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Developer: Eclipsed Works - SubscribeStar - Discord
Version: 0.40
Release Date: 2020-01-09
Last Updated: 2020-01-28
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
System requirements (min): CPU: Pentium4 2.0 GHz; RAM: 1 GB; VRAM: 128 MB; HDD: ~1 GB
2DCG, Animated, Anal sex, BDSM, Corruption, Creampie, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Futa , Group sex, Handjob, Lesbian, Monster girl, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Romance, Sandbox, Turn-based combat, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Voiced, Voyeurism,

Forced, Beast, Villain protagonist, Abuse, Egg laying, Ryona, Nipple fuck, Glory hole

You awaken after an indeterminable amount of time as Tiamat, a Dragoness and heir to an unknown heritage. Emerging from the bowels of a mountain, you come face to face with the continent of Dilmoon. This world is filled with peaceful settlements of Humans, mysterious tribes of Orcs, ruins teeming with trickster spirits and scorching deserts, caverns, and forests populated with Naga, Goblins, Fae and various species of all shapes and sizes. You may not remember much about this world but there is a deep seated urge inside you, driving you to take these disparate and divided peoples and mold them in your image. How you choose to claim Dilmoon is up to you. Will you rule with an iron fist, casting all you encounter into debauchery and bringing whoever stands in your way to heel? Or will you use a lighter touch, showing everyone the joy that comes from the resplendent ecstasy borne of serving under your consoling caress? And what of your origins? Are you truly the last of your kind? A forgotten legend born anew? Answers, power, and unimaginable pleasures await you taking the reins, and starting the journey towards claiming what you know with the utmost certainty is your absolute, and undeniable birthright. Welcome to the Shattered Lands.

This is a small update but it lays the groundwork for many updates to come. First things first, we've changed the versioning setup we use to better reflect the current state of the game's and more effectively communicate the game's current completion level to you all. We're now following a major.minor.patch framework that should be much better at letting everyone know where we're at with a glance. For instance, 1.0 would indicate a completed game, 0.33 would indicate we're about 30% through the game and we're on the third content patch for that given area. This should make things easier to understand for everyone going forward!

As for the build itself we've added one of the most important features to date, the journal! By pressing the J key at almost any time you can now bring up the journal. Depending on the tab you select you can view the level of your stats, the levels of your current relationships, your current active quests, or receive a summary of the story you've played through so far. Along with this new feature you can now upgrade your stats anywhere instead of only in the cave. This should better help people understand that their stats are up-gradable and make it easier for them to choose when they want to level up. We've also fixed a few bugs such as certain scenes not playing properly in the gallery and have added every quest to the journal so whether you're starting a new game or starting from scratch you'll always know where to go and what you need to do in order to move forward!
There is a lot new with this build and I don't want to spoil too much for you but know that this build heralds the exciting end to Tiamat's adventures with the Visseron tribe and you'll finally be able to present who you think the culprit behind Chieftain Entralla's death is! This culminates into no less than 9 potential ending scenarios to choose from along with each having various effects relevant to the scenario you chose. This will also affect how things may play out for the rest of the game so feel free to pick whichever one you think is best!

Along with that story thread ending we've got 4 new fully animated sex scenes to show off! Two are brand new and related to the Visseron story and the other two are updated scenes, Aurora's Cleansing scene and Tiamat's doggy style brothel scene. You can access these older scenes from the gallery if you've unlocked them already. And for scenes that have been replaced if, they were done by another artist and you had a preference for them you can still access them when selecting the scene by simply clicking the button that corresponds to the artist's badge color!

