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[R>Programmer] [Share] Any programmers looking to collaborate, who are good at the nuts and bolts but not the broad strokes?


Looking for:
The flair says programmer because that was the closest option available, but what I'm really looking for is a game designer. When I've got the creative juices flowing, I come up with big ideas for the general concepts of a game, but I always get stuck at the step where you have to take those concepts and flesh them out into actual game mechanics and functions that are fun for the player. I'm hoping to find someone who's good at figuring out how to implement concepts in a fun and interesting way, but just doesn't have any big ideas about what concepts to implement. If we can both fill in the gaps of the other person's creative skill set, it could produce a very effective collaboration.

I have a number of project ideas, so what I think would make sense is for us to take some time and try to select one that we're both passionate about.

I don't have a team or anything, so it would be just you and me for now, and then later we'd want to get an artist and maybe a marketing person.

Employment Type:
Probably just revenue share, I think it's kinda hard to figure out how to bill someone for this type of abstract work.

Additional comments:
I have some ideas here and there that might work better as straightforward VN's, but in general, I'm more interested in the type of game where the player actually has control and agency beyond occasional dialogue options. I'll play something like Dating My Daughter because the main girl is hot, but in terms of what type of gameplay I like, I'm more into games like Man of the House. As someone who's a bit of a loser in real life, another thing I like about MotH is how it ultimately comes down to persistence. It's not "if you make the right choice, you succeed, and if you make the wrong choice, you fail." It's more like, "if you keep grinding long enough, then eventually something sexy will happen."

In mainstream (non-sexy) gaming, I'm most interested in strategy games, turn-based systems where you can carefully decide what to do next, instead of frenetic action games where you're always just going by reflex and reaction time. XCOM might be my favorite video game ever. So, when I'm thinking about ideas for adult games, I tend to think in terms of the player being able to make "interesting decisions," almost like a strategy game where sex is the reward (but where you can also succeed eventually just by grinding and being persistent). Obviously, that's not simple to implement, so I'm hoping to find someone who's more skilled at taking a creative concept and having the vision to see how it could be implemented in a fun way.