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[Unity] Quickie: A Love Hotel Story [v0.17.1] [Oppai Games]


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Developer: Oppai Games Patreon - Newgrounds - Facebook - Twitter - Website - Discord - Gumroad
Release Date: 2020-09-11
Last Updated: 2020-09-16
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
System requirements (min): CPU: Pentium4 2.0 GHz; RAM: 2 GB; VRAM: 256 MB;
2DCG, Male protagonist, Hotel management, Animated, Dating sim, Nudity, Fingering, Tits sucking, Tits fucking, Facial, Romance, Vaginal sex
From the Oppai Games series Quickie and working title "NotSoQuickie" in A Love Hotel Stories you take charge of the management of your parents' hotel and its transformation into a "Love Hotel", making it profitable.​

  • Added new hangout: Reika Apartment.
  • Updated Mai’s voice.

  • Added Curry item to Ramen-san’s.
  • Changed Reika’s loved food gift.

  • Fixed shared service purchases between hotels.
  • Fixed Sara spawning in Roppongi.
  • Altered My Whiskey’s texture quality slightly for WebGL.
  • Fixed slight issue in Mai’s Office animation.
  • Fixed bug where the “Old saves are no longer supported” popup would show at the wrong time.
New Quickie Girl: Mai
Mai’s Heart 1 and Heart 2 events are now available! Mai’s events can be triggered in My Whiskey (accessible from Roppongi) during the evenings.

New Hotel Invite - Mai Emperor and Office Rooms
Mai’s Emperor and Office room Quickie Love Hotel Invites are now available! You can access this new invite from the Quickie Love Hotel’s Invite menu (make sure you have the Emperor room and Office room in your Hotel!).

New Location - My Whiskey
My Whiskey is now available in Roppongi during the evenings.

New Hotel Expansion - Roppongi
You can now expand your Quickie Love Hotel business to Roppongi! Yusei will call you to discuss the expansion on 23rd of Spring.

Messageboard Update - Rapper
The Messageboard patreon reward has been revamped! Patreon messages are now said by a new character, Rapper. You can talk to him in Shinjuku to see what he’s about.

  • Added Mai’s Heart 1 and 2 events.
  • Added new characters: Touma, Low and Rapper.
  • Added Mai’s Emperor and Office room invites.
  • Added Roppongi Hotel Expansion events.
  • New Roppongi environments: My Whiskey and Quickie Love Hotel.
  • Messageboard revamp: Rapper.
  • Added cheat to unlock all locations.
  • Option to run the game in the background has been added to Settings.
  • Option to mute the game in the background has been added to Settings.
  • Added surnames for the Quickie girls.
  • Added new room: Dungeon Room.
  • Added WIP rooms: Shinjuku Single, Shinjuku Double, Roppongi Single, Roppongi Double and Karaoke rooms.
  • You can expand to Roppongi and run two hotels (one at a time).
  • Changed Quickie Love Hotel Shinjuku’s starting room layout.
  • Room types wanted by guests are now evenly balanced.
  • Added different guest types.
  • Added option to change shift speed.
  • Rewards are now given when you reach certain stars.
  • Fixed shop close animation.
  • Fixed a number of typos.
  • Fixed Shujin Hallway’s room numbers.

