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Developer: Jill Gates - Website - Patreon
Version: 0.65
Release Date: 2021-01-18
Last Updated: 2021-01-26
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Other Games: Sword of Wonder
3DCG, Female Protagonist, Harem, Lesbian, Adventure, Fantasy, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Romance, Vaginal Sex

Polly, heir to the throne, is anxious about her duties in ascending to such a responsibility. Among them, producing an heir, ruling and being with a man. Does she pursue her destiny, or does she carve her own path?​

Romancing the Kingdom .60 has over 360 new images, 7+ animations (3 in 30 FPS) and more in the new update. In total, Romancing the Kingdom now has over 1,100+ images. This update was so big, 20% of all images and animations in the game are brand new in this specific update. Awesome right? :)

Detailed release notes:
Game play now goes through day 17 (one of the longest days in the game), this sets up the "back half," of the story and introduces a character that you may have seen in Sword of Wonder.

Other notes and improvements:
  • Dialogue, text in the new version is about 20% of the total game to date, as well as the images (there's a lot of content).
  • The prologue improved in the .56 version, this one also contains a revamped set of scenes for the first day (day 0 in game) where Polly meets Jack.
  • Spelling, grammar and bug fixes a plenty to ensure the experience is amazing.

A few helpful people identified some bugs along the Briley path in Romancing the Kingdom; one of which resulted in a player only being able to experience the first ~9-11 days of content, instead of the full 16 days of content that's available in the current version.

So I fixed those errors, updated the function to ensure that if you play from an older release it still works and also I swapped out ~20 or so images that I wasn't thrilled with from early in the game (prologue, also the repeating Polly & Jack kitchen scene).

Last, I've compressed more of the PNG images so the overall footprint of the file is a bit smaller.


  • 90+ brand new images
  • Three new animations, Many news scenes, with more story and writing in this update than the previous .50 update.
  • One new day in game play that advances the story significantly.

  • 88 new images in game (71 story, 30 animation) (compared to a total of 74 last month with animation, so a bit more visuals).
  • 6 new riding to Camelot renders (previously just referred to as "the city,")
  • 42 Camelot arrival and inn with Polly's interrogation of the Inn's staff
  • 10 Camelot departure scene
  • 9 new throne room scene
  • 3 new travel / background images
  • 1 new 30 frame animation (f/f oral scene)

What's new in this release?
First, clearly, there's the new name. Then you'll notice the new game & title screens, the credits (if you get to the end of the current release) and of course 60+ renders, new animation and more.
This is the biggest update I've ever done over a month (or in this case, 5 weeks). I think you'll love the many bug fixes, improvements and new scenes.


Mac (v0.60) - MEGA - WORKUPLOAD
Linux (v0.60) - MEGA - WORKUPLOAD

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