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Developer: BBBen Patreon - Twitter - Discord - Blog
Version: 0.18
Release Date: 2020-07-09
Last Updated: 2020-07-10
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Voices: English
3DCG, Dating sim, Voiced, Multiple endings, Male protagonist, Harem, Male domination, Group sex, Cheating, Exhibitionism, Big tits, Oral sex, Point & Click, Vaginal sex, Animated

Shuji has lost the last month of his life. Now he finds in that time he's been dating a group of gorgeous, out-of-his-league girlfriends. What happened in that time? And will he be able to turn a group of jealous ex-girlfriends into a harem? Choose how you build your skills and which women you’ll focus on, as you date the girls in order to unravel the mystery.
This edition, titled "Emi in Focus", contains Emi's full dating story. Why would a supermodel date a guy like Shuji? And why is she still hanging around now that she knows he cheated on her? It's time to find out! (And time to start gathering your harem...)

Nobuko's ending! This large scene can be activated by simply playing to day 21 after having romanced Nobuko. (Remember, though, the story doesn't actually finish here! This is just a stop on the road to the true harem ending.) It features:
- two interactive scenes,
- with a massive 22 images! (Plus variations.)
A new interactive "kneeling" sex scene for Nobuko in the kitchen! Just ask her about sex topics, and say "kneel down for me". This incorporates the existing 'fuck tits' scene that you could access from her conversation menu, but also includes a handjob, a bunch of new conversation options and a blowjob! Also featuring:
- 5 new images (plus 2 already in there for the titfucking),
- several new voice lines,
- and a new looping blowjob animation!
A new collector card, "Tranquil love", found in the Nobuko ending!
A new story flashback scene: learn more about what happened immediately after the moment on the train tracks when Shuji thought he was going to die...
Several minor bug fixes.
Emi's ending! This large scene can be activated by simply playing to day 21 after having romanced Emi. (Remember, though, the story doesn't actually finish here! This is just a stop on the road to the true harem ending.) It features:
- two interactive scenes,
- 18 pictures,
- and 18 voice lines.
A new interactive boob scene (grab, lick and fuck them) for Emi on the balcony! Just tell her "show me your tits" in the "about your body..." menu after she's been romanced. The scene features:
- 8 pictures,
- and 8 voice lines.
A new conversation option with Shizu in the library, "you have lovely thighs" after she's been romanced. The scene features 2 new pictures.
Emi voice acting in some new scenes, for a total of 35 new lines! (Including the scenes listed above.)
Shizu's expression changes more in her conversation menu after she's been romanced.
Technical changes

If you have scene skip on, you will now get a skip version of the wake ups.
Moved the subway flashback menu to a different loading screen.
Reorganised Emi's conversation menu to divide her sex responses into "let's talk about sex" and "about your body" to make a little more room for future additions.
Bug fixes.
This edition, titled "Nobuko in the palm of my hand", contains Nobuko's full dating story. How did Shuji get the loyal, caring woman her to cheat on her husband? And why is she still putting up with Shuji now that the truth is out? It's time to find out, and to add one more lady to the harem...

And of course, all the content from the previous releases is still in there, including the Emi romance!

