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Tech Devil

Developer: ParadiceZone Patreon - Discord
Version: 0.27
Release Date: 2021-01-24
Last Updated: 2021-01-25
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Other Game: Public Sex Life H
3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Female Domination, Male domination, Lesbian, Corruption, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Humiliation, Masturbation, Parody, Prostitution, Sandbox, School setting, Sex toys, Sexual harassment, Stripping, Teasing, Titfuck, Trainer, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Blackmail, bukkake, anal sex, Oral sex, Rape

Hi, I'm Paradice, I'm currently in the process of making a Trainer type game, filled with many different characters. All/most sex scenes are fully animated for maximum enjoyment! There will be a mixture between main characters, and bonus event characters. Who these characters are, will end up being decided by you! The side event characters will be decided by both polls and Patreon Reward Tiers! Main characters will be decided by polls only! So if you want a chance to have your favorite character added into the main game, be sure to subscribe!

10 new Android 18 Scenes! | 2 Harem | 8 whore
5 new Raven Scenes | Harem Route!
15 new scenes total!

- 9 new scenes for Raven | Harem

- New Character Megumin has been added!
- Changed apartment
- Added new location: Cafeteria
- Megumin Love route added!
- Sounds to be added in later.
- Whore Route for Froppy added!
- 11 new scenes for Froppy | Whore Route
- 10 new scenes for C18! | Whore Route
- Shortcuts added!
- Sound to be added later
  • Added Teacher Whore Route!
  • 1 new scenes for Raven! | Whore Route
  • 2 new scens for Raven! | Harem Route
  • 4 new scenes for C18! | Whore Route
  • Momo Yaoyorozu added!
  • Added Whore Gallery for C18!
  • Added the ability to reset C18 in the Maid Menu!
  • Added the ability to disable prostitution in options menu!
  • Added Raven Love Route!
  • 8 new scenes for Raven! | Love Route
  • Added love Route Gallery!
  • Added the ability to reset Raven in the Maid Menu!
  • 7 new mansion scenes for Raven!
  • Various bug fixes
  • Mansion added!
  • Raven moved in
  • C18 moved in
  • Froppy moved in
  • C18 outfit system
  • Froppy outfit system
  • Raven outfit system
  • The Girls meeting each other
  • A Major bug fix
  • Minor bug fixes
  • A Threesome system added!
  • 3 threesome scenes
  • Narberal Gamma Added
  • 5 new scenes for Froppy
  • 1 new scene for Raven
  • Maid System added!
  • Added World Map
  • 5 new Scenes for C18
  • Updated Main Menu
  • Added custom icon for the game!
  • Added Route Choices to better align with Harem Route for C18!
  • Added Route Choices for Froppy!
  • Changed beginning dialogue for Froppy to better align with Harem route!
  • Cheats added!
  • Changed Beginning Introduction!
- 1 new scenes for Raven!
- 1 new scene for Froppy
- Faye Valentine added!
- 1 new scenes for C18!
- Ryuko Matoi added!
- Mikasa Ackerman added!
- Meiko Shiraki added!
- Goddess Aqua added!
- New Radar Upgrade added to the shop!
- 9 new scenes for C18!
- New commands have been added for C18!
- Gallery has been updated!
- Love Route has officially been added for C18!
- Gallery added!
- Sounds added!
- 5 new animated scenes for Froppy!
- Two new Swimsuits has been added to the store!
- New commands have been added for Froppy!
- Froppy is now on the Personal Harem/love Route!
- Tsunade added!
- Weiss Schnee added!
- Misty added!
- Katara added!
- Erza Scarlet added!
- Caulifla added!
- 11 new animated scenes for Raven!
- 2 new jobs added for Raven!
- A new Item has been added to the shop!
- You can now order Raven to wear Vibes!
- Changed Tournament Mini-game keys
- Hinata Huyga added!
- Sena Kashiwazaki added!
- Naoto Shirogane added!
- Nico Robin added!
- Nami added!
- Mirajane Strauss added!
- 8 new animated scenes for Froppy!
- 6 new animated scenes with bonus characters!
- Shop added!
- New Froppy outfit added!
- Changed Tournament Mini-game keys to be less random.
- 8 new animated scenes for C18!
- Added labels to help navigate!
- Fixed bug that disabled skipping!
- Chalkboard now passes the time to Evenings!
- Froppy is officially in the game!
- Inventory system added
- Energy system added
- 4 new animated scenes
- 3 new non animated scenes
- Can now work at Night if endurance is high enough!
- Raven can now be found in the Mornings
- 10 new animated sex scenes for Raven!
- 4 new animated sex scenes for C18
- You can now work in the Evening.
- Raven can now work for you.
- Added commands for Raven
- Small favors no longer pass the time for C18
- Compressed the game thanks to bas.
- Made shortcuts more noticeable.


Android (0.26) - MEGA - FILESUPLOAD

2.png 656.png 408570_407767_fingeringlusttraining_6.png adfvvv.png Capturehfdfhfdhdffasd.jpg Capturejjsdggdsdgssdg.jpg date__35_.jpg fffg.png fsf.png lusttrainingblowjob1__2_.jpg lusttraininglicking__7_.jpg pic__1_.png pic__2_.jpg pic__3_.jpg pic__3_.png pic__5_.png qwevvv.png sdsnnj.png teachermasturbate__14_.jpg xssbbg.png pic__2_.png sacc.png
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