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Tech Devil

Developer: Ferdafs Patreon
Version: 2.57f
Release Date: 2020-07-14
Last Updated: 2020-07-14
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux
Language: English
2DCG, Male protagonist, Parody, Sci-fi, Humor, Animated, Blackmail, Footjob, Oral sex, Titfuck, Urination, Voyeurism, Incest, Mobile game, Vaginal sex

You play as Morty and get to explore the town and meet the residence, establishing relationships as you go.​

Patch 2_6 is finally here, I'd like start by thanking you all for your patience.
-81 unique CGs
-2 brand new models (one of which is top secret and I'll probably introduce later this month or during next patch.)
-4 new animations
-1 updated model
-3 new events

To start the patch:
*Talk to Beth during night.
*Talk to Summer
The patch includes 4 events:
-Summer main route
-Beth main route
-Potion Morty route
And a Reka route
55 unique CG’s, 5 animations, 6 new backgrounds, 2 new models, 2 updated models.
To start the events on this patch
-Talk to Summer
-Message Tricia on your phone
-Message Ma-sha on your phone
(There is an optional very short conversation with Rick you can have before you do the Summer quest but it’s nothing special.)
The patch is mainly focused on Summer and her very long route, but Ma-sha and Tricia also have pretty long routes. I honestly thought my hand would fall off at one point from drawing CG’s.
5 new animations , 45+ unique CG’s.
Would have been a lot easier if Gazorpians didn’t have 6 arms but I suppose it can’t be helped.
There are 4 events in total, 2 Beth events, 1 Summer and 1 Morticia
Apparently my new Unity hadn't saved my compression settings so the files got up to 10gb once they were extracted. This is a fix for that. I've also fixed some additional small stuff like leaving the mindblower room and some other stuff.
Mac and Android not released.
This patch is focused mostly on Summer but there is also a very long Gazorpazorp route. If you continue from your own saves, you might have to replay the scenes with Gwendolyn but after that you can continue by going to Gazorpazorp.
-Interact with Summer at least 4 times.
-Go to Rick's car and fly to Gazorpazorp.
Android, MAC, IOS and Linux builds are currently building.
Patched version where the art scene (and supposedly the halloween scene) is fixed.
Beth Scenes - Two seperate night crawling scenes. Go to bed early and Beth will sneak into Morty's room and some things will happen while Morty is sleeping.
Art Class - Take sexy pictures together for a chance to win a fabulous prize! (In this case a matress) So Morty and Beth take some sexy pictures in her bedroom. Nothing really happens, just some sexy Beth in lingerie.
So in total you'll get 3 new scenes with Beth, so she got the most attention this update.
Summer Scene - More blowjob practice. Going a little further Summer will give an actual blowjob to Morty but he'll have a condom on. She'll kind of use her boobs too.
So only 1 new scene with Summer.
Morticia Scene - The actual Motricia content is very small. It begins with Morty going to that pawn shop (Developer sneaks in a Pawn Stars reference and I love it lmao) in space and Morty haggles for that sex bot (Gwendolyn). Morty of course has sex with it as soon as he gets home and to his room. Morticia is outside the door, masturbating to what she is hearing (Not animated). Sex bot flies out of the room when Morty is finished and the two start chasing after it, saying they will have to go to Gazorpazorp planet. You don't get to go to Gazorpazorp planet this patch though so..(To be continued next patch)
So I don't really know if I should say Motricia got a scene, it's mostly the sex bot you see, Morticia didn't get much love this update.
Tricia Scene - Her scene doesn't involve Morty. Basically Morty still wants help with Jessica and Tricia says she can try to get the teacher to switch lab partners so Morty can be paired with Jessica. Asks Morty if he wants her to just try her luck with flirting with the teacher or force her to do whatever it takes. I can't tell you what happens if you choose the whatever it takes options as I am not a fan of that kind of route but if you choose flirting you'll make her feel special and appreciated. You also get to peek in on her flirting, seeing some panties and clevage.
So only 1 new scene with Tricia.
Jessica Scene - Once you become her lab partner an accident happens and she drops a vial of liquid onto her shirt. She tells Morty she wants to get cleaned up but the only option is to use the men's showers at the school so she has him stand guard. While she is showering Morty takes a whiff of Jessica's panties and towards the end of the scene he peeks on Jessica in the shower.
1 Jessica Scene.
Other Details - Other little things I noticed what this update brought was additional locations, specifically space travel. You can't go to these locations yet (aside from the Pawn Shop for Motricia's scene) but the other two locations are the Gazorpazorp and Blips and Chitz.
-Keara event
-Morticia dare (Technically Summer event)
-Summer event (Yes, there are 2 Summer events in this patch.)
-Bathroom event
In Smith's residence (Morty's home), if you slide the menu lower, now you'll see the option for the mind blowers. Currently all the previous paths are available but I'll fix that very soon. A very requested feature. Took me a while to add this, hopefully everything is working correctly.
-Save text popup when you save (I know it's been hard to tell whether you're actually saving your game or not. Hopefully this will make it easier)
-Text outline (Another very requested feature in the game and it's finally here. Now even when you hide the ui border, the text sticks out.)
It’s a more Halloween focused patch. We’ve got 4 events again
(To start these events, Talk to Summer and the other one you can start by talking to Morticia.)
-Summer Event
-Tricia Event
-Jessica Event
-Morticia event

Walkthrough for v2:
-Go to Beth and talk to her during the night.
-Talk to Beth second night.
-Play a game with Morticia.
-Help Summer out.
There’s a hidden CG for Morticia but that’s optional.


Win - MEGA

Android (2.5f) - MEGA

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