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Developer: Tentakero Patreon
Release Date: 2020-03-22
Last Updated:2020-03-23
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
2DCG, Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Adventure, BDSM, Cosplay, Lesbian, Seduction, Slice of life, Teasing, Romance, Virgin, Voiced

Essentially, it was a hybrid between a visual novel and a toy based game.
You've landed a job at the Resting Bean Cafe & Inn! Friendly coworkers, great pay, a cute uniform-- It's like a dream come true! However, appearances can sometimes be deceiving...
You quickly discover that the Resting Bean has it's share of secrets. Teamed up with Sophie, you decide to investigate the mysterious happenings in the cafe, but it will prove to be a harder task when your carnal desires seem to distract you at every turn... Just what will you discover?

We’ve added the sassy shopkeeper to Free Play mode in our latest and likely final update to Project Cappuccino.

Lucretia can now be unlocked by purchasing all toys in story mode. If you already have an existing save file with everything purchased, simply head into the shop and it will trigger the special unlock dialogue! From there, she’ll become accessible in Free Play mode permanently. (Or until you delete all your save data.)

Along with this, we’ve also fixed a few bugs:
  • Fixed Text Error in Chapter 2: Following Colette into the woods had a line that made it sound as if Sophie was there too.
  • Fixed Colette Work Assignment Bug: Colette had a wire crossed that was causing the stress meter to overflow during work assignment. Issue was only happening when assigning specific amounts of work.
  • Fixed Mira Inseminator Arousal Bug: Using the inseminator on her body would not grant the intended arousal.
  • Fixed Mira Undressing System Bug: Removing her accessories was not properly disabling other buttons and would allow spam clicking of other clothing parts.
  • Fixed Cerise Request Bubble Bug: The Bunny Dildo was counting as the Clothing pins whenever she requested that particular toy.
  • Fixed Mira Request Bubble Bug: Some of Mira’s bubbles were not disappearing when the requested toy was used.
  • Implemented New Toy - Inseminator: Currently available in Room 1 and Room 2 while we do some rounds of player testing and feedback.
    • Click the inseminator to select a body part to use it on, then time the pumps when the red circle is as small as possible. Properly timing the pumps will fill the meter around the circle that determines which tier of nutting you reach when activating the climax.
    • Note: The inseminator is not available in Room 3 and currently causes the orgasm meter to rise while it’s in use. There are some sound effects and possible idle pumping animation that we may add so that girls can climax with it. Please let us know your thoughts on the current state of the toy because we are still improving it!
  • Implemented 4 New CG’s to the Story: These CG’s can be found in the True Route and the Secret Route.
    • New CG’s have also been added to the secret tab of the gallery that unlocks when clearing 7 of the 8 endings.
    • Two of the new CGs have a special camera panning effect added.
  • Implemented Special Character Sprites to the Secret Route: If you’ve played through it, you know who’s getting a sprite in this update!
  • Updated Credits with new CG’s: Routes that pertain to the new art now feature it in the credits.
  • Implemented Cerise Ball Gag Cut in Camera - Room 1: Second animation coming soon and will either be the rope or the bunny dildo.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issue with Mira CG that wasn’t deactivating properly in the True Ending
  • Fixed secret Sophie flag that wasn’t resetting when starting a new game from a cleared file
  • Fixed Softlock Issue in Mira’s Route: Rejecting her deal and remaining in the cafe alone with her would cause a softlock and the story would not progress.
  • Fixed Mira Deal Bug: Mira was approaching player even if they rejected her and it was causing a route to break around days 13-15.
  • Fixed Music Bug: Suspicious BGM would sometimes not play properly when required.
  • Fixed Cerise Standing Bug: Playing through a completed save wouldn’t carry over Cerise’s standing, making it much more difficult to access certain routes.
  • General Grammar and Punctuation fixes.
  • Story Additions: True Ending and Failing the Incantation at the end of the Main route have been added. The True Ending is the roughest of them so far because we were planning to add some artwork and spit shine before Doku’s hand issue.
  • 2 New CG’s Added: Some of the sketches from one of Cerise’s routes have been completed and are now full color CG’s in game. Can’t list them here because they are 100% spoiler content!
  • New Toy Implementations
    • Jeweled Butt Plug: The toy is now fully functional in all three rooms and dramatically increases orgasm rate when used. It’s main purpose is to allow easier Love Token farming during subsequent playthroughs.
    • Massage Oil: Working in all three rooms and adds a cosmetic shine effect to the girls.
    • The Inseminator: This toy was added to the shop and can be purchased/clicked on in rooms. However, it is not yet functional and we will be working on that this month.
  • Shop Changes
    • Implemented the new toys to the shop: Prices may still be adjusted but the new toys can now be purchased and saved.
    • Updated Fonts: The shop was made early in development and has had it’s fonts updated with the new lightweight ones.
    • Reduced Toggle Arrow Size
    • Categories Renamed: The all caps categories have been replaced by Dildo’s, Butt Toys, Nipple Toys, Bondage, and Other
  • Implemented Mira Cut in Camera Animations:The Nipple Pumps & Massage Oil now trigger a special animation for Mira in Room 1
    • The clothing pin request bubble has been replaced by the Nipple Pumps in Room 1 for Mira.
    • The anal beads request bubble has been replaced by the Oil for Mira in Room 1.
  • Voice Implementations
    • Implemented New Cerise Moans: No longer using the original canned ones.
