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Developer: Tom Patreon
Version: 2020-May
Release Date: 2020-06-01
Last Updated: 2020-06-01
Censored: No
OS: Windows x64
Language: English
3D game, 3DCG, Animated, Sandbox, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, RPG, Big tits, Exhibitionism, Interracial, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Combat

After a successful heist, James and his gang leaves the city. His sister staying there but every week she sends him a postcard. This means that everything is fine. Many years go by. One day the postcard has not arrived. James knew. Something gone wrong. He's coming back to find out what happened.

v2020 April
• [added] new character Policeman
• [added] new character Maid cafe girl
• [added] new character Gang Dealer
• [added] the outfits application is added to the phone with saving and loading, and the dressed outfit is synchronized with the bike and the dialogue system
• [added] hair shader updated and improved
• [added] skin shader updated and improved. Now all outdoor npcs use this shader.
• [added] rewards to bunny
• [added] physics objects on the street, such as street signs, fire hydrants, bins... you can hit them by your car or bike
• [added] hover tips to icons on the world map (more will be added soon)
• [added] maid cafe delivery service with random customers in random places
• [added] new AI controller for peds (beta) - they can stare at you when you are nearby, they can choose direction and walk there, you can knock them by your car or bike - other peds nearby will run away from you if you do it.
• [added] footsteps to all peds
• [added] rewritten traffic system, added more cars and now they will try to avoid collision with peds, also headlights are turning on at night, added sound, optimization and general look improvement
• [added] the police can stare at you when you're close enough,
• [added] the police will chase you when you are the suspect
• [added] sounds to all police system states (initiate search, lost the suspect, suspect is found)
• [added] the police icon to the mini map
• [added] a numerous of sounds
• [added] new swimsuit for Mia
• [added] maid cafe added to cheat console
• [added] general world improvement and optimizations
• [update] custom waypoint disappear when reached
• [update] bike improved
• [update] crossover movement controller
• [update] no more jitter effect when picking up some items
• [update] aiming are now moved to the right mouse button
• [update] reported bugs fixed
v2020 March
Thank you Patrons for your great support!
In this release you'll see a lot of changes. Economy now launched. Play mini games at Jeff's Storage or inside the Imperial Club to gain more money. And soon will be added a few more to the underwater world and to the Maid Cafe.
Spend your money buying useful quest items at KingQMart store or on some other good stuff.
Added one more quest in Edgewood! Find Aunt Laura and help her sexy daughter Betty.
The underwater world is merged with the main world. To swim you need to buy a diving mask at KingQMart store. You can buy an energy potion in a vending machine and use it to stay longer underwater.
  • [added] Quest with a new girl Betty
  • [added] 18 new animations
  • [added] new character Laura
  • [added] new character Betty
  • [added] new character Professor Stone
  • [added] new location: underwater 1.0
  • [added] new location: Prof.Stone home interior
  • [added] new traffic system 1.0 (now it better but yet still need a lot of work)
  • [added] randomisation to Jeff's Storage jobs and updated rewards (get up to 250$ per shift)
  • [added] new loading screens with sounds and random images, random tips popups at the top left corner of the screen too.
  • [added] underwater sound, ocean tides sound
  • [added] auto sort to inventory (soon there will be sorting options)
  • [added] new icons to mini map (they are linked to character stats)
  • [added] energy potion (you can use it even underwater) and vending machines
  • [added] KingQMart store added to the cheat phone
  • [updated] stats app redesigned and added two new parameters
  • [updated] general world improvement
  • [updated] visiting filming locations and the sports center now required some money
  • [updated] dance inside the Imperial club to gain more money
  • [updated] crossover improved
  • [updated] Mini map code updated
  • [updated] optimization improved
  • [updated] yoga activities
  • [fixed] autosave (the game is saving when when entering or exiting buildings)
  • [fixed] mojo potion
  • [fixed] reported bugs
v2019 November
Here's the story goes! Mia's main quest chain has started.
We finished the first part of the key characters. Mechanic girl, Mia's Aunt, Jeff Grossman, The Judge, The Boss (Fetish club), Slave trainer (Fetish club). All those characters will play the key roles in the game story.
Inside the smartphone, you will find the new "Journal" app. It will help if you need some advice about your current quest objectives.
More sound were added into the game. This build was all about environment sounds and the next step is to add more into the sex scenes.
The Fetish club is opened but still in development. We decided to open the first floor in a preview stage, and to finish it in the next build by adding more content (the slave training room, the initiation hall, quest chain, mini games and more). So the next build will be more oriented to the Fetish Club.
  • [added] new location: Jeff Grossman cabinet (Jeff Storage)
  • [added] new location: Fetish club Preview (Dance floor)
  • [added] 19 new animations (for NPC)
  • [added] Footsteps sound (8 different types)
  • [added] Ambient sound (day and night), also inside of the some buildings
  • [added] All sounds improved and balanced
