadia Xtra scenes (3)
- Added Maya Xtra scenes (2)
- Added Mila Xtra scenes (3)
- A cinematic intro for Chapter 2 was added. (30 seconds long)
- Background music/noise added to several scenes.
- Over 100 images were overhauled in post-production due to the contrast/saturation error my old monitor had.

Chapter 2 Beta (fixed)
Fixed the "bellaknee", "bellameet" & "namisextalk" & "Bellasafe" error.
I fixed several typos and grammar errors (Thanks to Lint!)
In the beta release, I forgot to work on one route. This one has been added now. (If you didn't tell Bella about Mario.)
I added some small sub-routes if you told Bella off.

Chapter 2 Beta
~ 1230 still renders added.
~ Another 180 renders in some animations
5 videos added.
Gallery with Extra scenes added
Custom Gui added (Work in progress)
Interactive messenger System added.
Chapter 2 does not contain any sex scenes yet! If you're here for a fap, I advise you to come back later.

Chapter 1a:
Quality of life changes. You don't need to play this update if you already played Chapter 1.
- Some typos fixed.
- Fade in for the main menu music (no more dead ears.)
- Textbox is now hidden when there is only a picture change. (No more blank text boxes).
- Added a default name for the wheelchair girl (Victoria).

Chapter 1:
- Introduction
- 735 Render

Developer Notes:
This isn't a game for people who want a fast fap. Story build up needs it's time.

Win/Lin - MEGA
Mac - MEGA

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