  • Implemented Tentakero Logo Animation from Early Development: Doku had originally created a logo back when development had first started that we ended up losing track of. This logo has been unearthed and implemented along with a small coffee brewing sound effect when launching the game.
  • Improved Sound Track:The following songs have had parts of them improved/remastered.
    • Room 2/Colette’s Theme: Drum track has been changed. Mix has been improved.
    • Shop/Lucretia’s Theme: Adjusted mix and track effects to give the song an overall boost in depth.
  • Added Finalized Names to Ending Tracker in Main Menu: Ending tracker should now display up to 7 endings. One secret ending is pending.
  • Added Play Time Tracker: Individual save files now show play time in both the File Select Menu and the Options Menu. Since the timer is new, all previously existing files should show 00:00:00 as their initial play time, but will begin to record it going forward.
  • Implemented the Option to Skip Chapter 1 on Previously Cleared Saves: The game will let you choose to start a new game on a cleared file from day 6 now. We’re only going to allow players to skip up to this point because there are too many possible plot routes later in the game and skipping to a further chapter would require making choices on the players part. Chapter 3 for example has the option of going to Berry Springs with Sophie, Colette or remaining in the cafe with Mira.
  • Character Standing Improvements
    • Standing Menu Now Shows Exact Value: There’s a small box added underneath the hearts that shows you a character’s standing. This solves the issue of not knowing exactly how much standing you have with a character when you’re not on intervals of 5 points.
    • New Game Interview can now grant a large amount of standing with Mira depending on your answers: Up to a maximum of 15 points (1 ½ hearts). The main purpose of this is to make it a bit more feasible to reach the True Ending that requires over 25 standing with Mira on Day 15.
    • Increased Standing Gain/Loss in Chapters 1 & 2: First impressions matter! Important choices are now heavier in regards to how much standing they add or subtract from a character. Extremely kind or rude answers can grant or cost you up to half a heart.
    • Increased Chapter 3 & 4 Cerise Standing Values: Since Cerise is introduced later in the game, it was necessary to add more weight to the player responses towards her.
    • Maximum/Minimum Standing has been capped at 50/-50
  • Climaxing in a Room now grants 5 Love Tokens instead of 1: There’s going to be a large batch of gallery artwork added and this is going to reduce the amount of time needed to collect enough tokens for them.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Day 14 & 15 Plot Flow Bug: A few routes were not playing through properly and the game would jump to a completely different event on Days 14 and 15. 7 of the 8 endings should now be accessible without any issues. The last secret ending is in the works.
  • Fixed Consistency Issue at the end of the Main Route: There was a part that mentioned that Cerise had the tome and then Colette had it immediately after.
  • Later Work Days Now Show Custom Dialogues More Often: Removed a few story related dialogues that would show up since they didn’t really provide anything to the plot. These have been replaced by custom Patron dialogues that may involve Cerise.
  • Removed Standing Value Required to stay in the Cafe alone in Chapter 3. Felt redundant to require that Mira likes you just to stay there. Continuing Mira’s route here requires accepting her deal at a prior point.
  • Replaced Outdated Continue Button on OverAge Warning Screen
  • Fixed Price on Blindfold: Text description would say $125 but display price was $100. All prices now reflect the intended $125 price.
  • Fixed Toy Descriptors in Player Apartment: The right toy box was not displaying the right descriptors for some toys.
  • Fixed Bush/Lube Descriptor in Mira’s Domain: Hovering on these icons would not display their tooltip in Room 3.
  • Fixed Mira Moan Bug in Punish Mode: Mira wasn’t moaning in Room 3’s Punish Mode.
  • Fixed Cerise Room 1 Flogger Bug: The flogger wasn’t having any effect on her legs when used along with the Shibari Rope.
  • Fixed Room 1 Nipple Pump Toy Layering Bug: Sophie’s boobs were layered incorrectly sometimes when using the Shibari Rope and the Nipple Pumps at the same time.
  • Fixed Room 2 Cerise + Mira Layering Bug: Mira’s hand and leg were layering incorrectly over Cerise.
  • Fixed Room 3 Sophie Layering Bugs: Some flog spots on her body weren’t showing up properly. Fixed overlap between right thigh and butt plug toy.
  • Fixed Cerise Empty Request Bubble Bug: If the Shibari Rope wasn’t purchased, Cerise would sometimes request an empty bubble in story mode.
  • Fixed Ball Gag Bug: Some toys were causing the ball gag to disappear as if it had been removed, yet still remain in use. Main offenders were the Flogger and Egg Vibrator and it was happening to various characters.
  • Sophie’s Skin Tone has been slightly altered in Room 2 and 3: She was too pale, even paler than Colette when canonically, Colette is the palest. Noticed this when applying the oil shine and it was almost completely invisible on Sophie.
  • Fixed Text Bounding Box in Results Screen: Reaching over 10 climaxes in any room would reduce stress by 100%, which would in turn clip through the text box and not display properly.
  • Removed Mute/UnMute All Button: Unnecessary remnant from early development. Helped to clear the UI a little as well as some of the back end code.
  • General Grammar Fixes
New CG’s Added to Story: Earlier scenes have been improved.
Scene where Sophie uses the charm on Mira now has a CG to show her changing into her true form.
Scene where Colette bakes a cake for Player and Sophie has a CG. (And god damn that cake looks GOOD!)
Cerise x Colette couch CG now has two additional edits. One with Cerise partially undressed, and another with Colette on the couch with her.
Main Route - Colette x Mira branch now has CG’s to go with it. 5 total variants have been added and appear as the scene progresses.

