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  1. Be respectful towards each other. Point out your opinions, but don't attack or troll others.
  2. Please don't use this site to hookup with people this is a forum not a dating site.
  3. Keep the discussion relevant to the topic and avoid going into controversial issues.
  4. Please don't spam advertisements here. Do not spam.
  5. No Real Life Bestiality is allowed.
  6. Staff have a final say in any decisions, respect their post(position) and acknowledge their authority.
  7. Please provide English translation if your post is in other language.
  8. Any Content or discussion of depicting nudity or sexualization involving prepubescent character(s) (visually shows no sign of puberty) is prohibited. even referencing those characters in a sexual manner not permitted. Unrealistic character are generally accepted. Be sure to inform a staff member if anything related to this is posted anywhere. The staff will have a final say in it.
  9. Do not create alt account for liking you own content or to review bomb a thread.
  10. Alt accounts are allowed as long as they're not used to break any of the above rules, or abusing the system or deceiving the community .
Uploads and Links
  1. Do not use any sites redirecting to ads or promotional webpages
  2. Please Refer to File Hosting Sites to use for uploading any content
  3. Do not upload any links containing any Adware, Malware, Trojans, Viruses, etc.
  4. Password protected links are not permitted.
  5. Uploads from any un-Approved users will go through Staff before they are made public.
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