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[R>Artist 3D] 3D animator for hire. Paid.


- Unnamed Brothel simulator game; 3D

-DreamBig Games and others

Looking for:
-3D animator

Employment Type:
-paid per animation

Work commitment:
-Full time or part-time. As long as you deliver on time, we don't care

Preferred method of contact:
-Here or my discord: https://discord.gg/Skb2c7f

Job Description:
-We need someone to animate a genesis 8 ( daz3d ) character/ skeleton and create animations of sexy/ strip dances. We are using Gen 8 character with a basic rig ( if it helps, if not you will have to create your own rig ) . The project requires 3 dances, each around 2 minutes, 2 not using a strip pole, 1 using a strip pole, for now, but there is a possibility this can extend to more dances and sexual animations.
Very important: The Daz3D skeleton must be used and can't be moded. Also, we need high quality, real-life looking animations ( not something you can do after using Daz or Maya for 3 weeks ). You can animate in your own software, but we need FBX files.
( from minute 10 to 14 )

These videos are just for reference/ inspiration, not to be used as exact references to copy the moves from.

Additional comments:
Thanks for your interest.