  • [added] Fetish Club building
  • [added] Fetish outfits and accessories for male and females
  • [added] Jeff Grossman (character)
  • [added] The Judge (character)
  • [added] The Boss of the Fetish club (character)
  • [added] The Slave Trainer (character)
  • [added] Bartender girl (character)
  • [added] New dancer girl (character) (Imperial Club)
  • [added] 6 new hairstyles for females
  • [added] 6 new hairstyles for males
  • [added] Mia's body texture and hair improved
  • [added] Bike controller improved
  • [added] Mia's bike outfit
  • [added] Bike sounds
  • [added] Mia's high heels locomotion
  • [added] Mia's animation in the shower
  • [added] New smartphone app "Quest Journal"
  • [added] Quest chain up to 9 lv
  • [added] General world visual improvement
  • [added] New location for the Walk Of Fame for 50$ patrons
  • [added] For 25$ patrons: Now you can change the time of day with your cheat smartphone
  • [added] Many small props
v2019 November Preview
This is preview build of the November release. All that you'll see here will be improved and expanded. Quests, economics, relationships, random events - will be implemented in the quest chains.
Inside the smartphone you will find the new Inventory app. Quest items and changeable outfits will be stored here. Tooltips will not let you forget where these items should be used.
Now the game has an economy (beta). Send Mia to work (with mini games inside) and earn money to buy different things. It can be quest item or a gift for NPC with whom you wish to build relationship. This mechanic will be added in the November build.
The first auto workshop has opened in Sunbay City! Ask the girl who works there what she can do for you. But you know, she can fix anything. Possibly, she will fix your car if you have enough money.
New locations to visit will be added to the map legend from release to release.
  • [added] new location: Aunt's House
  • [added] new location: Iron Balls Auto Repair Workshop
  • [added] new location: Jeff Storage
  • [added] 12 new animations
  • [added] New job at the Jeff Storage for getting more money.
  • [added] New unique NPC - Aunt with hair, accessories, outfit and animations.
  • [added] New unique NPC - the girl at Iron Balls Workshop - with hair, accessories, outfit and animations.
  • [added] New unique NPC - secretary at Jeff Storage - with hair, accessories, outfit and animations.
  • [added] A lot of new UI elements (cursor, dialogue, world map, door interaction, loading screen etc)
  • [added] Inventory (beta) with tooltips over the items
  • [added] New system - Pick up object
  • [added] Synchronized world time, 24 hour system. Changing time via bed will change it in the whole world. Many NPC and events are available in a different time of day. Don't forget to check out business time sign at the buildings.
  • [added] Saving and loading for bike and the quest chains.
  • [added] Respawn the bike for $.
  • [added] The door is opening in opposite direction of the player.
  • [updated] Bike textures.
  • [updated] World map. Added the current player location icon, map legend, new icons.
  • [updated] And some small improvements.
v2019 October
  • [added] new location: Film Studio.
  • [added] new location: Rossberry area.
  • [added] new location: Beach area (early access)
  • [added] Cumshot (beta) - In the toilet sex scene and in the film studio sex scene.
  • [added] Succubus actor with new sex animations.
  • [added] Succubus hairstyle improvement.
  • [added] Twerk zone mini-game.
  • [added] New female bodytype (for twerk) with animations.
  • [added] New unique NPC with hair, accessories, outfit and animations. Starting from this build other NPC will be improved too.
  • [added] Sexy bunny enemy. Beware of the bunny.
  • [added] BMX bike (beta). Press "E" to ride and same button to exit.
  • [added] New camera controller with free movement for the toilet sex scene.
  • [added] New pickup object mechanic (early access)
  • [added] New radio station (early access). Now you can hear the latest in-game city news.
  • [added] Icon hide/unhide control keys in the sex scenes.
  • [added] New look for 25$+ cheat menu.
  • [added] More sounds (but still not enough).
  • [added] Game code and game assets optimisation are improved as well.
  • [fixed] all bug reports from Discord and fixed all bugs that we've found
v2019 September
  • [added] new location: Sports centre (where you can pump up Mia's ass)
  • [added] new location: Royal Palm Hotel room (where can you do an audition for a movie)
  • [added] new location: Filming location (watch every sex scene that they're filming with the new camera mode)
  • [added] 26 sex animations
  • [added] 12 outdoor animations
  • [added] new high quality 4K texture for Mia
  • [added] new camera controller with free movement for new sex scenes
  • [added] undress Mia anywhere (smartphone app)
  • [added] open world map to find all points of interest of the whole city (smartphone app)
  • [added] mini game: you can dance in the club and thereby earn money
  • [added] mini game: yoga in the park
  • [added] new outfits
  • [added] new hairstyles
  • [added] hair physics
  • [added] more unique npc
  • [added] more functionality to the cheat control menu (25$+)
  • [added] general world improvements
  • [added] a lot of props
  • [added] Now you can press Spacebar in mini game in additional to mouse click.
  • [fixed] all bug reports from Discord and fixed all bugs that we've found

Cheat Menu:
The specific combination to the cheat menu is for the November build and can be changed at any time. For best results, use it when you are outside and not in a building.



Win x64 Part 1 - MEGA
Win x64 Part 2 - MEGA

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