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Developer: Naughty Netherpunch Patreon - Blog - Discord - Itch.io
Release Date: 2020-09-01
Last Updated: 2020-09-01
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
System requirements (min): CPU: 2.0GHz; RAM: 2GB; HDD: 1GB; RPG Tkool VX RTP
2D Game, 2DCG, Fantasy, Male protagonist, RPG, Erotic Adventure, Oral sex, Titfuck, Monster girl, Mobile game, Turn based combat, Creampie, Cosplay, Corruption, Big tits, Combat, BDSM, Vaginal sex, Pregnancy, Harem, Group sex, Anal sex
Renryuu: Ascension follows the story of Ryen, a half dragon-half human. After some sudden events Ryen becomes the King of his country and starts his dutys as the King in the castle while also traveling around when needed to take care of many problems inside and outside of the country.​

- New events for the Thremten thieves guild. It starts at the guild when you talk with Flaire. It requires that you advanced the main story to the point where you talked with commander at the Whitestone Citadel to get access to the Dhranholl mine for Katryx Ore (during the events to defeat Lace), you need to be either on Moriko's good path or when you raped her you need to have her second sex scene (which happens at the thieves guild), and you need to finish the events where Jenny was arrested and you investigate with police officer Nori to release her.
- After the events with the thieves guild, you can find Nori in Aldlyn for a new CG scene.
- Choosing the bad path for Flaire will give you a CG scene with her in your secret prison.
- When Moriko is on her good path, she'll get her first good CG scene after the events with the thieves guild.
- During the events with Queen Apelia of Begus, you went to Pumumu and talked with their leader Rutia. You can now find the girl Lili in the village after that event is done, and after a short introduction, Lili will move into your castle.

Her events currently end when she moves into your castle, but more events with her will be added later.
The update advances the events of the Orchel refugees, and you'll be able to finally help them out of their misery.
At the end of the event line, you're rewarded with CG scenes for Sariandi and Lymseia.
The event line will start when you talk with Maescia in Orchel now, while Kayelinth is in your party, and when you had the initial dialog with the twins Rina and Rena.
- Skip and hide buttons were added to the dialog box. The skip button can quickly advance you through dialogs, and the hide button will make the text box disappear until you click or press something again. In the options, you can bind a specific key for the skip and hide action as well.

The strategie battle system on the overview map was almost complele re-made. Changes include:
- New event and quest at the repaired barracks (where you met Mira), which will unlock the strategie battle system after you finished the quest.
- New overview of all squads of the vanguard forces. Every squad now has a unique leader and abilities, rather than a class based on it's weapon.
- Squads can now change equipment, and use abilities and items during combat.
- Base movement for all troops is now 3 tiles. It can be increased up to 5 tiles by equipping a horse. Every squad that uses a horse takes additional damage from enemies with lances.
- All squads heal automatically after a battle now.
- Squads gain stats when they level up.
- New research options for the army section of the laboratory.
- Enemies have a chance to drop loot now, and every map gives you loot for completing it.
- New arena function to fight up to 5 1on1 duels with one of your squads.
- All battles now start instantly, without having to wait for your vanguard to move there for several turns, and they can be repeated endlessly. Only exception is the bonus battle, which has a small chance to appear every turn and will disappear when you advanced a turn again or fought the battle once.
- Destroyable barricades were added. (You don't need to destroy them to win the battle)
- Enemy cavaliers will now walk a set path until they an enemy got in range, to simulate a patrol.
- Agility, crit chance, and evasion were added to the stats of the squads.
- Moral now affects the crit chance of your squad instead of the pure damage.
- Damage is not a fix value anymore, but has a range of +/-20%. Together with the chance of critical strikes and misses, this makes the result of the attack less predictable.
- Added a low chance each turn for a caravan to appear, which sells items for the vanguard forces.
- New event with Vampire and the Wind Spirit. It's starts in the top left corner of Aldlyn when the main story events and Vampire's events are advanced far enough.
- Added the solo CG scenes for the hellhounds Xyani and Liu.