A big group of bugs and typos slain.
Whats new?
New outfit for Ixsy
You voted for it so you've got it. Ixsy now has a new sexy little alchemist number she can rock. Not only that but she now has the ability to change her clothes. All you have to do it talk to her and let you know what you want her to wear!
Can now enter the deep forest!
The deep forest is where the particularly vicious ferals live that constantly harass the orcs. You'll need to start off there and explore the regular forest until the option to explore the deep forest pops up to advance the story. Perhaps you'll find things there that you didn't expect. The deep forest will reappear later as the importance of the ferals becomes more apparent.
Continuation of the story
The next section of the Visseron camp has been implemented and there is new content regarding the investigation along with the issues that the orcs are dealing with flaring up. Tiamat will have to navigate this situation and find out the way she can use it to her advantage and gather more information.
New sex scene!
We have a brand new sex scene to show off, but this one is much different from the other ones. Its fully animated. During the investigation you'll be given the option to challenge Impole and from there Tiamat can take him for a ride. We're still testing out things and improving others but with the advent of this scene we're planning on having every sex scene going forward be animated! This is a huge step for Shattered Lands and we hope you enjoy it and gladly welcome feedback on it!

A whole lot of bugfixes!

What's New?
Lil''s third shard is now available. You can find it In the new area, the Visseron orc camp.
New dialogues have been added for Lil's third shard. Find out even more about her and where she comes from while seeing the effects you actions are having on her.
New sprites are visible for Lil. Based on how you've been helping her the cumulative effects of those changes will finally begin to show and they will also reflect in her sex scenes. Have we gotten closer to seeing what Lil truly looked like before her injury?
One of three new sex scenes! Lil and Tiamat have some fun engaging in some nipple play, along with dialogue tweaks depending on her current state of mind.
New map outlines have been added to show Tiamat's current progress through the world. Area's outlined in gold are under her control while area's outline in grey have yet to be conquered. Area's outline in purple are Lahamu's domain.
Ixsy's dialogues have been updated to reflect the current state of the game.
Once you've completed Lumon's hearth you can ask ixsy new question and find out more information about her and her people depending on how well your relationship with her is going.
The second of three sex scenes. Tiamat and Ixsy have a little fun while Ixsy tries to hold it together in front of a customer!
Lumon's hearth has been updated!
Learn about the effects Tiamat has had on Lumon's Hearth and its people.
Aurora can now be convered with and has several things to say about the current state of Lumon's hearth.
Aurora can now change her clothes by talking with Tiamat as well!
Nenet also can be talked to about the state of Lumon's Hearth and, depending on the route you took, might be hiding something special.
Nenet can now also change her clothes by talking with Tiamat
Visseron camp has been unlocked!
Third of three new sex scenes. Ishtolba is a ritualistic form of combat that Orcs engage in with each other for dominance and to settle disputes. You'll get the opportunity to take terra on one on one as soon as you get to the camp!
The Amulet of Whispers has been implemented. Goddess Tier patrons can now see their messages in game!
Along with the amulet, Pixiewillows first apperance as the voice of Ninhursag occurs when you are first introduced to it!
The twins Kitlyn and Katala have been implemented. You can find them and learn more about them in the Visseron camp.
Justthequeenie also makes her debut as the voice of the twins!
First two sections of the Visseron camp have also been implemented

Developer Notes:
info for may 17, 2019

basically me and lawelite have been putting in all free time we have available, i'm still putting in my free time working on a new sex scene, and we even decided to pay out of pocket to have another artist help with the getting the visuals out for content. The main purpose of adding these notes however is that I wanted to draw attention to the trailer lawelite took time to put together to showcase the upcoming voice acting.

This game has been the culmination of a lot work, and would not be possible without Lawelite joining me in development and dedicating a sizable portion of time to working on all the writing and audio while I handle the programming and art. I generally welcome anyone who wants to contact me or talk with me about the game to add me. Shattered Lands has a lot of content planned already, but it is something I want those who enjoy the game to actively give me feedback on, as well as help me prioritize what content I will be pushing out first. Reporting any mistakes, potential bugs, or any general questions or just discussions on the game are more than welcome

I will be adding a better way to communicate the controls later, but for now this will do:
mouse/lmb for most interaction
hold S skips through dialogue quickly
V toggles text so you can better see whats going on
T toggles the stat box, you can toggle it on and off so it is not in your way if it is not explicitly needed
J open the journal


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