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Developer: DPMaker - Patreon - Website
Version: 0.8.5
Release Date: 2020-03-16
Last Updated: 2020-03-16
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, Female protagonist, Animated, Monster, Oral sex, Management, Prostitution, Vaginal sex

Queen's Brothel is a RPG style game where you, Queen, try to run a successful brothel. You can attract various clients through quests by leveling up certain body parts that they are attracted to. Complete quests to add more girls to your brothel!

Gameplay Updates
-Story progressed to the third boss battle
-New mud and dress clothes

Changed the way mods are loaded
Game is loaded through AWS instead of the website server
A tool has been made to help create mods for Queen's Brothel
Gameplay Updates
  • A new save file is required to play version 0.8
  • New battle mechanics
    • Select a client and then select a girl to start a timer. Clients will fuck the girl every in short intervals. The client's cum meter will grow, once it reaches 100% the player must select the client and then select a girl to make the client cum.
    • Clients will cycle body parts automatically, it is the player's job to swap girls if needed
    • Clients will keep fucking girls even if they are ready to cum, the player must make the client cum
  • New leveling system
    • Players no longer level up body parts
    • Girls gain exp to level themselves up
    • Each time they level up, the player can use stat points to raise the stats of the girl's body parts
    • Girl's exp bars are shown on their icons
  • Dyes replaced with styles. You can change the style of the girl's clothes
  • Greenhaven map art added
  • Queen pussy animation finished
  • Suki blowjob animation added
  • Facial expressions added for all girls. Neutral, Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprise, Blush
  • King boss battle clothes updated
  • Temporarily removed Queen's handjob animation
  • Temporarily removed Suki's handjob animation
  • Removed hands and feet skills, handjobs and footjobs will be in quests just not as a regular stat
  • Removed items
  • Removed buying buildings from Geoff's shop
  • Removed girl advertising mechanic in towns
  • Added quest name on quest log
  • Map icons have a yellow rectangle when you hover over them
  • Story ends after the first boss battle. Next update will be up to the next boss battle
v0.7.5 Rev. 1
  • Recovering stamina lowers the amount of stamina the girl will gain the next time she recovers. Only lowers the stamina variable if the girl gains stamina when recovering
  • Text should be more clear
  • Battle damage and cum amount reduced to make battles longer
Bug fixes
  • Geoff building menu was still showing client frequency, a property that was removed with the new battle mechanics
  • Text changed to bitmapText, which saves a ton of performance time
  • Default renderer reverted back to Phaser.AUTO
  • Changed the way text is generated in the brothel. Should cause less stuttering
  • Changed the way assets are loaded on boot
Gameplay Updates
  • Changed battle mechanics
    • Click a body part to fuck the client using that body part
    • Clients have combo strings, hitting combo strings awards certain things. All clients are different
    • Combo strings have a timer, if the player does not execute the combo in the time frame the combo will reset
    • Girls do not recover stamina automatically, the player has to hit the "Recover Stamina" button, which reduces the client's cum by 20%
  • Girl's base recovery increased to 0.5
  • Can only use brothel once a day
  • Recovering stamina decreases reputation by 1
  • Reduced house upgrade price
Bug fixes
  • Avia guard's anal battle had all body parts available, but was supposed to only have anal
Gameplay Updates
  • New brothel mechanics
    • Fucking clients has been changed to a battle system
    • There is a tutorial to help you get started
    • Too many changes to write down
  • Increased cum item drop from 10% to 20%
  • Girl's base recovery reduced to 0.2
  • Forest and Mud clothes stats nerfed
  • Stamina gain variable increased from 0.08 to 0.10 (easier to gain permanent stamina)
  • House upgrade prices reduced
Gameplay Updates
  • Story progression
  • Updated map with gradient backgrounds that are smaller in file size
  • Added the ability to change renderers. Click the text at the bottom left of the main menu to change from WebGL to Canvas. You have to restart the page after changing the renderer
  • Lots of mod loading changes
Gameplay Updates
  • New quest in town after fucking the peasants in Avia
  • Special clients now come to the brothel based on chance rather than a regular interval
  • Special clients now have an expiration day of 1 just like regular clients
  • New boss battles for the morass and Avia
  • New animations for the morass and Avia boss battle
  • Suki's quest requires level 5 hands and throat instead of 7
  • The quest to enter the morass requires level 3 feet instead of 5
  • Finding the fungi requires level 7 hands on Suki instead of 12 hands 15 pussy
  • The performance quest requires level 10 throat instead of 15
  • The first Satisfy Greenhaven quest only requires you to fuck 30 residents instead of 50
  • The anal skill has been removed temporarily and will be unlockable in the next part of the story
  • The tits skill is now unlocked in Avia
  • Morass area focuses more heavily on feet
  • Avia area focuses more heavily on breasts
  • Added a fade animation when fucking a client in the brothel
  • 0.1 stamina is the minimum amount of stamina lost when fighting a boss, previously 0 damage was achievable with high enough stats
  • Reduced wolf boss difficulty
  • Reduced goblin boss difficulty
  • Added an exit button to the boss battle screen
Bug fixes
  • Mod boot function was being called before updateMod
Gameplay Updates
  • Swapped Scarlett and Esxea's passive to better match their characters
  • Dyeing clothes
    • You can dye the girl's clothes different colors
    • Dyeing clothes is available at the clothes shop
    • It costs 100 gold to dye the clothes
    • Colors are chosen at random
    • If you do not like the color you can always reset the dye back to normal
  • Lollipop, Gloves, Lube, and Anal Beads restock after 5 days (originally 3), and Alcohol restocks after 10 days (originally 3). Quantity changed to 1 for every item
  • Changed the way shops work
    • Easthollow will be the only town with an item and clothes shop
    • Items and clothes will be updated in the shop as you progress through the story
  • Added a toggle button on the main menu to swap between old art and new art
  • Esxea's quest dialogue has been updated to match Esxea's new personality
Bug fixes
  • Fixed Suki's leotard outfit from being missing
  • Fixed Avia Resident client not unlocking after completing Scarlett's quest
  • Upgrading a fully upgraded building won't reset the menu
  • Fixed dildo menu not letting you exit if you don't have enough dildo power

You can enable cheats by pressing [D] 5 times


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