- New skilltree pages replace the old skilltree, and can be accessed from the menu, same as before.
- Each party member received a unique skilltree page, which adds about 100 new skills into the game.
- The old skills and points you've invested remain, on the pages of different party members.
- All skills can be reset to regain the skillpoints now.
- A new quest starts when you talk with Grey at the sleeping chambers. Requires the previous event (Grey going drinking with Elly and having the three/foursome scene), the event with Scarlett making your portrait, and the first CG scene with Lady Akira at the brothel.
- Added the CG scenes for Dai-Xinyue and Shui at the hellhound village. Dai-Xinyue requries the relationship at 100+ and Shui requires that you sleep with Dai-Xinyue first.
- New event with Lind, which starts at the sleeping chambers when you had her thigh fuck scene, repaired the old barracks, and allowed female soldiers in the law and finances screen. The price for upgrading your units during Lind's event was reduced from 1 million gold to 500k.
- New event line with Mirel. It starts at the sleeping chambers and requires the previous events and Mirel at level 25 or higher.
- Changed the special arrow item. Instead of being used as requirement for certain skills, it can now be used in battle to give Mirel a temporary crit chance bonus.
- The hellhounds Luoyang and Yimu have solo CG scenes now. You need to get the relationship with them up to 100 by bringing them items from the hellhound dungeon in order to unlock the scenes.
- Fixed a bug with a CG of Lace, which refused to disappear after the scene was done.
- If your quest with Sandra for Bob didn't finish due to a bug in the last update, talking with Sandra will mark the quest as done now.
- Removed the Christmas elves, but you can replay all Christmas scenes at the note in the sleeping chamber.
- The CG scene for the weak mummy was added to the CG room.
- Added a reset option for Lace to bring her back to the start of the secret prison events. From there you now have the option of her good path. There are no CG scenes for her good path yet, nor does she get out of the prison yet.
- New event with Hellhound. It starts in the volcano in Amagal where you find orangium for Vampire, when you have Hellhound's and Vampire's events advanced far enough.
The main purpose of this update is to fix bugs during the events with Naevy and Moriko. If your party disappeared after the events with Naevy, you can enter and leave the bathhouse to reset your party back to normal.

As little extra, I also added the CG scene for the weak mummy girl.
- Akai got a new event. It's a short scene that start when you talk with her at the workshop after having her first scene and when you were at the beach at Amaranthe before. (This requirement was taken away from Grime's event with Akai. I originally wanted to combine them, but that would mean you only get the scene for Akai when Grime is on her good path, so I changed it.)
- Kurohime got new CGs for her first and third scene (both sex scenes). The second scene, the blowjob, has not been changed but due to the huge difference in art quality, I'll probably replace it later as well. Her first scene got slightly adjusted to fit the CGs better.
- New CG for the earthspirit sex scene in the forest near Ebron. [The CG remakes can be seen at the CG room!]
- The cowgirl Maxine appears at the Whisperwind farm after you've captured and released at least 3 cowgirls. She only has a short dialog so far.
- The book next to your bed now has the option to reset Irinlia's events (the Millwater murder case). The option for a "good path" was added to the end of these events, which happens when you give her to the soldiers rather than throwing her into your dungeon to rape her. Currently this only brings her to the Ironholm prison, but I want to add more "good path" events for her later. Also, Tsubaki's wound during the event with Irinlia isn't permanent anymore. Instead it's a debuff that reduces her max health until you removed it, for example by sleeping.
- The player now has the option not to rape Moriko during the chase of a criminal with her. (There is no reset for her events, as they don't change the outcome). The choice, whether to rape her or not, at the end of the chase now determines whether you leave her on the good or bad path. It's not possible to rape her anymore after making the choice to let her be.
- The CG scene for the custom girl of last years Christmas special is now done! Enjoy having fun with the girl of your dreams~
- I made a new system to save the party formation whenever the party is split, for example at the bathhouse. I had to manually apply it everywhere, so hopefully I haven't forgotten any places. :D
- I added a kiss during the dialog with Sandra before her first time events.
- Fixed some bugs, including problems with the butcher and research on the overview map.
- Fixed spelling mistakes.

- Mira now gets a stronger healing spell at level 30 and a stronger group healing spell at level 40 after she became a blessed angel. If she's already past these levels entering the CG room will "fix" the issue.

- Grime has a new event, which starts at the sleeping chambers when you had the first dialog with Akai at the work area, and have entered the Amaranthe beach at least once. Afterwards her good path CG scnee and impregnation is available from the CG room or by talking to the headmaid to ask her to bring Grime to your secret bedroom.

