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[Unity] SlaveBar [v191115p] [Nymphokyun]


Tech Devil

Developer: NymphoKyun - Patreon
Version: 191115p
Release Date: 2019-11-11
Last Updated: 2019-11-11
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D Game, Adventure, Animated, Beastiality, Breeding, Hunting, Female protagonist, Pregnancy, Slave
In a world ruled by high-elfs a human slave is trying to survive, as it is given a chance to earn its freedom by fulfilling the conditions of an one of a kind pact between a slaa and an noble.

You open a bar to get money, yet not just a simple bar, but one for noble's fetishes. As the dishes served here are made out of body fluids, gathered thru a mating act. For that reason, you have a whole farm with various h-slaves to harvest from :3

None yet

- Cow x Horse anim as futa (can be tested as Nishy via ground mastb arrouse)
- Poll Anim: Cow x Hound + extra (2'nd place as a bonus anim ; 2 loops, 2 endings)
- Building Menu redone: replacing popup with live props selection (something like with Slaves Shop)
  • Buildings Lvling available (works with equipped to milking parlor)
  • Upgrade price progression
  • Conditions to build (requirements of other constructions to be built or specific lvls from a certain construction)
- Milking parlor: lvling up, multiple milking parlors (unlocked based on conditions)
  • As of now it gives no bonuses, just visual change
- Atmosphere Color-tints (greenish, normal, other colors tints) : fluidly blending from one to another
- Cloths break
  • break on first forced attack
  • state is saved (game load and undress)
- Several new effects: burst on cloths tear, stun overhead anim
- Undressing polished + added all the other items (lockable for char progression)
  • only panties will stay as a separate mesh (animated and influeced by wetness), the rest will be stocked in a bag
- Save and load spawned/left items on the map
  • on each new day there's a 40% chance of it dissapearing (being stolen)
- New icons for several items (bucket, cls:upper,lower,access)
- Stun state and teared cloths detection
- Polished male detection and assault (on Hound)
  • Now: detect > wait in attack pose>(your distance from him changed more then 5 units or you waited more then 10 sec) he chases his target > (if Normal cls) break cloths + stun for 8 seconds / (if Teared cls) rape
- Dripping if aroused (higher then 60%) and panties are off (only Nishy)
- Cloths repair terminal (cash to restore teared cloths)
- Controls Tips
  • Can be toggled On/Off in Pause>Controls>Tips
  • More tips where added in popups and hActs
- Bugs fixed
  • Wet cloths for nishy, overdressing panties, saving panties off, ftaMode while crouched, stats while hact, pause menu controls, endless male hActs, no stamina hacts with males, pause menu - dissapearing graphics, closing dialogue history with 'v' key, autoUncall slave when stamina is 0, tutorial recipe dialogue, other smaller ones
- Stallion: Taming BlowJob
- Use Shift + Interact (LMB) to trigger that animation
- Hound added to SlaveShop
- Unequip command (when only 1 fapet is equipped to mParlor : MMB>RMB>Unequip)
- Polished Nishy's erection
New Stuff
New monster-male: Hound
- Hound: Basic Anims
- Hound x Bunny hAnims (2 loops, 1 end)
- Item Shop with items limited quantity + save-load and restock (once every 7 days)
- Shop categories: Items, Buy Slaves, Sell Slaves
*with visual tip helper
- Shop: more fapets for sale (including males)
- Arrousment Gauge polish (animation on fill)
- Nishy futa mode polish: erection based on arrausment (supports panties off and on)
- Male virginity (given to)
- Futa virginity (as female with males and as male with females)
- Stats boosts on new breeds (40% chance of getting a boost)
- Panties break on vag/anal rapes or birthing (for Nishy)
- Poll Anim: Stallion x Cow (1 loop, 1 end)

- Bucket as item (was moved to items): can be purchased in the shop
- Bucket saved (including last placed position)
*note: if installed in a milking parlor it'll be loaded near it
- Erect polish (on males and Futa nishy)
- Partial Unification of males scripts
*could cause new bugs
- BugFixes
*gauges in stats, having controls while chat, stamina clamped to max
male scripts mostly unified with females
*HUD hide and show, After Mastb lock, Slots unlocked, Camera focus on taming,whip on hook,sheep's mastb anim (mouth blob), various other bugs
/ Tips
This time around i snuk the tips into some treasure chests, read them to uncover some hidden stuff |3
Also there's a total of 7 treasure chests.
Still, a quick one - leave the first Treasure chest for the end.

/ Other perks
- Bunny Rider thing (should work in previous build, not sure about this one)
*equip bunnny and HorseHumanoid > go get carrots > go read Bunnny recipe -- she should start flying after you (go back to barn if she doesn't come at you >.<)

Note: if not, try doing a daypass (after equiping both) > reequip both > do the rest from the above
password: "nymphokyun"

/ New Stuff:
  • Fixed the slot selection and saving issues
  • Added more hAnims for HorseA's Taming
    *variations for first taming part and an alternative ending
  • F4: Toggles UI's visibility
  • MMB: Target Camera (targets the creature you're facing)
    *especially useful in watching hActs
    *creature must be in somewhat close range
  • Camera controls changed:
    *F mode: LMB - orbit, RMB - panning, MMB - Target Mode (toggle)
  • Stats display changed
  • Added 'Masturbation Arrouse' (only female slaves)
    *They can now be staked, 5 masturbations will give a range bonus in the next hAct
  • Saving: only thru Checkpoints (appears after capturing your first bunny)
  • Loading: only from title screen (for now at least)
    *also loads Nishy's saved world position
/ Special
  • Summer cloths and hairstyle for nishy
/ Additional things:
  • Whip can be thrown back on the hook
  • More interesting random names >.<
  • Nishy will start watching the nearby hAct if left idle for a few seconds |3
    *You can skip the wait by pressing Left Ctrl (while in the range of an hAct of course)
Known Bugs:
// Known Bugs
- [Tutorial] Controls on while dialogue
- Dialogue History
- Bunnies carrot in hand (invisible)
- QuickSlots: switching to Skills and back (bugs the contents)
- Hallowing (hact invisibility) only on main meshes


Win - MEGA

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