Save Files
Due to the amount of changes this build, older save files (from v0.15 or earlier) are no longer supported. If you’d like to skip to the new content, a save file will be available on our Patreon.
Main Story 2 and 3 Events
Two new Main story events have been added. These will start automatically on days 11 and 21. More Main story events will be added in future builds.
New Location Unlocked - Roppongi
Roppongi can now be unlocked when you reach day 17. Roppongi will be expanded on in the next build (v0.17).
New Hotel Invite - Reika Neko Room (Premium only)
Reika’s Neko room Quickie Love Hotel Invite is now available! You can access this new invite from the Quickie Love Hotel’s Invite menu (make sure you have the new Neko room in your Hotel!).
New Hotel Invite - Professor Belmont Library Room (Premium only)
Professor Belmont’s Library room Quickie Love Hotel Invite is now available! You can access this new invite from the Quickie Love Hotel’s Invite menu (make sure you have the Library room in your Hotel!).
Hotel Invite - Sara Gym Room and Reika Family Room are now public!
Due to the lack of Quickie girl content this month, we’ve decided to make Sara’s Gym room and Reika’s Family room available for public (and Fan) builds. Be sure to check them out in the Quickie Hotel Manager!
Added Main Story events 2 and 3.
Added Reika’s Neko room invite.
Added Professor Belmont’s Library room invite.
New location added: Roppongi.
Important text messages are now phone calls that are played automatically at the start of a new day.
“Skip Intro” option added during character creation.
6 new Inventory item types have been added (Food, Drink, Book, Clothing, Key Item and Blueprints).
Shops have been expanded on with new items.
New shops have been added.
Gifting has been reworked. Each girl now has 5 favourite items with a reward given when all 5 items have been gifted (gifting all 5 items isn’t possible currently unless you’re playing a cheat build).
Gifting can only be done once per day for each girl.
Phone menu has been reworked to include more detail on each Quickie girl.
Correct answers now added during heart events.
Some heart events now require you to hangout, gift and/or answer questions correctly before unlocking. Progress is shown in the Phone’s Contacts menu.
WIP Hangouts have been re-added for each girl.
Blueprints can now be bought from shops and read in your apartment, unlocking hotel rooms in Quickie Hotel Manager.
Gallery menu has been updated slightly. Filters are now available.
New options in cheat menu (hair/skin colours and heart progress options)
Added Neko room.
Reduced the hotel max floor size to 4. This will be expanded on in a future build.
Changed button on Professor Belmont’s class door from “Talk” to “Open”.
Moved Shujin Hallway’s exit button closer to the exit.
Professor Belmont Heart 2, 2.5 and 3 Events
New Professor Belmont Hearts are now available! You can trigger Heart 2 by attending class again, Heart 2.5 by talking to a new character in Shinjuku and Heart 3 by talking to Professor Belmont in Shujin after receiving a text from her (which will be received a few days after Heart 2.5 is complete).
After completing Heart 3, Professor Belmont’s Quickie Love Hotel Invites will be unlocked!
New Hotel Invite - Satomi Beach Room (Premium only)
Satomi’s Beach room Quickie Love Hotel Invite is now available! You can access this new invite from the Quickie Love Hotel’s Invite menu (make sure you have the new Beach room in your Hotel!).
New Feature - Fast Travel
Fast travel is now available from the map. Hopefully this will help people who may have been a bit confused on where things were around the map.
  • Added Professor Belmont’s Heart 2, 2.5 and 3 events.
  • Added Professor Belmont’s Emperor room invite.
  • Added Satomi’s Beach room invite (Premium only).
  • Added new character: Maki
  • New environment (currently only usable during Professor Belmont’s events): La Rochelle
  • Fast travel added!
  • Quest locations are now shown on the map (currently used for one of Professor Belmont’s events)
  • Added new rooms: Dojo and Beach.
  • Reduced “Paid Advertising” and “Social Media King” popularity boost to 5 (from 10).
  • Detention room now has similar stats to Library and Sports rooms.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t clear saves completely.
  • Fixed a number of typos.
  • Added Sara’s Gym room invite (Premium only).
  • Added new busts: Shin and Yamato.
  • Added Sara’s gym bust.
  • Updated Professor Belmont’s voice.
  • Added Professor Gōda music.
  • Added props to Shujin’s Classroom.
  • Added modifiable hotel stats to the Cheat menu.
  • Added Sara’s Gym H-Scene to the Gallery (Premium only).
  • Older saves are converted for v0.14.1.
  • Services have been changed and are now available! Specific services might change in future builds. Let us know what you think!
  • Added new rooms: Gym and Detention.
  • Rooms clean fully when a shift is complete.
  • Fixed some hotel UI not updated correctly when in the hotel’s shift phase.
  • Fixed a number of spelling/grammatical errors.
Updated Quickie Love Hotel shift music.
Quickie Love Hotel pauses when dragging guests into a room.
General room info is displayed when dragging guests into rooms.
Added shower sfx in Sara’s Onsen room invite.
Updated Sara’s Onsen h-scene animation.
Updated Sara’s Onsen h-scene finish sfx.
Patron-only gallery scenes are now distinguishable in public builds when locked.
You can now paste saves to import in WebGL build.
Fixed a few spelling/grammar issues.
New Sara Heart Events
Sara’s Heart 2 and 3 events are now available! You can trigger the Heart 2 event by visiting her in Shinjuku during the evening. Heart 3 event is triggered by talking to Sara in Shujin’s soccer field during the evening.
New Quickie Love Hotel Invites
Two new hotel invites are now available with Sara in the Emperor and Onsen rooms. Both will become available in the Quickie Love Hotel when you finish Sara’s Heart 3 event.
Note: Sara’s Invite will require you to complete a later Heart event in future builds (when she has more Heart events available). We’ve moved it forward for now so we can access her hotel scenes sooner.
Quickie Love Hotel Manager Major Update
The Quickie Love Hotel Manager has been updated significantly. There are more changes and fixes we’ll be adding over the next few updates, but this change should at least highlight the new direction.
Note: There will probably be a lot of bugs and issues with the new Quickie Love Hotel Manager. We’ll be ironing out any issues in hotfixes (if they’re serious) and future builds.
Save Import and Exports
Saves can now be exported and saved locally to be used on different builds (and other people). We’re hoping in the future, older saves (but not older than v0.13) can be used and converted in newer builds.
Note: This build is not compatible with a v0.12 or earlier save. However, we've provided a save you can import to skip older content if you want to get to the new content quicker.
  • Added Sara’s Heart 2 and 3 events.
  • Added two new characters: Kimiko and Yui.
  • Added Sara’s Emperor and Onsen room hotel invites.
  • Added Dinner Date room to Quickie Love Hotel.
  • Significant Quickie Love Hotel Manager update.
  • Save Export/Import support.
  • Space bar now skips text during cutscenes.
  • Quickie girls now stick around in the world when you’ve completed their content.
  • Slight changes to Shujin’s environment.
  • Slight changes to the Main menu.
  • Minor changes to Sara’s 3D animations.
  • Updated Unity engine version.
  • Fixed Reika’s missing face reaction when gifting.
  • Fixed Reika’s text message being sent multiple times.
  • Fixed UI scaling bug in Tutorial selection window.
  • Fixed UI scaling bug in Cheat’s Cutscene selection window.
New Quickie Girl: Reika.
New Story Events (Reika's introduction and Heart Event 1)
New Quickie Love Hotel Invites (Reika's Emperor and Family room invites)
New Quickie Love Hotel rooms (Family and Onsen rooms)
Naked busts cheat for cheat builds.
New 2D bust (Salaryman)


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Linux - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Android - MEGA

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