- Sandra has new events. After finishing her previous events, including the gambling scene at the Newkungu casino, and obtaining both the mithril lock pick and mithril pickaxe, a new dialog will start at the sleeping chamber. After finishing the quest with Bob talk with Sandra again at the sleeping chamber for a follow-up quest, which will bring you to an optional haunted house full of riddles.
The haunted house is optional and doesn't need to be finished to get Sandra's new scene, but finishing it will change Sandra's class and give her a few new skills. (The solution for all riddles in the haunted house are in the walkthrough)
To trigger Sandra's new scene talk with her again at the sleeping chambers after she has given you the quest to return to Glen after Bob's events.

- The android version should now display the proper image and name of the app, instead of "RPG Maker".
- Resources on the overview map are now color marked in dialog boxes.
- A Christmas elf has appeared in the castle in Aldlyn and is waiting for you to play with her
- Fixed a bunch of bug and corrected spelling mistakes, including some bugged constructions on the overview map.
- A second Christmas elf is at the Twin Ale Tower in Begus and needs your help to find some presents that she lost in Begus.
After helping the second elf you get to a screen where you can customize a girl, who will receive a sex scene around New Years Eve with all the details you picked. Out of curiosity I'd be happy if everyone could post their final result of what combination they liked the most.
- New research tree for the overview map.
- New buildings and production chains.
- Many buildings now cause upkeep. The upkeep is the amount of gold you need to spend for each turn you advance in the overview map. This is supposed to stop spamming the turn end button, especially for players that don't have much gold yet. (Obviously it won't stop people with millions....)
- After meeting the merchant Darude in front of the castle you get 1 offer each for selling or buying something, which changes each turn.
- Small chance of a fire each turn. Fire causes +300 gold upkeep until the damage has been repaired.
- The building cost reduction and mining speed are now research project and were removed from the skilltree. (You get the skillpoints back when you already had it).
- Costs of buildings and the amount they produce have changed.
- Work area near Aldlyn can be entered through the worldmap. It contains Akai's workshop. She can construct a new gun for Elly and sells gun attachments.
- "Gun attachments" added as a new equipment slot for Elly. The only one you can find outside of Akai's shop is at the snowruin where Elly brings you after you helped her during the first encounter with her. It's a target scope to increase hit and crit chance slightly.
- CG scene with Akai after you finish the construction of the special gun. You start it by selecting "Ask about Akai".
- Added the new screen for your vanguard units. You can enter it via the blue button below the tutorial, exit and turn end buttons. (The units on the overview map shouldn't be visible anymore)
- Added a message on the CG screen that will appear once to explain that you can trigger pregnancy when replaying scenes.
The random events for the newspaper, the equipment for vanguard units and the unit cap isn't done in this update and will be added later.