Story Changes & Improvements:
Implemented Dialogue for New Story Ending: A Colette route branches off on the morning of Day 15 when she is approached by Mira in a dream. This route will only activate if Colette has 0 or lower standing with you. (No hearts or black hearts). Note: This route is still pending CGs and will be receiving some polish as we continue work.
Added Small Segment to Cerise Dialogue: Chapter 4 when she asks you to check on Colette before confronting Mira. Additional lines were added to further develop Cerise’s character.
Main Route Ending Improved: Reaching the end of the main route now has an additional segment added that provides more closure.
3 Epilogues Implemented: Main route will play one of three epilogues after the credits roll depending on which character likes you more. Sophie, Cerise or Colette.
Implemented All Remaining Characters into Room 3: Sophie, Colette & Cerise
All toys working with all characters. Punish mode animations also implemented on all three characters.
Hentacles now have a mac and cheese SFX to go with them when thrusting.
This concludes the final Room! Only thing left to do is implement the last toys that we’ve got planned and the rooms will be 100% completed. (Along with polishing of course)
Updated Punish Mode Bar UI: Doku has drawn up a better looking design for it.
Implemented New Chapter Title Cards: The black screen with text is now a cafe chalkboard!
Sophie Voice Lines Implemented: Key scenes in Chapters 1 through 3 have been voiced for Sophie. Chapter 4 scenes will be voiced when we have all VA’s at around the same point and the routes are polished.
Cerise Voice Lines Implemented: Her undressing dialogue is now voiced!
New Day/Night Counter UI Implemented: A sun and moon icon have been added to the day counter and change according to the time of day it is.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed Punish Mode Climax Bug: Activating only the mouth Tentacle and none of the others would cause punish mode to get stuck with no way of exiting.
Fixed Currency UI Overlap: Certain CG’s had the currency tray overlaid on them when it should’ve been hidden.
Fixed Mira Game Loop Bug: This was the big one from last month that was causing the game to get stuck on a black screen when reaching the end of Mira’s route. It now loops properly as it should.
General Grammar Fixes
General Code Cleanup
November is here! We'll be posting the build as soon as it finishes uploading. In the mean time, here's the change log for v1.11.0

