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Tech Devil

Developer: PiXel Games Patreon - Blog - Twitter
Version: 0.0.9
Release Date: 2020-03-09
Last Updated: 2020-03-19
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
2DCG, Adventure, Bestiality, Combat, Corruption, Fantasy, Female domination, Female protagonist, Groping, Mobile game, Monster, Oral sex, Rape, Slave, Turn based combat, Spanking, Voyeurism, Prostitution, Pregnancy,

Outfits customizable

Raven is a witch, but this is the only thing she knows for sure. She finds herself in a world named Lustein, where everyone seems to be extremely lustful. Everyone except a mysterious Order. Help her investigate and explore the world in this RPG, defeating monsters, find new events and customize Raven with lots and lots of different outfits!

Continuing main quest...: Raven is ready to face the High Inquisitor in the Ashon City's dungeon. Get ready!
- New dungeon: Ashon City dungeon is now open after discovering its hidden door.
- New full scene: After loosing against the High Inquisitor in the Ashon City's dungeon, Raven will be trapped in there! (After clearing the dungeon, this scene will be available when Raven masturbates at home)
- New feature: After clearing the Ashon City's dungeon, the player will be able to customize Raven with a new feature. No spoilers here!
- New secondary event: Raven can now exchange three vials of cum for a bottle of 'eau de cum' in Annie's store and start a new secondary quest. (Event available after clearing Ashon City's dungeon)
- New Raven's form: Unlock a new form for Raven after completing Annie's quest! No spoilers, once again!
- Improved: The exhibitionism event has been improved. Raven can now go full naked. We've also changed some of the dialogue.
- Fixed some more bugs.
- Continuing main quest...: Raven needs to continue investigating the Pure Order in Tale. Now she can train with Patrik at the hideout to get stronger. Get 7 of each Elemental Power to continue the main quest.
- New event (NEW FULL SCENE): Raven will be able to work in the VIP room, in the Clandestine Club of Ashon City after working as a bunny girl.
- New event: Raven will be able to work as a bunny girl in the Clandestine Club of Ashon City.
- New shop (NEW CUSTOMIZATION SYSTEM): Tattoo Parlor. Raven can now get tattoos and new clothes in the Tattoo Parlor of Ashon City.
- New outfit: Punk. Raven can now get the punky whore outfit from the tattoo parlor, in Ashon City.
- New event: Raven can now get vials of cum from the men in Tale if she explores Tale with the 'cum-tank' top on. (Will be useful in future updates)
- New small event: Raven can now find a stray dog while exploring Tale.
- New quality of life change: Raven can now change clothes in the Rebel's hideout, in her room in Steve's pub and in the Rebel's camp, in the mountains.
  • New: Ashon city. The Pure Order is almost at complete control in this city. Raven needs to help the Rebels!
  • New: Rebel's hideout. Meet Patrik and aid the Rebels in his fight against The Pure Order in their hideout, in Ashon city.
  • New: Idol event. When exploring Tale (after clearing Tale's dungeon), Raven can begin a new sidequest to become an idol!
  • New: Exhibitionism event added to Tale's menu. Raven can meet Wesley and explore this fetish if her exhibitonism stat is high enough.
  • New: You can now click near Raven's frame to look at her ass at anytime! A new window will appear, showing the state of Raven's backside!
  • New: Accesories. A new button is now available anytime to equip accesories!
  • New: Accessory - Egg vibrator. (Get it when meeting Wesley in the exhibitionism event)
  • New: Accessory - Buttplug. (Get it at the lake event, when staying with the bearded man)
  • New: Outfit - Exhibitionist!
  • New: Outfit - Sex-idol!
  • New: Outfit - Bunny-girl!
  • Raven can now rent a room to sleep comfortably in Tale's tavern.
  • Raven can now travel between Ashon city and Tale through hidden portals in both cities.
  • Fixed bugs.
- New system: Supporter. Raven will be able to unlock their followers as their supporters. Supporters will go on adventure with Raven and will be able to aid her in battle. Raven will also be able to talk with them wherever they go (It will be completely implemented in the next update). In the future, there will be events that will open depending on which supporter is with Raven.
- New: Elyana's quest. Raven can start a 'supporter quest' with Elyana that will result in unlocking her as Raven's support.
- New Character: Nawyn, Elyana's sister. Meet Ely's sister in her 'supporter quest'!
- New: Ashon Plains. Talk with Freya to unlock this new place, north-east of the desert.
- New: Remi's farm. Raven will find Remi's find in Ashon Plains. Talk with the farmer to unlock a new job!
- New outfit: Cowgirl. Remi will give Raven her outfit for the job at the farm!
- New scenes and dialogues: Raven will be able to take care of the horses and Remi at the farm...
- New: Cum Dump Club is a new club that Annie has opened at her store in Tale (The Cumlab). To enter this place, Raven first has to clear the Tale's Cathedral dungeon.
- New scenes and dialogues: Raven can have some fun in the Cum Dump Club (CDC)!
- New outfit: Cumtank tank top. Raven will obtain this gift from Annie after her first visit at the club.-
- New frames: Nawyn, Horses, Momunoth.
- Fixed bugs.
- New Dungeon: Inside dungeons, Raven will find difficult enemies and a final boss at the end. Clear a dungeon to receive amazing loot! Dungeons are repeteable.
- New Full scene: When you first clear a dungeon, you will unlock a new full scene. Unlock the first one when clearing for the first time Tale's Cathedral.