Other stuff:
- The update took longer than I wanted once again and didn't advance the parts that I wanted to focus on more. That's why my New Year's resolution is already clear. Get back to updates about every 2 weeks, finish the sex scenes for all main girls and finish all patreon stretch goal rewards. The rewards include the scenes for all elves in Orchel (CGs are almost all done by now) and a hellhound village which currently has 6 new hellhounds designed for and sex scenes are in the works.
- I have some CGs that got made over the years but are unlikely to be used anymore. That's why I thought it might be a good idea to reveal them on discord as a little treat over the holidays and get some feedback what you guys think about them.
- Another idea I had for Christmas was to make a little quiz on discord and give out Renryuu T-shirts as rewards. I'll anounce the time and day ahead of time once I know when I'll be able to do it. :D
- At the island Amaranthe a few people have gathered in the bottom right corner of the main island. Their dialog will start the events for a new character.
- Neya has a new event at the sleeping chambers after you went to the beach with her. Depending on who is available at the sleeping chamber you may have dialogs with Chiyo, Mirel, Glyntris, Brad, Mira, Dea, Elly, Ariana and Kayelinth.
- After winning the fire raid at the Spire of Courage 8 times you get the option to do it solo. The fights are harder but the choices and most dialogs of the raid were removed so it should overall be faster and you get both reward chests at the end.
- The left guard in front of your bedroom got a new design and now tells you when you have an un-read message on the Aldlyn city board.
About the android version:
Good news: I managed to create a working apk file again.
Bad news: The new apk file needed a new id name since it wasn't compatible with the previous apk file anymore, which means it'll be a new game on your phone and not keep your saves. My sincere apologize, I wish this wasn't necessary but I couldn't find another way.
This android version should be updatable with following apks from me again though. So new saves from this version should transfer to the next updates again as they used to.
- Added a teleport stone plate to the Spire of Courage in the area where you start the raids.
- You can now encounter the new girl Neya at Kagabangui when you go up or down the stairs in the east. Requires Vampire's events to be advanced far enough.
- New event with Shanna. Starts either at Pumumu, if you told the old man at the secret onsen to close the peeping hole, or at the casino in Newkungu after you had the event with Shanna and Naomi at the onsen.
- At the secret prison, when you go to the cell area directly in front of the spot between the two guards, a new event will trigger if you had the Shanna/Naomi onsen scene and had the events with Cookie and the magic spirit.
Other news:
- I tried to create an apk file for Android again, but it still doesn't work for me. I'll later upload and post the rpg maker files that are used to create the apk file and hope someone else might find a working solution to help me out with this problem.
- The walkthrough hasn't been update yet but after being neglected for a long time it's now a high priority for me to finally bring it up to date.
- The custom CG scene pledge reward for patreon has been removed for the time being. I want to concentrate more on finishing the current time period, including events that have already started and those that were planned for a long time but never started, that's why I won't be doing custom events and scenes for a while.
I'm considering doing it again once I've finished the current time and start working on the time skip, so that I can provide content while the parts I work on can't be played yet.
- The first raid is now available at the Spire of Courage challenge floor. It'll introduce a few new enemies and features, and offers a lot of great items as reward if you can finish it. It's "endgame content" that you can do before the time skip, so the battle is supposed to be very hard but gives you the best items you can currently find in the game.

- New events with Shanna and Naomi. It starts when you walk into the Newkungu casino after having the events with Shanna training people at Pumumu and when you had the scene with Mira and Mirel at the hot spring. The event will bring you to a new map that's available now: The Seaside Tower in Dorgania. It has strong enemies that give a lot of experience and gold. After the events there talk with Shanna at Kagabangui to continue the quest.

- I increased the experience gained from most quests significantly and made a few changes to existing monsters.

- A new event with Aleah on her good path which starts at the sleeping chambers. Requires that you had her maid blowjob scene by talking to headmaid Ryia, that Mira is in your party, and that you're at the point of getting into Dorgania in the main story line.

- New event with the half-dragon girl Libelle (bottom left at the sleeping chambers when you already have her). By selecting "talk" again in her choices you get the new event after the previous events about going to the blacksmith are done.
- New events with Dea on both the good and bad path. On the good route you can talk with her again after the scene to change her outfit.
The good path events start when talking to the head maiden at the shrine you build for her earlier (the start of Dea's events) after you finished all previous events with Dea including going to the beach with Mai and Naevy.
The bad path requires that you talk with Mai in the prison once after healing Dea's cursed eye. It won't change Mai's dialog but trigger a change in Dea's event so you'll get a new dialog when you talk with Dea again afterwards.

- Added a quest and scene for the sphinx Mozaik starting at the big farm. (Requires that you had Chiyo's gold license test to have her there)
11 new CG scenes for the following monstergirls:
Whisperwind farm - Grey Imp, Red Imp, Ice Alraune
Monsterhall - Green Alraune, Anubis, Strong Mummy, Red, Pink and Black Salamander
Big Farm in Central - Big Harpy, Tall Spidergirl
[The only monstergirls without a scene yet are the weak mummy, raijuu, cowgirl and water lamia.]

Changed Kayelinth' hunger/playlust system. She won't get a debuff anymore and instead gets a buff when you used toys or vegetables to get the value low enough.
The buff stays for 50 steps.

New events with Chiyo starting at the sleeping chambers. It requires Chiyo to be level 25+ and that you have constructed the big farm in Central from the overview map. (The farm where you can release monstergirls)
The events will bring you to a new dungeon and unlock several new CGs.