Features (since the last public release):
  • Nobuko's story, including all four of her flashbacks, all four dating scenes and her "getting back together with Shuji" sex scene are implemented! These scenes include several large, interactive sex scenes!
  • Lots of new conversation options with the ladies in the apartment, including options to have some more fun with the ladies once they've been "romanced." ;)
  • The main story is now implemented to day 10.
  • Lots of new voice acting from several different characters!
  • New gameplay features like receiving text messages from the ladies while you're out dating other girls, and other small scenes, tweaks and refinements.
  • More collector cards and Easter eggs hidden around the game...
  • Heaps of new pictures and some new animations and visual effects! (I'm not keeping track of how many, sorry...)
Features (since the last public release):
  • The dating system is fully functional. Take the ladies on day and night dates to build up trust and love, manage their jealousy of one another, restore your memories of how you seduced them the first time and win them back!
  • All four of Emi's flashbacks, all four dating scenes are implemented and her "getting back together with Shuji" sex scene are implemented! These scenes include several large, interactive sex scenes! (In a public post I can't go into details of all the fun, of course.)
  • Move around the apartment (with a mini-map) and the subway; talk to the women with various conversation options (new options unlock after the sex scenes, like fooling around with her and choosing what she calls you), and get woken up in the morning in different ways depending on your relationship! ;)
  • Collector cards and Easter eggs hidden around the game...
  • The main story is now implemented to day 7! Find out more about what happened in the last month and what's going to happen.
  • Lots of new voice acting! Particularly for Emi, played by the talented SilkyMilk.
  • Various animations throughout the game, including a large Emi sex animation.
  • Heaps of pictures! (I'm not keeping track of how many, sorry...)
  • Added Emi's one on one sex scene! This features a lot of voice acting, pictures and even a complex looping sex animation. This takes her story all the way up to becoming your girlfriend again.
  • Added Emi's fourth date conversation scene.
  • Added Emi's fourth memory flashback scene. (This scene is also a big deal.)
  • Added a plot scene for the morning of day 4.
  • Added a plot scene for the evening of day 5.
  • Added a plot scene for the night of day 5.
  • Added Shizu's conversation menu, including some new Shizu voice acting.
  • Added Nobuko's conversation menu, including new Nobuko voice acting.
  • Improved Emi's conversation menu and added some conversation options for after her sex scene.
  • Several other new voiced lines here and there.
  • The stat named "love" has now been changed to "trust" and the stat "lust" has been changed to "love" to better reflect how they affect the gameplay.
  • Added a new collector card.
  • Added a new Easter egg.
  • Further optimisation of the file size. The total file size is still less than v0.2, despite all the new content.
  • Huge progress on the main gameplay! It is now possible to play past day 1 and take Emi, Nobuko and Shizu on dates to earn chats and unlock flashbacks. Only Emi has actual content to unlock right now, but the core gameplay is now functional.
  • From day 2 dates with the (first) three ladies are available from within the apartment, allowing you to take them in the daytime to a cafe, spa or museum, and then from day 5 you can take them on evening dates to a restaurant, a casino or a sky bar. Daytime dates build "love" and evening dates build "lust", but all dates cost money.
  • Flashbacks can be viewed now by going to the subway (available from the evening of day 2) and selecting any that are unlocked from the metro map.
  • You can sleep to move on to the next day; characters waking you up in the morning is not yet implemented, but will be in the future.
  • The girls will grow jealous over time, unless you date them. They'll get into arguments with each other if their jealousy gets too high, wasting time. Make sure to balance this and watch out for warnings that one of them is getting very jealous.
  • There is a random daily music playlist in the apartment.
  • The game now has a stats screen. You can access it from the message box or the corner menu when the message box isn't available. This replaces the "auto" button, but you can still enter auto mode through the menu screen.
  • Extensive optimisation since the last update should make the game faster to load and lower the file size consumption from resources already in the game.
  • Restructured some of the early game, which I think has fixed the problem with saved games once and for all.
  • Casino dates give random results. You've even got a chance to win big!
  • Updated the credits.
  • Added a nicer transition in Emi's fashion show memory.
  • Changed the "End memory" hotspot in the Emi/Kumi scene.
  • Large new plot scenes for days 2 and 3, featuring images, voice acting and animations and continuing the story! What happened after that night in the alley?
  • A new collector card, and a new Easter egg to find!
  • Some of the daily conversation system with the characters in the apartment has been implemented; primarily Emi at this point, although more is still to come for her, too. (Some voice acting is included!)
  • The new gameplay features include a considerable number of new pictures.
  • More voice acted lines of Emi dialogue in her third date chat, and third flashback memory.
  • Added a short animation in the day 1 scene when Nobuko brings food.
  • Added a short animation at the start of Emi's first memory sequence at the beach.
  • The Emi conversations and flashbacks have been modified slightly to fit the newly implemented flashback system.
  • There are three new dialogue choices in the conversation with the Doctor in the hospital, to make this scene more interactive.
  • New random replies are available now when you "read" or "recite poetry" to raise your stats, and when you play pool after day 1, the ladies will randomly play with you.
  • Added Emi date #2, chatting about her high school experience.
  • Added Emi memory #2, of a date with her at an exclusive club.
  • Added Emi date #3, learning about her family and career.
  • Added Emi memory #3, involving an interactive sex scene.
  • All new Emi scenes have voice acting from her, and some have new Kumi lines.
  • Added a short new Shizu close-up animation, in the train intro.
  • Added a new Nobuko voice line at the subway station intro.
  • Included the fixed menu screens and collector card gallery from 0.2.3.
  • Replaced the faulty menu screens with the default UI screens, which should now work well. These may be replaced in the long run by better custom ones. (I'm hoping that this might have fixed the save/load quirks too, but let me know if you see any.)
  • Replaced the "CG gallery" with a "Collector cards" gallery option at the menu. Now this will just display the cards you've found and not accidentally display things you haven't found.
  • Added a new animation of Nobuko's boobs bouncing when you stare at them in the subway intro. This is a prototype of a potential feature that could crop up more in development if it's well received!
  • Added another new animation of Shizu's boobs bouncing when she's naked in the titles!
  • And added another new animation, this one of Emi. Find it for yourself!
  • Optimised the game, reducing file size significantly. (Quicker downloads.)
  • Fixed the bug in the Mac version that gave many people only a black screen on starting the game. (Finally Mac players are included too!)
  • Shifted to 32 bit builds, so more people can play. If problems arise then I'll move back to 64 bit, but there will be web versions available too for 32 bit users.

Cheats Code:
Entering the codes: Go to the entrance room of the apartment (this will only work once you can start navigating around the apartment with the mini-map) and click on the closet that opens a little when you hover over it. A box will pop up and you'll need to click on the letters to enter them.

NOTE: the codes are case sensitive! So it matters whether or not you use capital letters.

boost love/lust = tsundere
+$1000 money = roulette
Jealousy 0 = swingers

Windows 64 bit NO MUSIC in the apartment version. (If the game crashes when trying to load the apartment, this version should be more stable.)
HTML (For web browser - will give a black screen if you've got any sort of script blocking in the browser. Turn off all script blocking if this is happening.)


Win - MEGA
Mac - MEGA
Win (No Music) MEGA
Linux Patch Instructions MEGA

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