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[Recommendation][VN] Sweet Fruitcake


Hi guys! For a long time on one of the forums I followed an author who posted his short but high-quality comics, and recently found out that they make a game based on these comics. I was pleasantly surprised and looking forward to the release of this project, and I advise others to evaluate it. The game is still in development, a release is planned for 2019.

RELEASE DATE: 2019 Steam
PUBLISHER: Bear in the Night Studio
An amazing story of a typical Soviet pioneer whose life didn’t go very well. His friend fails the test of time and the girl he’s been in love with since forever sees him as a sister with a male appendage.
Everything is going to hell until an old man turns up with an envelope inside which is something that will allow the protagonist to “replay” the state of things and perhaps to multiply previous successes.
The only thing that the envelope’s owner is asking for in return is the virginity that the protagonist is trying so hard to be rid of. Whether he should agree or not depends on you.
- A game from the author of “Sweet muffin” comics.
- After completing it you will need to be urgently hospitalized at the nearest dispensary.
- Dialogues are choc-a-bloc full of choices which will allow you to feel like yourself to the max.
- More than six endings!
- A game for real men: the author is a master of oral skills and draws on colossal virginal experience. Sparse manly tears guaranteed.
- 4 beautiful heroines that you can have a romantic experience with or artfully ditch.
- Only this visionary novel features the elite “Lonely hearts club”.
- All of Roskomnadzor’s morality police have reserved the Gold Edition.
Steam-Игры-Steam-greenlight-визуальная-новелла-2783253.jpeg texic-art-texic-Комиксы-4605727.jpeg texic-Комиксы-Sweet-Fruitcake-Сладкий-кексик-2826220.jpeg
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Just downloaded the patch, seem to have lost a save in Brads apartment. May be something I did wrong on my end, but keep an eye on out for it.


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I really enjoyed everything going on with Jun-Tsu and House Farro. It is pretty crazy to see where the story has gone since our time on Korriban.

Thanks for this wild ride that we have been on. Hope to see Jun-Tsu back next game as well.

Also, Vas-Tu is the cutest. Let there be cake