Fixed the bug from the last update where Libelle's event at the blacksmith would re-play whenever you entered the blacksmith again afterwards.
- At the ice area of the Jade Cave is now an encounter with a new character, Libelle. (The ice area is down the path at the bottom right, near where you find the chest with sexy panties for the Begus commander Millaine.)
- The elves Eloen and Phraan are now available at the girl selection screen of headmaid Ryia after you had the elf foursome scene.
- The events with Varea and the rulership of Amagal continue! You can now talk with her at the castle to decide whether you want to give the new or former King of Amagal more time or help Varea onto the throne. The new events end after her duel.
- New items and crafting. You can now craft three different oak staffs. The recipe can be purchased at Witton, the gems for it at the jewelry store in Thremten, the oak staff rod in Orchel and the carsus roots in stores in Begus.

If you didn't have the update 19.06.19, since it was only posted as update files, you can also now get in this version:
- New event with Naevy at the beach of Amaranthe
- The full body CG of Chiyo has been changed (you can check the new image at the CG room if you already had her event)
- New events with Tami at Pumumu. Talk with her for a cooking event in which you can cook either with Mira, Mirel, Tsubaki, Chiyo, Kayelinth, Elly or Ryoko. Options from party members you don't have turn invisible.
After the event talk with Tami again for more dialogs.

- An open world to explore
- Plenty of girls to have sex with
- Beautiful CGs
- Political meetings with other countrys
- Change the world by making choices
- Several minigames
- Mature topics including racism, misogyny, apathy, slavery, rape, death and religion

General info & Characters:
General information:
- You can continue to play your old progress by copying the old save folder into the folder of the new game version.
- Saveslot 19 and 20 are used for auto-saves. Don’t save your own progress there if you don’t want it to get overwritten with auto-saves or toggle off auto-saves in the main menu.
- You can find a "update files only" zip in the download folder, which contains only the changed/added files since the last version 24.10.16. If you already have the previous version you can download these files by themselves instead of downloading the entire game again. These files are not necessary when you download the entire new game version "Renryuu Ascension Testversion 06.11.16".

I would appreciate it if someone could help me by writing a good summary/description of the game. I would use this to replace my outdated game description at the places the game has been posted.

The main protagonist. He is a dragonic, half dragon-half human, who is definitely better with the sword than with words. He can be cruel and cold-blooded at times but he usually doesn't enjoy murdering. He is simply so used to killing that he has no hesitation about it and it invokes no emotions anymore.
After his troublesome and bloody past he went to a military academy. He was hoping to change himself and find his peace of mind there.

A cheerful girl but none the less dangerous. She trained swordsmanship for most of her life, as it is tradition in her family. When Ryen joined the military academy and soon became it's strongest, she started to hang around and train with him a lot in hope to learn from him. Since killing is no problem to her, she was fine with Ryens sometimes problematic attitude.

The head of the royal guards. Trey is a brave and honest person, who has fought many battles for his beloved country already. It is his duty to protect Ryen as the new King.

The angel Mira is really weak, but even if she can't fight very good, her healing ability is still a valuable addition to every party. She is always cheerful and loves to help people, but there seems to be quite a big shadow hidden behind that smile.

The mysterious vampire is the tsundere of the group. She often gets angry when someone treats her like a child, but at the same time she secretly loves to be spoiled. Ryen finds her sealed away in a dungeon by chance, but it seems as if the two of them are somehow connected.

As most elves, Mirel is very skilled in handeling her bow. After her parents died she was raised by their towns chief. During her life, she had to endure hardships as a result from being an elf several times, so she wants to help in the fight against this racism.

A fugitive from another country, or atleast that what she claims to be. Her ability to pick locks and other skills leave some doubts to her honesty, but they often come in handy. It's easy to tell from those abilitys that she used to live in the streets and managed to survive through them.

A former slave that ran away from his owner. Having lost everything he ever had, he sure knows the true value of the word freedom and the price for it. Because he had to fight for the amusment of his owner, Brad is now a fairly good brawler.

A young mage, who is still weak and ignorant to the world, but she has a big talent and improves fast. Her abilitys are mostly magic spells of different elements. She used to live a peaceful life in Amagal, until the Earl gained more power and suddenly things went for worse in the country.

One of the very few gunslingers left in the world. Because her fighting style costs a lot of money, she works as a high prized mercenary. Usually she is a very calm and collected person but sometimes drinks a bit too much.

A demon girl who has been a slave every since she has been a child. Because of that, she has a hard time making decisions on her own and has a constant urge to recieve orders from her master.

A young dragonic girl, who is still completely ignorant to the world.


Win - MEGA
Linux - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Android - MEGA

Walkthrough - MEGA

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