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Developer: Auril Twitter - Website - Wiki
Version: 0.99.5b
Release Date: 2020-05-31
Last Updated: 2020-06-01
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
3D game, 3DCG, Female protagonist, Animated, Adventure, Futa/trans, Group sex, Monster, Handjob, Oral sex, Masturbation, Monster girl, Sex toys, Fantasy, Groping, Big tits, Parody, Lesbian, Multiple penetration, Groping, Sandbox, Blackmail

Rekindling of the Red is the fifth game of the Tails of Azeroth series. You played as the dragon girl Alexstrasza in this game.​

-Added launcher for options.
-Added sounds for most scenes.
-Added quest journal.
-Added clearer USE-icon.
-Added Chinese language option.
-Fixed a lot of bugs in sex scenes.
-Added all the scenes in the gallery.
-Added scene after stealing the fishing prize coupon.
-Added scene featuring the evil draenei and satyrs.
-Added scene with horse dildo (use at Alexstrasza's couch)
-Added scene with the third orc villain
-Updated Illidan scene
-Extended Krasus milking scene
-Added missing sounds
-Lots of work done with technical stuff and models
New Scenes:
-Alexstrasza+Sailor (after defeat Grelok)
-Alexstrasza and goblins
-Imara and her worgs (updated)
Two main scenes with the blacksmith and the cultists
Added animations for the draenei and her wolves.
-Mana-heart now tracks progress in the inventory screen and unlocks first ability after enough cum is consumed (only first ability available for now)
-Added scene with goblin bartender on the beach
-Added scene with The Betrayer (requires first ability, fire breath, to find)
-Animation with the movie script reading draenei is now complete
-Added scene with death knights
-Added scene of Captain Black punishing his promiscuous daughter
Patchnotes for 0.50b

-Added the Admiral Ripsnarl scene on the pier to conclude Captain Black's quest (for now)
-Added a scene featuring Alexstrasza and a certain pink haired draenei with one of the most wanted orcs (use beach chair)
-Added a quest helping Hemet featuring 2 new scenes (enter open basement hatch in town)
-Added progress bar for mana gained from being c*mmed in and 3 unlockable abilities (no content yet)
Fix for some glitch.
Jaina x Orc
Alextrasza x Orc (A pretty big one)
Alextrasza x 2 humans
New scenes: Alex x orc; Jennifer x worgen; Alex x belf; Lightforged draenei solo
None yet
  • Added a position in the intro scene
  • Added the basement scene
  • Added two scenes in the inn room
  • Press N to toggle speedhack.
Version 0.1 - First Release


Win - MEGA

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