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Developer: TinyHat Studios Patreon - Website
Version: 0.7P
Release Date: 2020-06-17
Last Updated: 2020-06-25
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Voices: English
2DCG, Animated, Monster Girl, Monster, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Handjob, Management, Titfuck, Creampie, Voiced, Mobile Game, Sex toys

Spooky Starlets is a management simulation game about creativity, experimentation, and risk vs reward. Create your own unique adult films featuring your favorite characters and see how successful you are able to make your studio!​

- New Animation: Handjob is in! All of the animations are in the game now!
- Voice Acting: All of the four Patreon exclusive girls have voiced intros now!
- Drusilla Intro Scene + Voice Acting: Brand new scene for Drusilla, fully voice acted!
- Redd Story Arc: You can level up Redd and access her second and third scenes now
- Updated UI Overhaul: We're getting more UI elements incorporated & functional
- Event Cards: There are now cards which let you draw or discard cards!
- Optional Game Intro: You can now skip the intro with Claire!

- - - KNOWN BUGS - - -
- Lucy's Intro is done and voiced, but it doesn't seem to be triggering
- Temporarily disabled the starlet button
- The new skip scene button in the upper right doesn't work yet
- The bonus girls are missing upper left icons for the time being
- Card count & money count not updating based off of board state yet, other currencies are
- New Animation: Moneyshot! A classic.
- Sex Sounds & Voice Acting: For all of the starlets except for the crossover ones!
- Drusilla Intro Scene + Voice Acting: Brand new scene for Drusilla, fully voice acted!
- Francine Intro Scene + Voice Acting: Added voice acting to Francine's scene!
- Redd Intro Scene + Voice Acting: Added voice acting to Redd's scene!
- Rella Intro Scene: New intro scene for Rella! No voice acting yet.
- Updated UI Overhaul: We're continuing to tweak and improve aspects of the UI!
- Enlarged Animations: We got rid of some dead space and put more focus on the action!
- Optional Game Intro: You can now skip the intro with Claire!
- New Starlet: Baguette Girl! Comes with all of the implemented animations!
- New CG: Baguette Girl giving a breadjob(?)
- New Animation: Groupshot! Spunk lovers rejoice!
- New Voice Acting: Susie's animations and intro VN sequence is now fully voiced! More moans, gags, and voice lines on the way for the other girls!
- Expanded VN Functionality: New emotion/pose artwork for Claire worked into her dialogue! Coming to the other starlets soon as well!
  • New Character: Camellia! Voice acting, CG, group service skin
  • New Animation Added! Group Service, available to all starlets
  • New Songs! Taking It Slow - Lights, Camera, Hustle - Squeaky Clean
  • Fully Voiced Intro! Claire Casey and the game's intro is now voiced
  • New Background Theme! Swords & Sorcery theme now has a new background
  • Starlet Costumes! The main four starlets all have alternate costumes for scifi, while Susie and Redd have alternate costumes for all themes!
  • Added new intro sex scene when you start the tutorial
  • Updated tutorial to feature the new tutorial character
  • All Patreon-Exclusive Starlets have been given their unique positions! Unique positions unlocked once you buy the Starlet Spotlight upgrade for that Starlet.
  • Alicia from Crisis Point Extinction has been added to the game, with voice acting from Diana Lockheart!
  • Fixed bug where starting a new game after getting the good end would lead to an auto-end.
  • Rella and Lucy have been given their voiced select lines
  • Vivian and Blibby have been added to the game, along with their CGs
  • Drusilla's ability should now work as intended, though the UI makes is a bit confusing still.
  • Tutorial Covering Core Gameplay Added
  • Lucy Lovette and her CGs have been added to the game and gallery!
  • Added Rella's new unlockable CGs to the game
  • Added a quit button
  • Added unlockable CGs for purchasing a Starlet's perk.
  • Added a gallery mode for viewing unlocked CGs.
  • Fixed minor UI issues and errors.
  • Stars exchange out at a rate of 15 gold per star for the time being.
  • Added increased starting money and time.
  • Changed the way the coffee with caseworker perk works, less stars traded for less time, more per star value however.
  • Added a preview of Rella, black silhouette, which links back to the Patreon
  • Added clarifications that the game is currently a first initial progress build
  • Added Rella Rotten, her special ability, and her favorites to the game. Her unique position and voice line will be coming in the near future as our team works on those aspects of her.
  • Made the player's overall budget, stars, time, etc more visible from Newgrounds version.
  • Attempted to make earning money from a movie more intuitive and easy to understand.
  • Added some additional tooltips, changed styling of existing tooltips.
  • Improved feedback of various interactable buttons.


Win - MEGA
Linux - MEGA
Mac - MEGA

Screenshot__2001_.png Screenshot__2000_.png Screenshot__2003_.png 287055_Susie_-_CG_-_Any_Way_You_Like.png 287045_Drusilla_-_CG_-_Milkies.png 287046_Francine_CG_Nsfw.png 287047_Redd_CG_Cloak_Light.png Screenshot__2004_.png 287038_screenshot.5.png 287039_screenshot.1.png 287040_screenshot.4.png 287041_screenshot.3.png
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