Colette Images added to the Gallery: Only ones missing for her now are the ones that were created during this month.

Cerise Added to Room 1: All toys are functioning and she can now be selected in Free Play mode. Her story encounters are coming up soon in Chapter 4.

Mira Added to Room 2: All toys are functioning and she can now be selected in Free Play mode.

New Results Screen Added to Sessions: Finishing an encounter in Story Mode will now show you everything that happened as a result. It calculates and displays the amount of stress that has been reduced, Love Tokens earned from the session, how much the character liked the encounter and any bonuses to Love Tokens and Standing.

Pleasing a character and using toys that they enjoy will lead to a standing bonus as well as a love token bonus.

A behind the scenes "experience" rating tracks how much a character enjoys a session. The more hearts you're able to get, the more they will like the session, leading to gaining bonuses when finishing. On the other hand, if you get too many negative marks, it'll reduce it.

Modified Egg Vibrator: Now causes displeasure when constantly used for too long. This was done to prevent abusing it in order to dramatically increase how much a girl enjoys a session.

New Story CG added to Colette Route: Can be triggered during the night in Cerise’s guest room. Has three skin tone variants depending on the player choice. The scene dialogue here has also been extended.

Looping now available from Day 1: Reaching the end of the currently available story routes will give you the option to restart from Day 1 as well as Day 7. Money and standing will be retained.

Using the charm on Mira now causes her to hate you: Standing drops by about 35 points. (4 ½ hearts.)

Fixed “Delete All” Data Bug: Deleting all data from the main menu was not properly clearing Love Tokens in the gallery until relaunching the game. Now clears file properly without having to relaunch.

Fixed Gallery Unlock Bug: Unlocking images, quitting the game, relaunching and then unlocking another would cause an overwrite of all previously unlocked images.

Fixed Screen Fade Bug: Opening any of the menus while the game was in the middle of fading between scenes would cause the black overlay to get stuck, sometimes preventing progress. Menu buttons have been disabled during screen fades to prevent this issue.

Adjusted Settings Button Size: Forgot to apply this during the last patch to some of the menus.

Fixed Options Title: It had been accidentally changed to “Standings” during testing.

Fixed Day 8 Bug: Day would be entirely skipped and it would never play Mira’s reveal.

Fixed Room 2 Request Bubble Bug: Cerise’s request bubble was appearing instantly when starting a session in Free Play mode.


Win 64 - MEGA
Win 32 - MEGA
Mac - MEGA

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