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[Others] Red Pill [v0.18] [Vortex Cannon Ent.]



Developer: Vortex Cannon Entertainment Website - Patreon
Version: 0.18
Release Date: 2019-12-25
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English, Russian
2DCG, Male Protagonist, Sci-fi, Handjob, Oral sex, Vaginal sex

A xxx sci-fi thriller game!
Have you ever thought about the fact that your whole life can be predetermined? What if there are no coincidences and the fate – this is not a fiction? And what would you do if you could control the lives of other people?

The protagonist of the game is an ordinary office employee who likes to spend time with girls, in a strip bar or a movie. But his life is changing dramatically when a mysterious organization comes in contact with him. You will get great opportunities and will be able to decide how to apply them. But ahead of you are waiting for secrets, conspiracies and betrayals. And by performing missions in different ways, you can influence the development of the storyline and the lives of other game characters.

Some Features
A deep sci-fi story
Storylines vary from your decisions
NPC memorize your actions and build their attitude to you
Lots of beautiful girls for meetings
Gradual development of the hero
Regular updates with new content

  • Bar location update
  • Car showroom location update
  • Bank location update
  • Save system changed
  • Bugs fixed
  • Updated game engine
  • Updated gagesave system
  • Added Spine animation support
  • A lot of new textures added
  • New location Bank
  • Updated Cafe Location
  • Improved save system
  • Updated graphics of some events and added animations
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • New location – Laboratory
  • Continuation of the main quest
  • Game engine update
  • New animations
  • More sound effects
  • Updated percentage of secrets found
  • Many bugs fixed
  • New Car showroom location
  • Added alerts about new locations unlock
  • Changed the order of some locations unlock
  • Added new events on locations
  • Updated textures
  • Added support for achievements
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • New City Map
  • Many locations have become more detailed
  • New events in Bar
  • New mechanism to travel on locations
  • Shaders for usable objects
  • More animation
  • Additional sounds effects
  • More gameplay tips
  • Quests marks on the city map
  • New scene with Jesse on a picnic
  • Updated last scene at home of the hero
  • Preview of the scene in the laboratory
  • Optimization of the game engine
  • New server part
  • Android version fixed
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • New location – Shop
  • New location and the plot continuation – Oceanarium
  • New scenes at home and at work
  • Updated past scenes
  • Engine update: the game is locked to 60 fps
  • Engine update: multi-layered animation of locations
  • Locations can be closed at different times of day
  • Added more sound effects for some events
  • Correcting minor bugs
  • New scenes at home with the hero
  • New scenes at work
  • New location – Cafe
  • Updating old events
  • Added hunger
  • Updated server part
  • Bugs fixed
  • Added android version of the game
  • New scenes in the morning and evening at home
  • A new scene at work
  • New scene in the park
  • Updated location Bar
  • Updated graphics of some locations
  • Added more animations
  • Added more sounds
  • Updated fonts
  • Improved city map code
  • Improved unloading of unused textures
  • Fixed freezes due to incorrect location loading
  • Corrections in gamesaves loading
  • Updating the server side of the game
  • The public version of the game is added
  • New location – Interviewing
  • New scenes at home and at work
  • Added a system of cloud gamesaving
  • Improved animation
  • Updated graphics of some scenes
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • New scene at home
  • Updated graphics of some scenes
  • Improved animation mechanism
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Continuation of the scene at home
  • A new scene at work
  • Updated graphics of some scenes
  • Added a pause menu, character inventory and loading savegames
  • Added more sounds
  • Updated fonts
  • The work of the city map has been improved
  • Continuation of the story at home
  • Update location Bar
  • Darts depend on agility
  • Fixed animation speed
  • Full screen mode
  • Updated fonts
  • Access for the whole Club
  • Update Bar location
  • New secrets
  • Updating art in other scenes
  • New UI elements
  • Improved animation
  • Improved server side of the game
  • New location Bar
  • Updating art at Office
  • Improvement of UI
  • Continuation of the scene at work
  • Start of a new location Bar
  • Completely replaced painting
  • Character notes are highlighted in yellow
  • Added character creation screen
  • Updated UI Games
V 0.01 - Initial release

This game requires a free account to play. You must be logged in to your account to start the game.
The save files are online only which means you cannot cheat or modify them.


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