- New Character: Claire. Rescue Claire, Rignar's daughter, from the evil Pure Order, inside their dungeon in Tale.
- New Follower: Claire. After completing a quest with Claire and having a spare room, Raven will be able to invite Claire to live in her house.
- New Scenes and encounters: Claire have two different scenes and dialogues when living with Raven.
- New Prostitution: After clearing a main Pure Order dungeon in a city, Raven will be able to prositute in the streets if her attitude is high enough and she have the appropiate outfit.
- New Outfit: The Whore(1) outfit has been added as loot from the Tale's Cathedral dungeon.
- New Alchemy station: Raven can now buy an alchemy station in the City Hall of Tale. She can craft potions with it!
- Improvement: Now, when Raven discovers the North Gate of Tale for the first time, she will discover Tale's pub immediately after.
- Fixed some bugs.
  • New story: Raven can now get a letter from the inquisitors in the mountain to continue the main quest.
  • New Character: Rignar. Rignar is a rebel, fighting against the Pure Order. Meet him in the mountains!
  • New Character: Freya. A mysterious but friendly witch Raven will meet. Meet her in the desert!
  • New scene: Tentacle'd!
  • New place: Desert. You can discover the desert while doing the main quest of the game.
  • - Oasis.
  • - Freya's house.
  • New monster: Tentacles. Raven will find tentacles in the desert.
  • New big event! If Raven has had enough orc children, she will be able to talk with the orc warchief in the forest. He
  • will make Raven a bizarre proposition...
  • New mechanic: Gather herbs.
  • - Raven can now gather herbs. She can find five types of herbs at the moment, depending on where Raven gather herbs.
  • - Herbs can only be sold to Lazarus for some extra gold. (More uses in future updates.)
  • Reduced the prices of all the oufits at the stores.
  • Raven can now equip the sub/dom outfits regardless of her kink level.
  • Bugs fixed.
  • New scene: Kissing
  • New scene: Cunnilingus
  • New outfit: BDSM Submissive (Top, Bottom, Feet)
  • New outfit: BDSM Domme (Top, Bottom, Feet)
  • New outfit: 80's (Top, Bottom, Feet)
  • Pregnancy top and bottom (Only equipable when pregnant)
  • New "base": Dungeon.
  • New gameplay system: Pregnancy!
  • Raven can now get pregnant if she's not careful enough!
  • Raven's belly will grow over time. (She will only be able to equip one special top/bottom while pregnant)
  • She can consume a special potion to avoid getting pregnant or another one to double the chance at Annie's Cumlab.
  • Don't worry about the children! Lustein's Hospital needs new babies to give in adoption everyday!
  • New store in Tale: Annie's Cumlab. Talk with Annie at the public baths to unlock it.
  • New event with Susan. Raven can now talk with her at the public baths and start a new event with her. (Raven submissive requeriment)
  • New event with the Handsome adventurer. You can talk with him on the forest while wearing the Domme outfit.
  • Now Raven can equip the top of the micro-bikini while working at Steve's pub. It will unlock new small scenes and events with the clients and Steve.
  • Now Raven can: Kick Steve in the balls! If you don't like Steve, you can deactivate his content when wearing the BDSM domme boots after he's already tried something with Raven.
  • Improved the exploration system.
  • There will be two exploration options in every map with two different colors: Green and Red.
  • Green exploration: Raven will always discover a new place in the map until everything is discovered. Raven won't find any enemy while exploring this way until she's discovered everything.
  • Red exploration: Raven will explore more dangerous places. She can find treasures but she will surely find enemies along the way.
  • Improved the first discovery of the North Gate of Tale and the mountains.
  • Now it's easier to follow the quest to discover the mountains.
  • Raven can now discover the North Gate of Tale by just exploring(GREEN)
- New place: Pagan Monastery. Visit it at the mountain.
- New place: Public Baths. Visit it at Tale.
- New enemy: Wolf. Mountain and forest.
- New main character: Elyana. Meet her in the forest. Gain her trust and friendship to tell her to move in with Raven.
- New outfits:
  • Cat Girl
  • Microbikini
  • Towel (Only equipable in the baths)
- 2 new animated scenes
- Now Raven gets dirty with cum on different parts of her body.
- Now, "ghost hands" will show on Raven when she's being groped.
- New animated base under Raven. (Customizable in the future)
- Fixed lots of bugs.
- Small changes to some of the menus.
-Fixed a bug at the tabern. Now Raven should be able to work always as a waitress. (If enough attitude)
-Fixed a bug where the player couldn't go back from the monastery to the mountain.
-Fixed minor bugs.
-Fixed grammar typos.
-Fixed a bug that prevented the player to get the "Waitress outfit". Now you should see it in your chest at home.
-Added a frame for Lazarus, the Alquemist.
-Added a frame for the Black Stone.
-Added a new simple scene for nude handjob.
-Added a new simple scene for blowjob.
Some of the things to expect in this alpha:
- Raven will always show at the left of the screen
- Raven’s outfits will be fully customizable.
- Small animated scenes on every intercourse Raven has. (Some are WIP)
- Original but simple magic system. Raven will be able to face her foes using her elemental powers… or other kind of ‘powers’.
- The attitude of Raven will change depending on the choices of the player. She can be more submissive or dominant. Sluttier or purer.

And much more…


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Mac - MEGA
Android - MEGA

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