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[VN] [Others] [Completed] Prison Battleship 3 - Brainwashing Route of Boiling Sand [v2.0] [Anime Lilith]



Developer: Anime Lilith
Publisher: Anime Lilith Japanese - RunQ English
Version: 2.0
Thread Updated: 2020-11-25
Release Date: 2019-02-06
Censored: Yes (mosaic)
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voice: Japanese
Mind Control ,Male Protagonist ,Impregnation ,Anilingus, Gokkun, Lactation, Female Ejaculation,Big Boobs,Big Ass, Gang Rape ,Multiple Ending ,Rape ,Netori ,Group Sex ,Scat ,Genital Piercing ,Torture ,Bad Ending(s) ,Petplay ,Mindbreak ,Spanking, Anal ,Sex Mecha ,Urination Fetish , Pregnancy,Bondage ,Enema, Bukkake, Voice Replay ,Mind Control , Defloration ,Drugs, Remote-controlled Vibrator
By day, Beatrice and Kila Kushan are strong-willed mother-daughter doing ship duty. By night they're brainwashed hypersexual servants the soldiers line up to fuck! The pattern requires programming their supple minds night after night. Multiple endings based on choices of degrading prostitute "public relations"!!​
1. Extract
2.Run at Japanese local emulator.
Patch Notes:
Prison Battleship 3 English Patch v2.0:

1. Typos, mistranslations and phrasing issues have been fixed.
2. Some Chapter names which were exceeding the character limit have been fixed/edited, while preserving the essence of the meaning.
3. Certain menu options have been translated.
Developer Notes:
This is my first translation patch for an Eroge game.
If there are any typos or mistakes in the translation, please inform me at runqvntrans@gmail.com
I suggest starting a New game. In case of pre-existing save-files, the patch may not work properly.
Uploader Notes:
-I know the picture of the preview are in japanese.
-The Walkthrough is not complete and will miss 3 CG and 4 scene
Fast way to unlock CGS:
Title screen, config menu, disable Animation, start new game, skip to the animated H-scenes.
That’s the way you unlock the cgs for the animated scenes.

Mega - Pixeldrain - Racaty - Workupload
Prison Battleship 3 English Patch v2.0: Zippy
Prison Battleship 3 OP and ED Patch v1.0: Mega- Zippy

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